SquareSpace Pricing

Where it all began....

While attending the University of Maryland, Anthony Casalena began to develop Squarespace for his usage. After sharing this unique blog-hosting service with his family and friends, he launched it as a company in 2004.

He was the sole employee of the company until 2006. In 2006, the revenue of the company hit the $1 million mark. Between 2006 and 2010, 30 employees were added to our roster. Between the years of 2009 and 2012, our revenue grew an average of 266% yearly.

Squarespace was created by Casalena as a way to create and host a wide variety of blogs. The E-commerce side of Squarespace was not introduced until 2013 and continued to add more e-commerce features in 2014. Squarespace also added a logo-creation app and the mobile version of Squarespace in 2014.

In 2015, Squarespace boasted a revenue of $100 million, with 550 employees on the roster. With a variety of awards and Super Bowl advertisements in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018, the company gathered over one million websites to host.

It was not until 2016 that they began to sell domains. Squarespace had already added integration with Google Apps and Getty Images. With the addition of selling domains, a PayPal integration, and an analytics dashboard, they were in more direct competition with big names such as GoDaddy.

With these many websites, there were bound to be issued. Squarespace received its first 58,000 signature petition in 2017. This petition helped them to realize they needed to remove a large group of websites to ensure our company’s integrity.

These websites violated the company’s terms of service associated with bigotry or hatred that targeted particular demographic groups. This removal set their company on the path to becoming one of the largest platforms for creating websites.

This company that started in a dorm room of the University of Maryland grew into one of the most susceptible all-in-one websites creating tools with over 1,000 employees. They offer the ability to create a website, sell anything, build a brand, and create a domain in one easy to access location.

Squarespace's services were designed to help you succeed if you are a creative person who wants to be empowered. Their pre-built website templates and drag and drop widgets, making creating a website a piece of cake. They want their entrepreneurs to share their experiences while developing an easy-to-manage, impactful presence online.

The recognition they have received as an exceptional place to work has launched them into the business to work in New York. They consistently win these types of workplace recognition awards and proud themselves on these crowning achievements.

When Casalena started to develop the program, he never believed it would turn into the Squarespace you see today. Over the years, we have taken great pride in always following our core values as a company and as individuals. These values include:

Being the customer

Squarespaces first value is to create programs, tools, and platforms that they
would want to use. They love their product and want others to also.

With this fact inmind, they created the Squarespace website by using Squarespace. They put theirentire business into the same platform that they would want to utilize forthemselves.

“Our customers are expected to pay for the same tools and platforms that we use”.
With this in mind, they created and continue to develop products and experiences
they would want to experience and use themselves to ensure that users get the
best product available.


Another of their values is to promote empowerment for not only themselves but for
all of their customers. “When you are your own boss, it is essential to feel you are
empowered to succeed”. Squarespace has understood this fact for years.
Squarespace knows that people can create incredible things when given a chance.
Their products enable this creative while celebrating individuality. Their marketing also celebrates empowerment when using their tools and platform.


Squarespace wants to be the best in their field. “When you are creating an excellent
design, hundreds of details must be combined into one simple and beautiful
package”. Design is one of the critical factors in creating fabulous websites.
Squarespace endeavors for excellence when it comes to design. With this goal in
mind, they create tools and experiences to guide their customers towards the
ultimate design level. Squarespace works tirelessly to achieve the value of being the best we can possibly be.

Excellent results take time

At Squarespace, they want to know that the process of creating excellence takes
time. They are willing to follow long term ideas to achieve this excellency without
fear or issue. This fact means that they will perfect their products before releasing
them. One of their values is integrity. To ensure they uphold this value, they hold
their products in production until they meet their high standards of excellence. If
the product fails to meet these standards, they adjust, reevaluate, or discontinue
working with it.


Every company wants to succeed and make money. Some companies follow the
critical metrics of marketing and production. Squarespace knows these items are
vital for tracking and testing our performance. However, they believe that they are
just a general reflection of their ideas. Squarespace’s decision making is guided by
their values and beliefs, not the amount of money earned. With these values in
place, they have created a wide array of options for utilizing our tools and platform.
Squarespace offers a variety of pricing options as well as a variety of plans to meet
your specific needs.

Squarespace Pricing

When deciding on which Squarespace plan is the right choice, you want to pick the program that will contain all of the features you need for your site. They offer various designs and options, including personal, business, and e-commerce choices.Personal and business plans are excellent choices for websites. If you plan on operating an online store, the Squarespace Commerce plans would be a better fit. Each of these plans can be purchased on a monthly or yearly billing cycle. Squarespace also includes purchasing domains as an option. If you are buying a domain on an annual plan, you have access to a free customized domain for 12 months.

Squarespace is also incredibly versatile in that you can:    

   • Switch between plans as your needs change
   • Start a free 14-day trial to experience with Squarespace
   • Upgrade the free trial to a paid service plan

Sometimes Squarespace pricing changes plans to ensure our customers get the best group features. All of the information presented on these pages reflect the current options. However, they strive to be the best, so they change as their customer’s needs change. They also have many Squarespace Resources for their customers to utilize when learning the new changes.

Squarespace gives an individual billing plan for each website or domain. So, if a customer has more than one Squarespace site or domain, each one will be paid for separately. Each one will also have a separate billing plan.


The Squarespace price for a personal plan is $16 a month. You can save $48 with an annual plan because this rate reduces to $12 a month for a total of $144 per year. This plan offers a wide array of features that are excellent for most websites.

These features include:    

   • Templates for laying out content
   Uploading various galleries of photos and images
   • Adding pages to navigation menus

If your site only has one or two contributors, the Squarespace personal pricing plan is a fabulous choice for you. This plan is excellent for those small groups or individuals who want to establish a basic online presence. It is also perfect for displaying work, writing a blog, or providing information.


The Squarespace pricing for a business plan is $26 per month. However, it is possible to save $96 by asking for an annual program, which reduces the month price to $18. With this reduction, you can purchase a yearly plan for $216.

With a Squarespace pricing business plan, you can:
   • Include unlimited contributors
   • Optimize built-in integrations with third-party services
   • Utilize premium features

Some individuals want to create a website that requires a group of editors or extensive content. The Squarespace pricing business plan allows you to incorporate all of these needs while using an affordable platform.

A Squarespace business plan is an excellent choice if you plan to display work, create a homepage for your business, or sell items in a small online shop. Our business plan is similar to the commerce plan. It uses the same store design and checkout flow but with simplified features.


Squarespace offers two tiers with our commerce plans. The first tier is Basic, which can be purchased for $30 per month. With an annual Squarespace pricing plan, you can save $48 because this monthly price is discounted to $26 per month for a total of $312 on a yearly plan.

The Advanced plan is $46 per month, but with a yearly billing cycle, this price is reduced to $40 per month. If you sign up for a  annual plan, you will pay $40 per month for a total of $480 a year, saving you $72.

Both of these plans are excellent for new small businesses and large, more advanced stores with marketing and shipping requirements. Individuals who want to sell online as a primary goal will benefit from either of these plans.

With the Basic plan, you can sell unlimited items and build an online store presence. The commerce-focused templates are excellent for these types of stores. However, if you need advance integrations, you may want to go with an Advanced plan.


When discussing Squarespace pricing, Squarespace domains must be included. Squarespace allows you to reserve a URL without actually constructing a full website. If you do not create the website, people will be sent to a parking page when viewing the domain.

This parking page contains the Squarespace logo in one of the top corners. It also shows a universal design, which is minimal. Finally, your domain name will be in the center of the page. If you want more than this basic design, you will need to change it yourself.

Most individuals use the Squarespace pricing domain without creating a website when they want to reserve a space on the internet for later. This process allows you to pay for the area without having to use it right away.

Once you have a domain, it is possible to use G Suite to add a personalized email address, add more domains, or change to a free 14-day trial program to begin building the website before committing to a yearly plan.


Squarespace offers Squarespace education pricing for students. This pricing is based on a discount for our personal or business Squarespace pricing plans. This discount provides up to 50% off the regular price for either of these plans.

Squarespace pricing Personal

The most affordable plan when it comes to Squarespace pricing is the Personal plan. With an annual billing cycle, the Squarespace cost of this plan is $12 per month. This plan is the perfect choice for personal websites.It is not appropriate for those who want to sell items online. However, you can still design stylish websites with all of the necessary basics. With this Squarespace pricing plan, you can also access almost all of Squarespace's other features.

These features include the following:    

   • Bandwidth
   • Storage
   • Free custom domain
   • SSL security
   • Variety of SEO features
   • Templates
   • Contributors
   • Website metrics
   • Mobile-optimized sites
   • Customer support
   • Basic Metrics
   • Extensions

Bandwidth & Storage

All of Squarespace pricing plans, regardless of price, come with unlimited bandwidth and storage. Typically, when you pay to host a website, you must pay extra for extra online storage space. However, with the Squarespace cost, you do not have a cap on the amount of storage you can use. With unlimited bandwidth and storage, you can scale with confidence.

Free Custom Domain

When you purchase any of their annual plans, you receive 12 months of free domain registration. This domain has to available on the most affording Squarespace pricing tier. When the domains registered through the promotion renew after one year, it will be at the standard rate plus taxes.

If you need additional domains, you can attach an unlimited amount of domains to any of our available plans, whether on a monthly or yearly basis. This free domain must be registered within one year. This year begins when your website subscription starts. Only one free domain per website is available.

SSL Security

The security of a website is one of the critical features for success. With their Squarespace pricing plans, you get free SSL certificates. These certificates come with the recommended 2048 bit keys and SHA-2 signatures.These certificates come with all of our websites and custom domains. To ensure your site is protected, look for the green security lock icon. This icon is located in the browser's address bar. When your website is protected with our SSL certificates, this green secure lock icon helps to improve your rankings in Google, also.

SEO Features

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This term is used to describe a marketing strategy that improves your rankings in search results. When you purchase a Squarespace pricing personal plan, they will help you through some simple steps to increase your website's search ranking. This increase will help put you at the top of the results list when people use search engines.


If you pay the Squarespace cost for a personal plan, you will gain access to a wide variety of templates. These templates can be used for every need, from portfolios to blogs. These curated templates are designed to look amazing. They are also designed to help achieve your business and personal goals.


When creating a website, sometimes contributors are asked to join. A contributor is someone who adds or contributes to a website. Using the contributor's feature is an excellent tool to use a team to create and manage a website. With a Squarespace pricing personal plan, the maximum number of contributors for one website is two.

Mobile-optimized sites

If you want to complete online transactions, you must be equipped with mobile shopping and checkout capabilities to be successful. Squarespace offers websites that are optimized for checking out and shopping. These services are flawless regardless of the device being used.

Customer Support

Whether you are new or an expert when it comes to creating and maintaining a website, customer support can be a lifesaver. They understand that people must work around other obligations, which is why we offer 24/7 customer care. Our customer care team is award-winning so that it can handle all of your Squarespace problems without hassle.

Basic Metrics

Squarespace can define website metrics as the various ways website statistics can be recorded and interpreted. With all of the Squarespace pricing plans, we offer a variety of basic website metrics. These metrics include tracking visits to your website, the source of this traffic, the visitor's geography, the visitor's site paths, popular content, and a wide array of other metrics.


These extensions are a group of third-party tools that help to enhance your website. These extensions can optimize, expand, and manage your Squarespace website making it one of the best sites on the internet.

Squarespace pricing Student

The Squarespace student pricing offers the same benefits as a personal plan. However, if you are a student or faculty member of an eligible school, you can get 50% off. This discount is valid for a full year of Squarespace services. However, you must be eligible for the discount. If you are deemed qualified, you then have to complete three steps to take advantage of this fantastic discount.

Student & Faculty Eligibility

It would be best if you verified your eligibility for the Squarespace student prices program before you begin registering on their website. The first requirement is that the individual must be a current student or faculty member. The college or university must also be accredited.

If you are an alumnus or your institution is not accredited, they are sorry, but you do not meet the requirements to benefit from this discount. If you meet this first requirement, the second one is you must have a school email address that is valid.

If you plan to use our domains or reactivate an old website, thiscannot be used. This discount only applies to new websites or commerce sites. However,  offer this discount to be applied to up to three sites under the one valid email address.

Pricing & Discount Restrictions

You cannot combine this discount with any other offers or promo codes. Your school must be one of the eligible schools listed on the site. You can verify this when completing step one of the process to apply for the student discount.

When it comes to Squarespace pricing for the student, the discount is valid for 50% off the price of any of our annual plans. It cannot be applied to monthly plans. This fact means that a Squarespace cost for a personal plan averaging $144 per year will cost you $72, but you must pay for the entire year when you are signing up for the program.

This discount only works once and is applied to the first payment for your website. If you enable their auto-renew feature, the full price will be charged when the next payment is due. If you upgrade or downgrade the plan, the subsequent cost will be the full price.

Retroactive Discount

If you have just set up your account within the last seven days, you can request a retroactive discount. The first step in asking for a retroactive deal is to log in to your website. Your email address associated with the site must be from an eligible school and verified.If the email address is correct, you can go to the Home Menu. Once here, you will want to click the word 'settings' and then click where it says 'permissions.' Your email address must have a website owner, administrator, or billing permissions. Once you have verified your email address, contact our company using an email. In the subject line, you should put Retroactive EDU Refund.

Registration Steps

Step 1
The first step is to find your school and register for an account. You will search for your school and then select it from the results. You will then click create a site and select a template. You can sign up for the 14-day free trial during this time also.When you are asked to create your account, you need to use your school email address to ensure you receive the student discount. This email address will have to be verified to receive the discount also. If you do not find your school in the results, you can request us to add it.

The school must be an accredited college or university. After the results are shown, you can click the 'my school isn't listed' button that is located below the results. A form will appear that you will need to fill out completely. They typically follow this request up within 72 hours. While you are waiting for a response, you can begin your website by using the free 14-day trial.

Step 2
The next step requires you to verify the school email address you provided. If a valid school email address was used to sign up, a verification email will be found in your inbox. If a verification email cannot be found, you should double-check the email address.

You can change the address if you did not sign up with a valid school email account. If the email address is valid, it would be best to ensure that it was entered correctly. If it was entered correctly and the address is valid, you can resend the verification email.

The verification mail can be resent when you lock into your account. Once logged in, find the Home Menu. Once this menu is found, you can scroll down and find your profile picture or initials. If you click on this picture, you should select the account and security and then click resend verification.Once you receive the email, you can easily verify your account by clicking the 'Verify your email' button located at the bottom of the verification email.

Step 3
After the email address is verified, the next step will be selecting a plan. It would be best if you remembered that the education discount could only be applied to annual plans. Look at our description of our personal, business, and e-commerce plans to help you choose the appropriate plan for your needs.

Squarespace pricing: Business

If the Personal plan does not work for you, you can upgrade to the Business plan at $18 per month. The Squarespace Business plan is an excellent option if you want to start selling online immediately. However, this plan is geared towards those who have a few odd products to sell and need E-commerce functionality.

However, with this plan, you have to pay an extra 3% transaction charge. This charge is applied to every sale, so if you plan to sell frequently, this Squarespace pricing plan is not appropriate for your selling needs. This plan comes with all of the Squarespace pricing Personal plan features plus all of the following:  

   • Google Accounts
   • Integrations and Blocks
   • CSS and JavaScript
   • Website Analytics
   • $100 Google Adwords Credits
   • Pop-ups and Banners
   • Transaction Fee
   • Integrated E-Commerce
   • Contributors
   • Unlimited Products
   • Donations
   • Gift Cards

Google Accounts

When you sign up for a Squarespace pricing Business plan or domain, you will get access to one professional Gmail and G Suite account. This access is free for the first 12 months. If additional users are added to the G Suite account, you will be charged the standard fees.

When your free 12 months are complete, your G Suite will renew at the regular annual or monthly price (depending on your preference) plus any taxes. You must redeem this offer within one year from when you purchased the eligible Squarespace pricing plan.

Integrations and Blocks

With the Squarespace pricing Business plan, you have access to various integrations and blocks. These integrations help to grow your website by connecting with your website’s visitors. They also help to increase your customer database and creating leads. These features are incredible when it comes to social media, which means you can even sell and showcase your products using Instagram.

CSS and JavaScript

CSS and JavaScript are coding languages used to build a website. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. When designing a website, HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is considered the glue of the structure because it holds it all together.CSS helps to beautify this glue. JavaScript is the language that adds functionality and interactivity to the beautified bond. With Squarespace pricing plans, you can use CSS and JavaScript to add flare to the pre-designed templates.

Website Analytics

With the Personal plan, you get basic website metrics. When you pay the Squarespace cost for the business plan, you have access to advanced website analytics. You can still track visits to your website, site paths, and much more.However, with the Business plan, you get various sales and conversion metrics. These metrics help you to encourage your visitors to join your mailing list, contact you, book services, and RSVP to your scheduled events.

$100 Google Adwords Credits

Google Ads requires advertisers to bid on keywords to increase the appearance of their clickable ads in Google’s search results. This advertising system is how Google earns money when people perform searches.With our Business plan, you receive $100 worth of credits. These credits are for new customers to Google Ads only. In order to get these credits, the customer must spend $25 first. It is only valid in the United States and Canada.

Pop-ups and Banners

With Squarespace Business plans, you get to utilize a variety of promotional pop-ups and banners. You can use these items for advertising your website’s promotions. They can also be useful when you are gathering customer’s email addresses. Banners can be utilized to make announcements to your customers, such as new online store opening hours.

Transaction Fee

With a Squarespace Personal plan, you do have the opportunity to sell limited items. The Business plan provides you with a wide array options when it comes to selling your product. However, for transactions processed with a Business plan, you will be charged a 3% transaction fee.

If you plan to sell a massive quantity of merchandise, a Squarespace pricing E-Commerce plan would probably be a better option for your needs, because it can save you money.

Integrated eCommerce

Our Business plan offers you fully integrated E-Commerce. With this E-Commerce, you can manage your massive orders, inventory, and product catalog without issue. You also have access to a variety of tools. These tools include all of the tax, payment, and shipping tools needed to sell your items online successfully.

With the fully integrated Ecommerce capabilities, you can begin selling your product as soon as your website is created.


You receive two contributors when you pay the Squarespace cost for the Personal plan. The number of contributors increases when you upgrade to the Business plan. With this plan, you can have an unlimited amount of contributors to your website.

Unlimited Products

Even though a 3% transaction fee applies to transactions completed with a Squarespace Business plan, you still have the capability to sell unlimited products on your website. You can sell as many products as you want without receiving additional fees per sale. However, when your customer uses a credit card for the transaction, a processor fee still applies.


With the Squarespace Business plan, you can fundraise for your company or cause. You can promote your cause or company through your customized website or domain. Then, you can collect various donations using PayPal or Stripe.

Any additional fees associated with either of these two companies are separate from the Squarespace cost for the Business plan.

Gift Cards

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they recognize that a wide array of businesses utilizing our websites and domains were significantly impacted. The gift card feature was added to our Business and Commerce plans for free to assist our businesses with this impact. This feature will be available until September 1, 2020.

Squarespace pricing: eCommerce

When you need more than the Squarespace Business plan, you can upgrade to one of the Ecommerce plans. Under this plan, you have two options, which are the Basic or Advanced Ecommerce plan. The Basic plan begins at $26 per month and is an excellent choice for fully-fledged online stores.

With the Advanced plan, you can boost the sales in your online store. This plan is packed with features designed to attract customers to purchase more products and services from your online store. This plan also offers advanced shipping tools to ensure you are getting the complete package.

The Basic plan offers all of the Personal and Business plan features as well as the following:  

   • Point of sale
   • Customer Accounts
   • Domain Checkout
   • Analytics
   • Merchandising
   • Instagram

The Advanced plan offers all of the above features but also includes the following:  
  • Cart Recovery
   • Subscriptions
   • Shipping
   • Discounts
   • Commerce
   • APIs
   • Labels

Basic Plan Features


When you purchase a Squarespace pricing Ecommerce plan, you never have to pay a transaction fee. If you sell 1000 items, you do not have to share your profits with us. However, when a customer pays with a credit card, processor fees still apply regardless of your Squarespace pricing plan.

Point of sale
If you sell your products in the United States, you will love their point of sale feature. With this feature, you will never miss another in-person sale again. It allows you to sell in-person with Squarespace's commerce app.You will accept the payment through Square. This feature will help to synchronize your sales, customers, and inventory analytics. The E-commerce Basic plan enables you to take your online store to the next level in-person.

Customer Accounts
The Squarespace cost of the E-plan includes customer accounts. All of your customers can sign in for quick checkouts by creating an account. These accounts keep track of your customer's billing address, mailing address, and other vital information needed for purchasing items through a checkout process. The customer accounts help to increase your sales and build ongoing relationships with your customers.

Domain Checkout
If you operate on a custom domain, the E-commerce plan provides you with a 'checkout on your domain' feature. This feature helps to direct customers to the protected checkout page located on your domain. This checkout feature gives your customers a consistent experience while shopping. This consistency provides a strong sense of security to your customers.

With their personal and Business plans, you have access to a variety of website analytics. When you upgrade to an E-commerce plan, you have access to their e-commerce analytics. E-commerce analytics provides a variety of reports analyzing the purchase activity associated with your account.

With this plan, you can quickly determine your best-seller. You can also identify different sales trends as well as track the visit to purchase conversion. These tools help guide you when you are making business decisions.

The Squarespace Basic plan also offers you a wide array of merchandising tools. These potent product tools are able to showcase different products. These tools also enable you to give your customers a variety of related products and product waitlists. The spreadsheet bulk editing tools make it easy and save you time when managing inventory.

With the integration and blocks feature of the Business plan, you can utilize social media. When you upgrade to the Squarespace Basic Commerce plan, this feature is greatly enhanced. You can sync your online products with Facebook's catalog. This catalog enables you to tag a particular product in the Instagram post and boost your sales.

Advanced Plan Features

Cart Recovery

When we shop, we typically put items in a shopping cart online. If we change our minds or something distracts us from shopping, we abandon this shopping cart. This feature will send an automated email to remind your customers about their abandoned online carts. These messages are only sent to those registered customers who leave the process before checkout is completed.

With the Advanced plan, you can sell subscriptions to your customers. These subscriptions can be to a particular product or service. It can be placed on a weekly or monthly basis. You can easily build customer loyalty with automatic payments retries and recharging.ShippingWith the Advanced plan, you can access advanced shipping features. These features provide real-time information about UPS, USPS, and FedEx shipping rates and will automatically calculate shipping totals. You can control various options by the Zipcode level or the FSA level in Canada.

With the Squarespace Advanced plan, you can offer a variety of discounts to your customers. These Squarespace Discounts 2020 can be limited in use or can be applied automatically to orders that qualify. This feature puts you in control of the promotions associated with your online store.

Commerce APIs
APIs are Application Programming Interfaces that allow your application to expose services to other applications. With our Advanced plan, you can build custom integrations. These integrations will associate with third party systems. They can also handle back office and Ecommerce needs. This feature can assist you with order fulfillment, management of your inventory, and much more.

This feature of the Advanced plan is not only helpful to you but also to your customers. It provides a particular product's inventory level. By letting your customer know the current status, it will increase urgency and encourage conversion.

Squarespace Pricing Promo Codes

A promo code is a code that is generated by a computer. It is used in eCommerce and online shopping to offer discounts to customers. This letter or number combination is entered in a promotional box located in a website’s shopping cart.

When offering promo codes, companies can offer a variety of different types of online codes. One type is the discount promo code. This type of code can be a fixed discount, such as $5 off your purchase. Another type is the percentage discount, which could be a 10% discount on your purchase total.

Free shipping is another example of a promo code discount. A merchant can offer any discount for any amount in any fashion. Sometimes people get confused because various phrases such as gift code, digital code, promotional code, and discount code are used, but they all mean the same thing.

Most online merchants offer some form of promo codes to entice shoppers to complete a purchase. These promo codes are typically not found on the merchant’s website. Instead, the merchant places these codes with affiliate programs or websites.

Sometimes, these promo codes are offered as member-only promotional codes that can be found in email newsletters or blog posts. Some online merchants find it beneficial to place online coupons in print advertising to lure customers to their online stores.

If you are looking for Squarespace Promo Codes 2020, some coupon codes can be found in tracking websites. These websites include Honey, Coupons.com, and Coupon Cabin. These types of sites collect thousands of current promo codes in one place, making it easier for the customer to find a deal.

A variety of websites allow the shopper to copy and paste a promo code into the merchant’s online shopping cart. However, other websites require the shopper to click on an affiliate link. Once clicked, this link applies the discount automatically.

When talking about Squarespace promo codes, we know a variety of promo codes for their services are floating around the internet. Squarespace does not believe that you should have to hunt for these codes and possibly find untrusted websites.

With this in mind, they provide you with the Squarespace promo codes themselves. They always have a GIMME10 promo where you receive a 10% discount on any plan. It is only valid for your first purchase of a Squarespace program.

Throughout the year, they also offer a variety of promo codes to use during checkout. An example of these discounts was their August promotion which provided you with a 20% discount on any new plan. Squarespace also offers the ability for you to offer Squarespace promo codes on your website or domain. If you would like to provide a Squarespace promo code to your website, it is effortless. When you are ready, you will check where it says promo code to create a unique code for your customers to use. This code must be entered to apply any discount.It is also possible to select ‘Generate’ to give your customers a unique Squarespace promo code. These codes are generated randomly. Most of the time, promo codes are generated in uppercase. However, a Squarespace promo code is not case sensitive.

If you are going to offer a Squarespace promo code to your customers, it is recommended to use a short code. A more concise code such as MAY10 or WINTER makes it easy for the shopper to remember it. It is also essential to use a new code for each of your promotions because an old code will expire and will not work for a new promotion.

Squarespace Pricing Discounts

If you would like to offer discounts using the Squarespace website, the eCommerce plans provide a variety of options. The first decision is to decide which type of discount you would like to offer to your customers.

Types of discounts  
   Single products
   Products or orders over a certain amount
   Entire orders
   A particular category of products

The next step involves designing rules for your discounts. You want your bargain to make sense for your store. These rules will help you to develop targeted promotions and discounts. For example, you can limit your deal to one per customer or free shipping.

After you have decided on these two things, you can then begin to add a new discount. From the home menu, you can click the commerce button and then hit deals. Once here, you will find a + sign in the right-hand corner. You will be prompted to fill in a variety of fields that allow you to personalized your discount.

This customization includes trigger types, promotion type, limit total usage, and much more. If you have a Squarespace Advanced plan, you can choose between two different trigger types. The first way a customer can trigger a discount is by using a discount code when he or she is checking out.

You can also offer your customers an automatic discount. This type of value does not require a coupon or promo code to be activated. An automatic discount will apply a bargain when the order meets or exceeds pre-set conditions.

Once you have chosen the trigger type, you can choose from the different promotion types available to our Advanced plan customers. These promotional types include percentage off, set amount off, and free shipping.

Percentage off
A percentage off discount can be offered for a particular product or applied to the total order. Squarespace requires that the percentage must be a whole number. When you give this type of discount, it will not apply to any shipping costs.

Set amount off
Some retailers offer a particular amount off. This discount can also be applied to a single item or the order total. You could offer $5 off your customer’s first order or $10 off every order over $30. These types of discounts also do not apply to shipping costs.

This discount cannot be used for totals less than the discount. This fact means if you are giving $5 off and the order total is only $3, your customer will not be able to utilize the discount.

Free shipping
This type of discount is one of the most popular forms. It removes the amount of shipping for online orders. It can be restricted to a specific option for shipping, or it can be applied to any shipping method. You can only apply free shipping discounts to any order or any order over a particular amount.

Next, you must decide where your discount applies. You cannot apply discounts to buying a gift card. However, your customer will be able to apply it to orders paid with a gift card. With Squarespace Advanced plans, you can choose from four options.

The first option is to apply the discount to any order. This option does not have any restrictions associated with product selection or order total. An example of this option is “$10 off any order” promotion. The order must be $10 or more for this discount to be applied, however.

Another option is to apply the discount to orders over a particular amount or price. The order total minus taxes and shipping must be over the set amount to be able to apply this discount. An example of this option is “$10 off orders over $40”. This option encourages your customer to spend more to receive a bigger discount.

The next discount option on a Squarespace Advanced plan is to apply the discount to a single item. This discount is restricted to a particular product. If you have an abundance of purple dresses, you could give 5% of purple dresses.

The last option is similar to the discount on a single item, but the discount applies to a category. You can give discounts on one or more categories. If the summer is over and you have multiple swimsuits, you could offer 20% off all swimsuits.

If you want to avoid the overuse of discounts, you can limit them. This limitation can be applied according to a particular deal or customer. We offer you a ‘Total Usage Limit’ option with our Advanced plans.

With this option, you can limit the number of times a particular discount is used, or you can limit how many times a customer uses it. You can set it to where your customers can use a deal unlimited times. You can also set an expiration date or rules for recurring orders.

It is possible to set a limited amount of uses for a discount also. After the customer uses the deal a maximum amount of times, the discount will not be applied again. This option focuses on the value and not the customer. If you want to order a first-come, first-serve discount, this discount is the best choice.

If you have a customer who overuses discounts, you can select a customer limit feature. This feature will restrict the value to one use per email address. This limit can be adjusted as you see fit. For example, you could limit it to 10 per email address.

Squarespace Advanced plan also offers a variety of options for subscription products. Discounts are an excellent way to increase your sales volume, but it may become an issue that you need to limit. Regardless, with their Squarespace pricing plans, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Squarespace Pricing: Website Builder Comparisons

When it comes to the Best Website Builder, you have a wide variety of options. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages. The best way to pick the perfect match for your needs is to explore the pros and cons of each available website builder.
This list includes Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy, WordPress, and Webflow. Each of these services provides a wide range of options to its customers.


Created in 2004, Squarespace is one of the website builders that makes web designing simple. With this program, you can easily finish your website using a few steps. It is popular due to its stunning pre-designed templates which were created for business and creativity.

When choosing Squarespace as your website builder, you are provided with various mobile-responsive templates that are beautiful and demand attention. Mobile responsive templates mean you can resize the browser and content to adjust for the optimal viewing automatically. With these templates, you can give your website a clean and minimalistic design with a sophisticated flair.

The finish quality of these templates is high. Even though you can create a website in a short amount of time, your website will look as if you invested months in polishing the design. Squarespace lines are clean compared to others on the list. Squarespace also provides extensive options when it comes to styling that other options do not offer.

One of the drawbacks of using Squarespace is the same as one of its advantages. You get extensive styling options, which can become overwhelming if you are new to the web designing field. Another issue is how your site will look. The look of your website on a mobile device when in editing mode is slightly different than when it is in published mode.


Started in 2007, Weebly was designed to give individuals the tools to grow their business from conception to launch to growth. With Weebly, you can create a website that is professional and mobile-optimized. The integrated marketing and advance analytics help to ensure your business will grow. Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page for more details. 

Some individuals would say that Weebly's drag and drop design is the easiest to use. You will not be overwhelmed with too many options. However, you still have enough options to create a fully functional website. Weebly's user face is considered to be intuitive to use.With Weebly, you get a wide array of pre-designed page layouts. The 40 pre-set page layouts are an excellent place for beginners to start. You can simply pick a page and begin customizing or changing the layout to match your needs.

With Weebly, one of the drawbacks is the limited options when it comes to template customization. The designer can only change the font styles and color scheme for each of the templates. These restrictions limit the creativity of the person designing the website. The blog features associated with Weebly are also lacking in tools. Some users call Weebly primitive when it comes to blogging tools and designs.


Offering four popular plans, Wix is the site that encourages you to develop, design, create, and manage your website as you see fit. This site is versatile in that you can open a business, online store, blog, or portfolio of your work without an issue. Head over to our Squarespace vs Wix page for more details. 

When using Wix, you have access to over 510 templates. These templates are professional and trendy in today's marketplace. Each of these templates is structured and formatted with content making it easy to replace with your content.
Wix's support infrastructure is the strongest of all of the available website builders. On almost every page, you can find a help or support button. These buttons take you to the main help button. However, if you need more in-person help, Wix provides phone and email support also.

The major drawback of using Wix is the inability to switch templates. When you have chosen a pre-made template, you cannot transfer your information to another one. If you change, you must re-insert all of your content.


You may have heard of GoDaddy because they have done extensive advertising for their services on television. With this amount of advertising, it has become a market leader. With this service, you type in your desired domain name, and you will receive a list of available names along with prices. Head over to our Squarespace vs GoDaddy page for more details. 

With GoDaddy, you get a large variety of Linux and Windows-based plans. GoDaddy also offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This guarantee means that they ensure your website or domain will be running 99.9% of the time without downtime. GoDaddy also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to help you decide if they are the right choice. You get a free domain with all yearly plans. When you use GoDaddy, you only have to make one click, and your website is backed up or restored.

With some of GoDaddy's plan, you must sign a contract for three years to receive the advertised discounted prices. Another major drawback of GoDaddy is the lack of customer service on the weekends. During the business hours on weekdays, you can utilize live chat support, though.


Unlike the others on this list, WordPress is not a website builder. It is an extremely popular CMS, which is an open-source content management system. Hosting over 35% of the websites on the internet, this system allows much more freedom and flexibility than the other website builders on this list. However, it does come with a steeper learning curve. Head over to our Squarespace vs Wordpress page for more details. 

WordPress's most decisive advantage is the ability to export your website. With WordPress, you can easily take all of your hard work building a website and export it to a new web host. With all of the other website builders, you must use their hosting service for your site's life.

WordPress is not only flexible, but it offers a wide array of advanced analytics and SEO tools to promote your business. This site allows you to configure taxes, process payments, and ship your items. Another excellent advantage of WordPress is the real people who operate their customer service department.

If you decide to use WordPress, you will need to do your research. This program is not as user-friendly as the others. It requires you to know how to create a MySQL database to be able to install WordPress. You will have to take the time to watch the tutorials if you do not know how to do it already.


Webflow is a business that was created, especially for entrepreneurs. This provider offers you the option to have a flexible format to build and design a custom website. This choice is perfect for those who have an interest in developing or coding skills. Head over to our Squarespace vs Webflow page for more details. 

Webflow is the best choice for those who want to design their own theme from scratch. This website builder is a sophisticated version of most of the others on this list. You have more control and flexibility over the details of your design.Besides the option to control the details of the design, Webflow also provides you with beautiful templates. It is possible to create an entire website without cumbersome coding, but you can also develop your coding skills while using Webflow.

Webflow's interface can seem like you are coding, so it comes with a learning curve. If you are a beginner in web design, this provider is not an appropriate site. Unless you have some experience with web designing, another provider on the list is probably the better choice.

How to Build a Squarespace website?

Just a few years old, you could have an actual business without an online presence. Those days are long gone if you want to be successful. Some people believe you must pay thousands of dollars to a web developer in order to create an online name.

Thanks to companies like Squarespace, you can quickly and effectively create your own website and grow your business and presence online without paying anyone. With Squarespace, you do not need to have any complicated coding skills.

Squarespace’s drag-and-drop format allows any type of business to create and manage a website, domain, or blogging platform. This format is incredibly user-friendly and offers a variety of hosting services.

Squarespace plans also provide businesses with all of the tools necessary to manage an online business. These tools include search engine optimization (SEO) and comprehensive commerce solutions. You can create your Squarespace website with three easy steps: template, trial, and domain. Head to How to Build a Squarespace Site page for detailed information.

The first step is to go to Squarespace and click ‘Get Started.’ Once you have clicked this button, you can choose a template. The template should match your business goals and mission. Squarespace offers a wide variety of templates, so you may need to narrow it down.

You can narrow down the selection by themes. These themes are uniquely designed for various businesses, stores, and restaurants. You will even find the perfect template for portfolios designed for photographers, designers, and others.

Once the perfect template for your needs has been chosen, you can click on the ‘Live Preview’ button. This button will give you a sneak peek of what the website looks like when it goes live. After this preview, you are ready for Step #2.

The next button you will need to click is the ‘start with this design.’ This button allows you to start building your personalized website. However, before you can begin, you will be prompted to create an account.

This account is free and requires you to enter your first and last name, email address, and password. Once you have created your account, Squarespace will show you a video to introduce the basics of using Squarespace.

After this video, your website will load precisely like the live preview in Step 1. You can use this as a sample of content. In the bottom left corner, you will find an area where you can keep the template or remove it.

The general idea of creating a website is basically the same. However, the theme will dictate how the different areas of your website are created. The basic structure of it, including adding pages. You can add pages from the navigation panel, which is located on the left.

You can also add a variety of elements using the various buttons located in the upper right area. When you want to edit a particular component, you can click on it. The ‘eye’ icon in the upper left corner will allow you to preview your website.

This area also has various tools to manage your website. These tools include editing the title of the website and view statistics. If your website is an e-commerce one, these tools will also allow you to configure the advanced settings.

In the final step, you will make your website live. However, it would be best if you had a domain before you can publish a website. When your website is complete and you are ready, you should click ‘upgrade now.’ This button gives you a free domain provided by Squarespace.

With the personal plan, you get 20 webpages, blogs, and galleries. They provide you with 500GB of bandwidth and 2GB of storage. However, only two contributors can be used with this plan. The business plan gives you unlimited pages, blogs, and galleries.

It also gives you unlimited bandwidth and contributors. With this plan, you also have access to a developer platform. This platform is excellent for those who are more advanced developers. With the e-commerce plans, you also get unlimited service products and tools.With these three steps, you can quickly and efficiently take your website to the finish line. Squarespace offers a diverse group of customer support systems also to guide you through this process.

Squarespace Pricing

When you first begin creating your website, it can be overwhelming. Many website builders are available with a variety of disadvantages and advantages. This first choice can be confusing and stressful if you have never created a website.Squarespace is an excellent choice for a beginner because we offer four significant resources. These resources encompass every aspect of creating, designing, and maintaining a website. If you have a question, one of these four resources can provide answers.

The four resources include a Squarespace blog, forum, webinar, and help guides. You can access any of these resources for free at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All of these resources are continuously updated to ensure you have the most current information available. We will discuss Squarespace pricing blogs later.


The Forum was created as an area for Squarespace users and professionals to share best practices and ask for advice. This online community is divided into nine different topics. One of these topics is News and Announcements. This area is where Squarespace posts announcements for users.

The Forum also has a Getting Started with Squarespace area, which provides advice about choosing templates, plans, and features. The Images and Videos, Pages and Content, SEO Marketing, and Site Design and Styles also provide you with information about the Squarespace website designing tricks and techniques.

If you plan to open an online store, the Commerce Forum will be extremely helpful. It contains a variety of discussions about creating and maintaining a successful online store. The last two topics of the Forum include Coding and Customization and Feedback on Your Site.

The Coding and Customization forum is an excellent source of information about advanced editing. Advanced editing typically happens by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This Forum answers all of your questions regarding these features.The Feedback on Your Site forum is probably the most beneficial on the Squarespace site. In this Forum, you can ask other users to provide feedback on specific aspects of your website or ask for the community to provide general feedback on the design and layout of your site.


Squarespace pricing’s webinars are online sessions that are free. These sessions provide you will find information to increase your knowledge of the Squarespace basics. You will also refine your Squarespace website skills using these webinars.The best thing about these webinars is that you do not need a website to learn. Squarespace pricings also offers a community team to help answer all of your questions live. The webinars cover many questions about Squarespace, but in this area, you will also find frequently asked questions sections with answers.

Help Guides

The Help Guides resource is a combination of all of the other resources. It provides in-depth articles and blogs and videos on everything associated with Squarespace. If you cannot find answers to your questions in any of the other resources, this resource probably has what you need.It is divided into eighteen areas or topics. These topics range from Getting Started to Extensions. The two favors among the Help Guides are probably the Technical Issues and Contact Us and the Privacy and Security topics.

Squarespace Pricing

If you ask experts in website design, they will provide you with an array of advice to get the most out of Squarespace. These Squarespace Tips and Tricks would involve building the site, designing pages, blogging, SEO, and resources of the Squarespace. These tips would also include tricks for saving money.

Building the Site

One tip associated with building the site is to decide which features you want before choosing a template. If you know your must-haves, you can pick the appropriate template before you even start. It is also helpful if you map the site content before beginning your site.

Many details go into building a website so that it can become overwhelming. It would be best if you started with a printed list of the goals and features you want to highlight. If you plan to use multiple pages, you should map them all out beforehand.

Another excellent tip is to test out different templates. With Squarespace, you can test different templates without paying any extra fees. When you do not like the first layout of your site, you can change it into another format. However, please do not make it live until you want it official.

Designing Pages

With Squarespace, you can customize the 404 Error page. This capability allows you to share a unique message with your customers. This message can easily reinforce your brand and provide personality.

When you design a landing page, you can use CSS to hide the header and footer of the page. If you use CSS for this hiding, you can help keep your readers focus on what you know is essential. It removes distractions like menu items and announcements.

With Squarespace, you can password protect any pages on your website. This feature adds an extra layer of protection. It also allows you to personalize how the password-protected pages look. It customizes the page to your particular needs.


Over the years, Squarespace has begun to move to blogs that do not have sidebars. This move has created issues when you find the perfect template. Sometimes, the template you love does not offer the sidebar feature. We suggest creating a whole new page to house the blogs, and then add a faux sidebar.

The first step in creating this fake sidebar is to continue writing your blog in your typical fashion. You want to place your post in the unlinked pages. This process removes the blog from your navigation. You should create a blank page to use a grid summary block. You can place your blogs into this block.

On the side of this summary block, you can add images and text blocks. You can find more information about this fake sidebar in a variety of posts online. You can also find other ways to add a sidebar to that perfect template.


SEO or search engine optimization is one of the essential factors of bringing traffic to your website.
One piece of advice from most experts on this subject is to size your images appropriately. If the image space is for 330px x 330 px, you should load this size of the picture. If your photo is too large, it slows the speed and performance of the site.If you add key SEO terms as your image file name, it will also increase your SEO presence. Another tip is to provide new content consistently. Most search engines promote websites that are continuously being updated.


Squarespace offers a variety of resources. One of these excellent resources is the inspect or view source tool. This tool allows you to right-click on the website to find out the template used. Squarespace also gives you access to the Squarespace Collection/Block Identifier.

With this access, you can learn every collection and block on the website’s name. This information makes it easy to target particular elements on the website. It also allows you to apply CSS to any of these elements.

Saving Money

If you are interested in saving money on Squarespace, we can offer you three tips. The first tip is to register for a yearly plan instead of a monthly schedule. You can save a bundle of money if you plan to use Squarespace long-term. Do not worry, because you can get a full refund within 14 days if you do not like the service.

Another tip for saving money on Squarespace is to use the 10% promo code. This promo code can be used for yearly or monthly plans. You can find the promo code directly on the website, and it can be redeemed at any time.

You will save money for registering with Squarespace because we have a partnership with Google and G Suite. However, this partnership only allows for one email account. G Suite charges $6 per account per month. To save more money, you should look for cheaper email hosting sites.


If you plan to use Squarespace for blogging, you can utilize a variety of features..    

   Adding a Blog Page
   Tag Posts
   Categorize Posts
   Design Excerpts of Posts
   Allow Comments
   Use Social Media to Push Post

When creating a blog, you must know that Squarespace organizes blogs into pages and posts. The Blog Page is where the customer lands when they come to your website. On this page, multiple blogs are displayed in a list or grid format.

This format depends upon which template you chose previously. The list format provides the full content of the post or short excerpts of the post. The grid format gives a thumbnail image. Depending on the template, the thumbnail image is sometimes accompanied by some text.If you would like to read the blog, you click the post image or title. This action opens each separate blog into a personal page. With Squarespace, it is possible to have more than one Blog Page for your website. The design, layout, and features significantly differ depending upon the template.

The other organization category is blog posts. Posts are the sub-pages of a blog page. The blog post is the page that opens when you click the image or title. Each page has a dedicated URL as well as its own page. As with the blog page, the design, layout, and features appear according to the chosen template.

Squarespace provides a blog to offer vital information to their customers. You can use the Squarespace blog resource as a template for your blog page if you find it to your liking. The Squarespace Blog is also available to provide you with information about the various features you can use for your blog pages and posts.


The Squarespace Blog was created as a way to help entrepreneurs build their businesses. This blog is full of stories and solutions geared toward modern-day entrepreneurs. With a variety of topics and categories, you will find articles pertaining to your business.

The four categories of the blog area are Makers, On-Trend, Know, and Video.

This category focuses on entrepreneurs who are paving the way for others. This section also includes inspiring stories and ideas from other successful businessmen and women.

On-Trend also addresses current issues about business and owning a store. If you look at this section today, you will find many articles addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and how corporations can survivor this global issue.

The Makers area of the blog gives you advice about which websites to visit for particular issues. For example, one of these blogs is titled “Four Websites to Cultivate Joy.” The other posts with this category provide similar information.

In the Know area, you will find a massive amount of information to help you create and manage the perfect website. The different blogs provide insider tips on Squarespace and designing a site to best meet the needs of your customers.

Finally, the video area of the blog provides you with videos of successful individuals. These individuals provide you with stories and solutions to guide you through the business world. With these four categories of information, you can hit the ground running.