Website Builder Comparisons

Website Builder Basics

To hire or not to hire a website developer? That's the question. Thanks to the best website builders, many website owners are choosing to skip over the traditional hire a developer and forget it path to success. Instead, they implement the use of a website builder to automate the process of design and content creation. Thanks to many of the world's finest builders, it's possible to download a program and automate everything. Even if you have no prior coding or website creation experience, you can get started with the best website builders. 

Our goal here today is to help you discover what website builder is best for you. Which one is going to have the easiest platform to interact with? Which one organizes information in a way that meshes well with your own creativity and sense of style? Most importantly, which one is going to grab you the most readers and/or customers? Our list of the 10 best website builder 2020 is here to answer all of those questions and more, with an in-depth breakdown of each builder just for you.

Few would argue that Squarespace does take a place at the top, but how does it stack up in its place among the 10 best website builders out there? Website builder comparisons often reflect and bring out the best qualities in Squarespace. There are others that fall by the wayside when you really compare features like pricing, features, and ease of use. When thinking about what website builder is best for you, keep a few things in mind at the get-go:


How much money do you have to spend? You can always be a bit flexible when looking over the best website builders, but you need to have a base budget in mind. Price should never be the only thing you consider, but it should definitely be a number you have in mind while you're browsing through website builder comparisons. If you don't have a $500 budget, don't pick a $500 website builder. Head to our Squarespace Tips and Tricks page for more information on gaining Squarespace discounts.

E-Commerce Needs

Not everyone is selling a product. They might be a publisher sharing ideas or simply a casual blogger who wants to connect with a specific audience online and do well at keeping that audience in attendance. For others who have a true, physical product to sell, you need to pick a builder from our best website builders list that has an e-commerce solution handy. It must allow you to upload pictures of your products, list important information about those products, and allow customers to leave review and feedback easily. It should be secure.


Every website uses bandwidth, and depending on how many people you plan to draw, you're going to really have to give some thought about being able to upgrade in the future. When going over website builder comparisons, keep in mind that the traffic you have today may explode tomorrow. If you capture your SEO audience well, you could have thousands of new people flooding into your website in a week, month, or year. Does the builder you have your eye on among the best website builders really accommodate your goal traffic? Does it have room to grow? When your traffic skyrockets, will you have the ability to upgrade your package to something that is more secure and accommodates more visitors?

SEO Tools

Some of the best website builders are the ones that have built-in SEO features. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it's the holy grail concept of all success online. In order to rank well in search engines and show up on page 1, you must follow the guidelines of those engines and really have advanced tools for automating the SEO process. Website builder comparisons consistently show that Squarespace is at the top of their game on this count. They have excellent SEO tools that automate your process and net you big time gains in search engines, all without having to pay a developer or spend too much of your budget on SEO.

Customer Service Tools

Today's web is highly interactive, giving customers one click access to their favorite stores and readers one click access to their favorite writers and content. It's vital that you pick among the best website builders with the issue of customer service tools in mind. Is there an embed code for your customer service platform? Does it come with customer service software that allows you to really reach out to your customers quickly when they need you? Without this kind of program, you're going to have a flawed plan from the get-go. It's essential to choose a builder from among our website builder comparisons that really reaches out to your audience and serves them.

As you can see, there are more than a few things to keep in mind as you think of what website builder is best for you. As we go forward with the 10 best website builders review here, please keep all of these issues in mind. All of the 10 best website builders 2020 will feature some element of each of these important counts, but not all of them will execute well. Some will be over-priced. Others won't have the one feature that you really need (such as a nice lot of templates that really match your idea of what you want your website to look like going forward).

Without further ado, here are our website builder comparisons, designed specifically with the novice website creator in mind. You have an idea or product to sell, and these are the best website builders out there to get the job done.

The 10 Best Website Builders

1. Squarespace

This is the champion of the lot in just about all website builder comparisons you will come across. People gravitate to Squarespace for its simple interface but advanced features. It's easy to use but offers a robust list of features that really hit the bullseye on all online activity and content creation. It features award-winning templates that hit every major facet of design, fair pricing, and an excellent array of enterprise features that let your website grow. There are many Squarespace Courses available online and via Squarespace themselves that assists you with all your website building needs.

Major Perks

1. SquareSpace
A list of Squarespace perks would be book length because this is one of the few among our best website builders that really hits the nail on the head in so many different areas, but we'll give you the short story edition of why Squarespace tops our list of the 10 best website builders. They do also have many Squarespace Discounts 2020 available if you are a student you should also look at the Squarespace Student plan.

  • Gorgeous templates that have won awards for their professionalism and captivating design
  • Mobile apps offered to take your website mobile and hit the next generation of users with thrilling content
  • Point and click content creation that even a novice can use
  • Advanced coding features that let you mix and mingle if you actually know coding and want to explore more in-depth development on your own
  • Superb customer service that answers your questions promptly

Pricing: Starting from $12-$18, you can grow your ideas into something beautiful online at Squarespace. The best part is that they have e-commerce solutions that are among the most inexpensive in the usiness. For just the $26-$40 a month Squarespace Business Pricing gives you your own online store and start moving your products. Domains are also available for a fair price and also give you domain name privacy for life. They do also have many Squarespace Discounts available if you are a student you should also look at the Squarespace Student plan.

Bottom Line: Squarespace takes top building in our website builder comparisons. It is second to none, but as always, it will not be for everyone. In a real in-depth comparison, though, it's easy to see why Squarespace comes out on top in our review of the 10 best website builders 2020.

2. Weebly

You've probably heard of Weebly by now, but it sometimes gets left off website builder comparisons, so we're here to let you know that this package is the real deal. While offering substantially fewer advanced features than Squarespace, Weebly is a nice touch for those who are just looking to get online quick and start sharing ideas. It's available for people who want a website or an online store.

Major Perks

Why is Weebly one of the 10 best website builders?

  • A huge array of features that help you create a professional looking website, including sliders and photo galleries that really let you get creative
  • Weebly's themes are ideal for online stores or bloggers
  • You can use Weebly in a free edition that let's you try it out and then go from there
  • Builder is drag & drop for maximum ease of use 
  • Plans range from $0-$26 a month for performance

Bottom line: Weebly is an excellent place to build a website and our second favorite choice among our website builder comparisons. As one of the 10 best website builders, it gives just about anyone the right tools to start their own site and really get down to business online. While we love this option for bloggers, we're not as keen on Weebly for e-commerce. It offers a more bare bones version, so for small stores, it might be fine, but if you need major e-commerce solutions, look more to Squarespace. Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to gain more information on which builder suits you best, Squarespace or Weebly.

3. Wix

For you creative minded people out there, Wix ranks as one of the best website builders 2020. It's especially keen on giving animators the tools they need to bring their visions to life for the masses. Animation isn't something the majority of the best website builders focus on, but it's not all e-commerce online. Sometimes an independent creator really wants to show off their talents, and Wix is a nice choice on that count. 

Major Perks

If you have your eye on Wix, here are the features that matter most:

  • Outstanding selection of design templates, albeit smaller than places like Squarespace
  • Wix ADI that hooks you up with mobile friendly apps to develop your website
  • One of the most generation collections of free apps that you can use to build your website
  • Free SSL with all plans
  • Wix features nice analytics that net you new insights into all visitors

Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to gain more information on which builder suits you best, Squarespace or Wix.


  • More limited templates compared to bigger competitors
  • Free plans are very limited and offer virtually no bandwidth for a site with healthy traffic
  • Website builder doesn't come with a domain name so you must buy one separately, and that ups cost

Pricing: Websites start out at $13 a month but can be as expensive as $39 a month. Business basic starts out at $23 a month but grows to a whopping $500 a month to access premium features like consulting and security audits. For someone with a smaller business, middle level plans might be better.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been around the block and back in the last couple of decades. It has been a part of the Internet since its beginning popularity in 1997, so it knows the old landscapes better but has struggled to adapt to social media trends and changing online culture. Its recent makeover has confused some, but there are others who stick with GoDaddy because they really have a lot of history behind them. They claim to have 18.5 million customers and offer services on everything from domain names to web hosting. How do they rank in website builder comparisons, though? Well, the fact that they're 4 on our list of the 10 best website builders says something. They're hanging in there.

Major Perks

GoDaddy should almost always merit at least some quick consideration of what website builder is best for you. They offer a builder that pleases millions of website creators, so they're worth a look, even if they're no longer at the top. Here are the primary features of their website builder and how they stack up in website builder comparisons:

  • As a company that has been around since 1997, GoDaddy has a solid reputation in the industry and so does their website builder
  • They stack up well in website builder comparisons on the number of templates they offer
  • All GoDaddy sites built with their builder features a mobile-friendly and optimized layout, a point that many other companies leave out
  • GoDaddy's builder is simpler than other builders, so if you're a complete newbie, it might be fine to start out with
  • Plans are limited but cheap

Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to gain more information on which builder suits you best, Squarespace or GoDaddy.

Downsides: GoDaddy falls short in website builder comparisons when you really start looking at the in-depth features of their service. They're sorely lacking in advanced features and offer limited room for growth. Their most advanced e-commerce plan is only $23, and that will be a huge sign that they simply don't offer the advanced features of a Squarespace. 

Pricing: On pure price, GoDaddy is economical for just about anyone. They have a basic plan that starts out at $10 and an e-commerce plan that clocks in at $23. If budgeting is important to you and your business, GoDaddy certainly belongs on any list of the 10 best website builders. 

5. Wordpress

We all know the name Wordpress, and because of its relative simplicity, it will always be in a list of website builder comparisons. It makes the grade on several counts, but it's the interactive features and enormous free app collection that makes Wordpress such a force in a list of best website builders. 

Major Perks

  • Wordpress's templates lend themselves perfectly to online blogging, but they also have an outstanding number of business templates
  • One of the most mobile friendly on our list of the best website builders
  • Wordpress is excellent at customer service and responds promptly
  • SEO feature apps like Yoast give you the ability to create an SEO friendly site on the fly
  • Uploading and embedding media is as simple as clicking an area of your page and adding

Downsides: Wordpress isn't all sunny or fun and games. There are major glitches at times with templates and a host of pretty much unusable templates that the majority of people will pass over. Because just about anyone can create a Wordpress template, you're apt to run across more than a few that don't measure up. And while free Wordpress sites will certainly be a great value, they allow limited traffic and features and don't feature a branded domain name you can call your own. If you want a full-fledged business online, Wordpress probably isn't your best option. It's ideal for blogging and interacting and/or building a large online following.

Pricing: Wordpress requires hosting in order to use it, so you're going to have to pick up hosting after you grab your Wordpress program. They partner with many different hosts and are easy to add to your CP or platform. Hosting and domain prices are all over the board, but Squarespace has proven to be the most reliable Wordpress hosting partner.

Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to gain more information on which builder suits you best, Squarespace or Wordress.

6. Webflow

Webflow is one of the best kept secrets of any website builder comparisons list. As one of the best website builders around, it usually gets overlooked for flashier builders like Wix. However, they have a solid foundation and offer many important features for beginners and advanced users alike. Why does Webflow make our list of the 10 best website builders?

Major Perks

  • They are one of the few builders that really hones in on the needs of business, not personal bloggers, and so they'll almost always outdo a blogger-focused builder if you're operating a business
  • You need absolutely no coding experience or development knowledge in order to make full use of Webflow to bring your ideas alive
  • Their hosting networks scales with your business, so you have tons of room to grow
  • Their "University" gives you hundreds of videos about website development to blog and is truly a treasure to anyone who wants to be a presence online
  • They have the unique feature of allowing you to build your entire website for free and then pay only when you go live

Downsides: Webflow focuses on business, and that means they sometimes neglect the blogger or online content side of things. If you're an e-commerce customer, you couldn't be happier, and they stack up well in a list of the 10 best website builders. However, if you're a content creation person mostly, you'll find that they don't capture your needs quite as well. Still, it earns the right to be in the discussion of the 10 best website builders 2020. 

Pricing: Webflow is free to start, but if you want the more robust features, you'll need to pay a bit. Static websites are $12 a month. It's $16 a month if you need CMS features. Finally, e-Commerce plans start out at $29 a month, and that's a lot compared to some of the others that are comparable on this list. If you like their layout, though, it might just be worth it.

Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to gain more information on which builder suits you best, Squarespace or Webflow.

7. Gator by HostGator

HostGator has been a force in the industry for a long time now, and they host more than a few of your favorite websites. No website builder comparisons list would be complete without the Gator website builder, a platform you should at least momentarily consider when thinking of what website builder is best for you. Exactly why are we placing it on this list of best website builders?

Major Perks

  • This one is perfectly suited to beginners but doesn't penalize those with advanced knowledge, so you have room to create too
  • Free domain name with your starter plan
  • Free SSL certificate to keep your website safe
  • Plenty of advanced options to allow you to upgrade your website and grab e-commerce functionality with their most expensive plan
  • You get priority support with their second highest package, but even starter packages receive 24/7 support

Downsides: As you can see, Gator has much to offer in our list of website builder comparisons. It has earned its place in any discussion of the best website builders and has only grown more powerful over time, so it's definitely still in here slugging away among any list of modern conjecture over the 10 best website builders 2020. It's not perfect, though, and has a few more downsides than any service we've discussed so far. It is really not made for people who have massive amounts of videos or advanced content. If you need database access and have scripts that are going to really dig into the most complex out there, Gator wouldn't be for you. Are you an email marketer? Then you're going to have to pay extra because Gator doesn't offer any form of that to reach out to your audience. HostGator does have resources though it does not compare to Sqaurespace Courses. Other than those few things, it's really solid as one of the 10 best website builders. 

8. Domain.com

Domain.com is another of the oldest website tools out there, and it has steadily aged without losing much of its usefulness. It is by far one of the least powerful on this list, but it holds its own somewhat well. Will it be your answer to what website builder is best for you? Is it really one of the 10 best website builders 2020? We believe so. Here's why.

  • A long list of enticing website templates that are charming and well thought out
  • Easy to kick into high gear and get your content online without a lot of fuss
  • Beginners will love the drag and drop interface that lets you pretty much add content, even photos, at will
  • For such a reasonably priced program, you get e-commerce functionality, free SSL certificate, and robust blogging features

Downsides: Why are we placing Domain.com so low on this list of the best website builders? Well, its simplicity, affordability, and ease of use are its main charms, but there's a limited amount you can accomplish with one of these plans before you really have to go higher and spend more. There's no free plan, a starter plan is a ridiculous 6 page website that no one in 2020 would be able to stick to, and if you build your website on domain.com, it's going to be like pulling teeth to move to another hosting plan, so really think about it. However, if you're in a pinch and need something quick, or only need a landing page to lead into another site, Domain.com's builder will do as one of the 10 best website builders 2020. 

Pricing: The 6 page starter plan is only $1.99 a month, but you could argue that 6 pages isn't going to cut it. If so, they've got as more reasonable $6.99 plan for business and a $12.99 e-commerce plan. Is there room to grow? It all depends on the nature of your business and how big you want to get. If you're an enterprise level website, don't even think about this one. If you're mid-ranged and don't plan to grow a lot more, then maybe this will do as one of the best website builders. What you might consider one of your best options on the the 10 best website builders 2020 list here will be completely different from someone else's. Affordability here is relative to need and budget. As an economical option, this one is definitely worthy of its place on any of the 10 best website builders 2020 lists.

9. BigCommerce

With a name like BigCommerce, we'd expect big things here, and relative to most of the rest of the website builders out there, BigCommerce gets it done. However, it's placed so low on this list for a couple of good reasons (that we'll get to in a minute). Many people consider this one of the top 10 best website builders 2020 if you plan to build an e-commerce only website. It has robust features to get your store up and running seamlessly with little to no knowledge of e-commerce development in general. You can showcase your products quickly and elegantly with no coding skills at all. What else makes this one of the top 10 best website builders? 

Major Perks

When considering what website builder is best for you and your business, BigCommerce makes the grade for several reasons.

  • Integration with Wordpress so that you can really connect with your shoppers and give them in-depth information about products
  • Enticing templates to choose from that make your business look professional
  • Traffic doesn't impact the security or speed of your site, as BigCommerce is ready for it
  • Payment gateways are robust and include Paypal, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay, among many others
  • You aren't charged a fee for using these payment gateways, so this might contribute to this being what website builder is best for you

Downsides: When considering what website builder is best for you, and looking over our list of the 10 best website builders 2020, you really need to ask yourself what your needs are. For commerce, BigCommerce is a great catch and an affordable one, but if you're an online comic creator, it might not have the features you need. Pricing is one of the downsides to BigCommerce, although it is certainly a good value for the amount of features it offers and the lightning fast speeds of your store no matter how many customers you welcome on there. However, if your budget is pinched, look elsewhere to decide what website builder is best for you. There are plenty more of The 10 best website builders 2020 to choose from in terms of what website builder is best for you.

Pricing: You kick things off with a 15-day free trial, and then the starter plan is $29.99, a hefty amount for a business just starting out. The Pro plan is $249.95 a month, but keep in mind, you're not paying a fee on payment gateways, and in many ways, BigCommerce is affordable for larger stores who get a lot of sales. It might just be what website builder is best for you if you're a huge business with thousands of sales monthly, but if you're a smaller site, then there might be another better solution to your what website builder is best for you dilemma.

10. Constant Contact Builder

Last and least is Constant Contact Builder, an option that's worth a mention in a list of the 10 best website builders in the world. With a flat $10 fee, you can build a website online and get your message out there without having to invest too much in the beginning. And while it doesn't have the features of some of these builders, it's a nice package for 10 bucks. Why is it here with the 10 best website builders 2020?

Major Perks

  • It's one of the easiest to use websites and is great for simple websites that have only a few pages
  • They have a nice 500,000 picture library that you can use to build your site
  • Logo maker is really easy to use and adds a touch of class
  • It's mobile friendly, so no worries there
  • A 60 day free trial really gives you free reign to test them out and see if they're the answer to your what website builder is best for you

Downsides: Cheap website builders might be in the 10 best website builders for a value, but sometimes they fall short no matter what they offer, and in some ways, this one falls short more than the others on our the 10 best website builders list. Many of the huge number of templates available are anything that a person would want to throw online in 2020. They look dated and in some ways have limited functionality, both for creator and the person who will read your site. While there are some nice modern templates to choose from, their collection is very dated and definitely not up to par with our other entries in the 10 best website builders 2020 list. 

What to Look for in a Website Builder

Now that you've got a solid list of the 10 best website builders in the world, what website builder is the best for you? What questions do you need to ask yourself before choosing among any of the options listed on this page? We're going to narrow it down to a few things for you to consider before you race out and grab a plan on the 10 best website builders 2020.

1. What kind of website do you have? Is it a blog? Do you run a video-heavy website? Are you going to need e-commerce or not? The three primary questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How much storage do I need for content
  • How many visitors will be using my bandwidth
  • Will I be selling anything?

2. Do they offer all the features you need and not charge astronomical amounts for the features you don't? If you find a great plan here among our list of the 10 best website builders but then find out it's very high priced with only a few of the features you need, that's going to make you want to take another look at our list of the 10 best website builders 2020. You want the most necessary features for the money, not the most features. For example, some of these builders might have tons of e-commerce features, but if you don't have e-commerce on your site, why would you pay for a huge e-commerce plan? Budget wisely, and your site will get off to a great start. And so, if commerce is important to you, then a builder that has robust e-commerce features will definitely be the answer to your what website builder is best for you question. 

3. What are your SEO needs? If you're porting an already SEO optimized site to a website builder, then you're all set. If not, you may need something like Squarespace that really gets to the heart of the matter and nets you some amazing SEO features right out of the gate. Not all of the 10 best website builders have good marketing and SEO features instilled into their plans. Don't make the mistake of going with one of the 10 best website builders 2020 and then discovering that it has no SEO strategy instilled in your plan. If this is an important part of building a website to you, then what website builder is best for you will definitely have an SEO feature or two along the way.

Why it's Often Best to Go It Alone

Some people want to learn coding and programming from scratch and go at it, or they already have a background in website development and don't need a website builder. Those people are few and far between. If you're one of the millions of people who need to pick out one of the 10 best website builders to bring your online vision to life, we're glad you found this page. It's vital that you achieve your vision this year, if you looking for somewhere beginning the Squarespace Personal Website just might be the way to go. So many of these services on our the 10 best website builders 2020 list can certainly help you make that happen.

What Website Builder is Best for You

That's the question you need to ask yourself going forward, but even more, you need to ask yourself why choosing a website builder at all is the right decision. When you ask what website builder is best for you and sift through the 10 best website builders 2020, what you're doing is acknowledging that builders have intrinsic value because:

  • They allow someone who can't program to instantly build an advanced website
  • They give you SEO features that are sorely lacking in most programmer's backgrounds
  • Their automatic mobile-friendly and interactive nature saves you thousands of hours of learning how to make your website interactive
  • You have access to free libraries of images that allow you to bring your site to life

As you can see, sometimes it's best to go alone. We hope you will look over our The 10 best website builders 2020 review again and opt for a giant like Squarespace if it fits your needs. Be sure to check for Squarespace Promo Codes2020 before purchasing if that's the way to choose to go.