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We'll just come out and declare what every student is always juggling: choices and budgets. Being a student sucks to a certain degree. Most of us were students at one point andall had to go through the frustrations and experiences. We were perpetually out there trying to create our ideal futures. We are trying to impress the whole world while at the same time, trying to manage the little cash we had.

An online presence that makes an everlasting impression is essential for a student who takes their studies seriously. A well designed online portfolio or resume’ website can go a long way with potential customers or prospective employers. Here's how Squarespace education pricing comes into play...


The squarespace student prices is a platform that nudges student's exploratory and entrepreneurial senses by availing a critical opportunity for establishing a lasting impression. A lasting impression is a significant boost for any student out there. And, we don't mean a feeling that will ultimately get you on some shady online site. Impressions created on Squarespace include exquisite resumes and/ online portfolio that appeal to prospective employers and future customers. To sign up, visit www.squarespace.com/students using your institution email address. If your school has not yet partnered with Squarespace, you can ask your school to join and be included in it. 

At Squarespace, one of their main objectives is on the Squarespace education pricing program. They cater to students and focus on faculty members, teaching assistants, and professors who can benefit from the platform. You only require a validated school email address. Squarespace platform has partnered with great schools like Harvard, FIT, and RISD. 

They also consider student's limited budgets by offering them a 50% Squarespace pricing student offer discount off their new subscription purchase for a full year of Squarespace. Pretty sweet, right? Before you leap this fantastic platform, here is a question that will determine your eligibility.

Am I eligible for Squarespace Education Pricing Program?

Your eligibility will be determined by the following:

  • You have to be either a student or faculty member of an accredited institution of higher learning (college/ university).
  • You should have an academic email address that is valid. 
  • You only get the Squarespace Student discount for only three sites using one school address for your email.
  • There are eligible schools in the US that are acceptable, and you have to be a member of any of these schools. If you need to check whether your school is eligible, the steps are outlined below.
  • If you own a reactivated site or Squarespace domain, you aren't eligible. The Squarespace Pricing Student discount is only redeemable for new eCommerce sites or Websites.
    Other offer codes cannot be combined with the Squarespace Student discount; otherwise, it will be invalid.

Benefits of Squarespace to students and faculty member 

Squarespace has designed the Squarespace Education Pricing Program to benefit students and faculty members in various ways, as listed below. Head over to our Squarespace Discount page for more information.

1. Squarespace is a pocket, friendly, and flexible.

The Squarespace pricing student discount package is a major step that we've taken to ensure that students with limited budgets can afford Squarespace. This means that if a student decides to join any of our Squarespace Pricing plans, they will be billed at 50% off the starting fee for their first year. 

Not only are the Squarespace Pricing plans affordable for students, they are also flexible and straight forward to grow. This therefore ensures that students fully utilize the amazing features that have been incorporated. 

2. Squarespace is user friendly

Squarespace has made it relatively easy to use, considering that some students lack prerequisite computer skills such as HTML and CSS. Students can easily access our customizable settings and use our wide variety of fonts, layouts, and colours to create a unique and outstanding website. Plus, images can be added using the Drag and Drop tool that we have included.

3. Squarespace has powerful marketing tools that are crucial for your network growth

They provide a solution for linking social media channels to your website for an extended reach. You can use their built-in SEO tools to boost discoverability and expand contact forms.

4. Squarespace offers excellent customer care

In case you need help, you can always reach our support team via email or live chat for a personalized experience. Our team has highly trained Customer Care advisors who work seamlessly with engineers and designers in our offices in New York, Portland, and Dublin. Their knowledge base on Squarespace is in-depth. They are also always ready and willing to help. 

5. Squarespace avails award-winning design.

Our simplicity of use doesn't mean that we have compromised on design, far from it. Our designer templates avail an aesthetically appealing way to present online ideas, whether you're a blog publisher, business owner, or only showcasing a portfolio. Which is why Squarespace student prices are leading the race compared to other website builders.


For the Squarespace student signup, we have broken down the process into three significant steps for your convenience:

STEP 1 - Search for your school and signup

In this step, you will need to:

1. Visit the Squarespace education pricing option by clicking on this link: www.squarespace.com/student

2. Find your school by searching for it and then selecting the right one.

3. Select your preferred template and proceed to sign up by clicking 'Create a site.'

4. You will be asked to create your account, do this by using your academic email address.

5. Proceed to Step 2 for email address verification.

STEP 2- Verification of your academic email address

The Squarespace Student discount can only be accessed after the verification of your school email address. To do this, you have to consider the following:

  1. You can only get a verification email in your inbox if you used a valid school email address for signing up.
  2. If you don't receive the verification email, you probably used an invalid school email address or failed to enter it correctly. Verify that you are using a valid school address, and if any errors are present, rectify them. Then, you can proceed to resend the verification email as illustrated below.
  3. You could change your email address if you did not sign up with a valid school email address to a valid one before proceeding to access the Squarespace student discount.

Resending the verification email

Once you have updated the email that you used previously on your valid academic email address. If you did not receive the verification, we have availed an option for resending it from your account. Just follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the 'home menu,' then scroll down and tap your initials or the picture on your profile.

2. Find your account dashboard, then find your profile picture or initials and hover overs in the top-right corner. 

3. Click on 'Account and Security.'

4. Select 'Re-send Verification'.

After going through the process, you will receive the verification email. Now hit 'Verify Your Email' button.

Step 3 - Selection of plan

After the verification has successfully gone through, we will prompt you to select a suitable plan. You should note that they only offer the Squarespace pricing student discount for annual plans.

Choosing the right Squarespace student plan

If you want to have the right features for your site, you must select the correct Squarespace student pricing plan. Squarespace eCommerce plans have features for online stores. On the other hand, personal and business Squarespace student plans are suitable for websites. These plans can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly billing cycle. However, to enjoy the Squarespace student discount, you must subscribe to the plans on an annual basis. You should as well note that all annual Squarespace student plans include a free custom domain for the first year. To reserve using the domain parking stage for your site, you can also purchase domains through Squarespace. 

Ways to choose a suitable Squarespace student discount plan:

1. To start a free trial visit http://www.squarespace.com/

2. To upgrade the trial site to one of Squarespace student plan, visit https://support.squarespace.com

3. If your needs change, you can also switch between the Squarespace student plans. Visit https://support.squarespace.com

It is also important to note the following;

• Sometimes, they change their Squarespace student plans to best group features for their customers.

• Squarespace student pricing applies to individual sites only.


Squarespace Student plans come with a special Squarespace Education pricing that can be distinguished from the other plans and pricing using the 50% Squarespace Student discount once you have paid on an annual basis. 

The Squarespace Student plans we offer include:

• Personal Squarespace student plan

Personal Squarespace student plan starts at an original annual fee of $144. Students receiving the Squarespace Student discount, begin with an annual $72 as their Squarespace student pricing. As a Squarespace Student plan, Personal plan offers you the following core features:

  • A one-year free domain name
  • SSL Security
  • Limitless Storage 
  • Bandwidth with no limit
  • Unlimited products
  • Features of SEO
  • Suitable and Varied Templates
  • A limit of two Contributors
  • Mobile-Optimized websites
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Basic Metrics for Website
  • Squarespace extensions access

Business Squarespace student plan

The business Squarespace student plan is the overall most popular plan and starts at an original annual price of $216. This Squarespace students plan, is legible for the 50% Squarespace education pricing discount. The special Squarespace student prices for this Squarespace student plan starts at $108 per year. This plan has all the features in the Personal Squarespace student plan plus the following additions:

  • All elements that appear in a personal plan
  • Unlimited website distributors
  • Google email address that is professional
  • Access to integrations and blocks that are premium
  • A fully integrated eCommerce store
  • An advanced website analytics
  • Google AdWords credit worth $100
  • Promotional banners and pop-ups
  • 3% transaction fees
  • You can sell a wide range and an unlimited number of product
  • A donation can be accepted

Basic Commerce Squarespace student plan

This Commerce plan starts at an original annual fee of $312. This option, as a Squarespace student plan, is designed for rookies in the eCommerce sector. The Squarespace student prices for this plan starts at an annual fee of $156 after applying the Squarespace Student discount. Commerce (basic) as a Squarespace student plan will provide you with all the features in the Business Squarespace student plan and the following additional features:

  • No transaction fees
  • An online domain Checkout
  • Tools for point of sale
  • Accounts for Customers
  • Strong eCommerce analytics
  • Merchandising tools
  • Products can be on Instagram

Advanced Commerce Squarespace student plan

Commerce starts at an original annual fee of $480. A student will get the Squarespace pricing student discount of 50%. It is therefore advisable to pay a starting Squarespace student pricing fee of $240 annually. At $240 a year, this becomes a Squarespace student plan with the following features:

  • Recovery tool for abandoned carts-you will send automatic emails to customers who check out while products are still in their cart
  • Gift Cards can be created for loyal customers as others are attracted
  • Subscriptions can be sold
  • Advanced shipping features can be accessed to calculate the shipping rates for customers
  • Great discounts for customers
  • You can access the commerce APIs
  • Limited labels of availability

With the Squarespace student pricing, Squarespace is an excellent option for those new to the web design because it's an accessible and web builder for all. The Squarespace student pricing shows the top great features and superb quality of the customer's service. This means that Squarespace offers excellent value for money to its users. 

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To reserve a URL without building a full site, you are allowed to purchase a Squarespace domain. The domain will redirect you to a parking page. It is a standard minimalist design with Squarespace in the top corner and your domain in the centre. Domains are of much help if you are not ready to create a website, but you want to claim a web space. Go to our Squarespace Tips and Tricks page for further information on Domains.

Retroactive Squarespace student discount

If you have already paid without redeeming the cut, they can automatically refund you the difference within seven days of activation. To open a ticket, follow the steps below;

1. Log into your site using the necessary details

2. Ensure that the school email address is verified

3. Click 'settings' in the 'home menu' and then click permission. Your email address should have billing permission, website owner, or an administrator. 

4. With the Retroactive EDU Refund as the subject, contact us.

Refund policies

You can cancel your Squarespace student plan subscription at any time. We only refund for some services with special conditions. They advocate that you review our refund policies before making any cancellation.

If you want to start up on a sleek website, the best Squarespace student plan is a personal plan. This Squarespace student plan is for those students who do not need an online selling platform or a professional email. However, if you want to build a website that sells online, then the best Squarespace student plan is an eCommerce plan. The basic eCommerce plan is for small stores. The advanced one is for online store owners who are aspiring to grow their business to bigger scales. Therefore, a student needs to consider what they want for their website before choosing a Squarespace student plan.


A first impression matters a lot. At these current digital times, a professional’s first impression can only happen online. You can come up with your online presence with a resume website that fits your professional goals and personal brand. It's a well designed and professional website that can showcase your interests and experience to help future employers and collaborators recognize the exceptional value you can import to a project. Filtering your resume or CV through a custom website may as well lead to a new career path. There are many Squarespace Recources available for those who need assistance with creating a Squarespace CV.

The following steps are used to create a CV

Step 1: Choose a template for the resume website.

Squarespace student plans provide a variety of templates that you can customize to give a starting point for a personal website. After previewing all the templates, choose one and start selecting the layout and elements of design that fit your style. To reinforce your goals and to catch the visitor's attention, including key messages and visual features is paramount. To experiment, use curated site styles (custom font packs and colour palettes) or customize your own. Use the built-in photo editor to crop photos. You can also get free high-quality images through the integration with Unsplash to add relevant visual elements.

Step 2: Craft your pitch 

With a design framework, you can begin your story. Make your homepage easy and concise to digest as well as letting people learn more through examples. Demonstrate your expertise by first outlining ideas before adding them to your website. Highlight how you have applied your skills to different problems and industries to show your experience. Mention a place specialty or passion so that employers and collaborators can know what kind of work you can excel in. It is essential to include your hobbies and side projects because they reflect your core skills and ambitions.

Step 3: make visitors learn more and get in touch.

Focus on what is most important to visitors (learning about you and getting in touch) by making your site easy to navigate. To showcase your projects, keep your work examples or pitch on one page or add a portfolio page. By creating a contact page or a section of your homepage, encourage potential employers and clients to contact you. Connect and display relevant social media and LinkedIn accounts and consider adding a copy of CV that can be downloaded in PDF format.

Step 4: Register a domain

Custom domains are vital if you add them to your website. If you already own a domain, transfer it to your Squarespace site. Nevertheless, you can as well register a new domain through Squarespace. Whichever domain you choose, use the one that includes your full name or business name. For personal website, consider using a domain that ends in .online, .me, .bio, .work, .studio or, .info.

Step 5: share with your network

The moment you have updated your website with the necessary information, it's time to go live. To make your network understand your experience and the kind of professional project you are looking for next, share your new site with them. For any relevant opportunity, they come across, you will be the first person they will think about, and your site will be accessible for them to share. You might decide to create social posts that describe your new website and add them to your email footer. This is the best way to expand your potential reach to everyone who already knows you or follows you online.

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The following are the steps for creating an online portfolio, you can always head over to our How to use Squarespace page for detailed information if you can't find what you need below.

Step 1: Choose a template

All the templates in a Squarespace's award-winning website can be used to set up an online portfolio. Select the best template that works best with your professional brand or personal aesthetic. Add content to the one that inspires you.

Step2: showcase your work

Squarespace student plans have different features created to show visual work, and you can use these features to display artwork, original photos, designs, or illustrations. You can display content in a variety of unique layouts when you add a portfolio page. For instance, use a portfolio page to highlight multiple projects. With this, visitors on your website will see more of what you have created at once, and it keeps your content organized based on dates, themes, or content types. You can host your images to appear in a grid with gallery sections or as a slide show. Sometimes you may not have enough content to fill up your gallery. Therefore, you can begin by adding image blocks that display your available images.

Step 3: add your 'about' page. 

It is very significant to include your bio or 'about me' to your website if you intend to use it to promote your work. To add the 'about me' page, go to the home menu and click on 'pages,' then select 'about' as your page layout option. This will add a page where more personal information about yourself can be included.

Step 4: add a contact page.

Whenever collaborators, employers or potential clients review your online portfolio, let them get in touch with you. You can include your email address in the 'about' page or add a contact page. You can also allow them to get in touch with you by adding a form block on your contact page. 

Step 5: optimize for search.

You need to add a written description if you want your images to appear in the search engine. This description will enable Google to decipher what those images are of. Your portfolio site will be universally accessible using this alt text. Your website can also be verified using the Google Search Console to manage your site's presence in Google search results.

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Squarespace has put together a list of fundamental skills that every college graduate should have by learning basic coding. You can learn them on your own, and they will increase your overall know-how.

1. Setting up a Wi-Fi network

2. Cloud backing up

3. Photoshop- basic photo editing

4. Basic video editing – final cut pro

5. Microsoft office and Google drive

6. Basic coding and HTML

7. Domain and website set up

8. Converting different types of file format

9. Online banking system

10. Branding yourself

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There are online courses (organized by verified and authorized trainers) that you can learn at your own speed. They include topics that include designing and optimizing your Squarespace website as well as managing the complete online platform. These online courses include;

1. Squarespace express

2. Squarespace SEO plus

3. Squarespace bizbox

4. Advanced CSS and design tips

5. Step by step email campaigns

6. Image optimization

7. Accessibility workshop

8. Creation of easy website

9. Blogging

10. Web design

In general online portfolios enable students to land their dream job, and therefore, they are very confident using the Squarespace student pricing plan.


We offer a free trial for 14 days so that you can get to know how Squarespace student plans works. You will interact with our features before subscribing. To sign up for this trial does not require credit card information.

How trials work

You will get access to all features so you can learn how Squarespace student prices works for students as well as create a design of your taste. The following are facts about trials;

1. You have the possibility of creating as many as you want. However, when you upgrade to paid service, you will pay for each site separately.

2. Your site is private. However, you can allow visitors by just adding a password.

3. If your trial expires, you will not get access to your site unless you upgrade to paid service.

4. You can cancel or remove your trial before it expires.

Limitation of trials

1. Trial sites cannot be indexed by search engines.

2. Bing Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console cannot verify trial sites.

3. Through Squarespace commerce, trial sites cannot accept payments.

4. Paypal business account cannot connect to trial sites.

5. Getty Images cannot be licensed by trials.

6. Trials cannot use features of advanced eCommerce.

7. You cannot upgrade to website personal plan if your trial site has more than one contributor.

Upgrading from trial to paid service

Your free trial can be upgraded to a paid subscription during the time of trial or when it expires. All new Squarespace sites are private, but when you upgrade, your sites can be made public to all search engines and visitors. You will get access to more features if you upgrade to a paid subscription. It is important to review the pricing, accepted payment methods and accepted currencies before upgrading. Take a look at how Squarespace vs Weebly 2020 compares interms of upgrading services.

Steps to upgrade are;

Step 1: Site checking – before making changes ensure that you are in the site you want to upgrade.

Step 2: Upgrading – click 'upgrade now' at the bottom of the browser window.

Step 3: Plan selection – available plans will appear after clicking the upgrade icon.

Step 4: Billing term selection – after choosing the appropriate plan, select either annual or monthly billing cycle.

Step 5: Enter billing information and subscribe 

Step 6: Enter credit card information – includes; full name, credit card number, date of expiration and CVV. Country of residence and the postal code are also required.

Step 7: Review payment details.

Step 8: Then subscribe.


At any time, you can change your billing for the Squarespace student discount plan and cycle. You can't change the plan and billing cycle at the same time. To change the billing cycle and plan, change your plan first, and then break your billing cycle. 

Changing your billing plan

Before changing consider the following;

• The same card is charged for all Squarespace student prices subscription. If you use a different card, then you will be required to update the card details. 

• Update your card on file first if your subscription is past due.

• You may lose essential features if you downgrade your plan.

Guidelines for switching to a different scheduling plan;

1. Click 'settings' in the 'home' menu

2. Click on 'Billing & Account' and then click 'Billing'

3. Click 'scheduling' and then click 'manage the plan'

4. Select your new billing plan

5. Review the charges and plan change details

6. Then confirm the change

7. Change your billing cycle

To change to monthly or annual billing follow the following steps; 

1. Click 'settings' in the 'home menu

2. Click ' Billing & Account' and then click 'Billing

3. Click 'Scheduling' then change the 'billing cycle

4. Select 'monthly' or 'annually
5. Click 'confirm cycle change

When changing the billing cycle or plans, you may be charged or refunded the difference of the amount. For refunds, the process may take 3 to 10 business days. The wait period is dependent on how fast your bank can process the payment. 

Switching to monthly billing

If you switch from annual to monthly billing, then your billing cycle will change. The invoice is based on the difference in the Squarespace cost of unused time [in the yearly Squarespace pricing student plan] and the price of the monthly Squarespace student plan. Mostly in such cases, it is a refund. However, if the time left is less than a month on an annual term, then you will be charged the rated amount depending on the plan.

Switching to annual billing

If you switch from monthly billing to annual billing, then the invoice will change. The invoice is based on the cost of the unused monthly time subtracted from the cost of the annual plan.

Downgrading your plan
when you downgrade your plan, you will be charged the rated difference in the two plans based on your billing cycle's remaining time. Your renewal date and the billing cycle will not change.

Upgrading your plan

When you upgrade your plan, you will be charged the rated difference in the two plans based on your billing cycle's remaining time. Your billing cycle and renewal date will not change.

Contacting the customer care service team

For further information, you can contact the customer care service team. If you need the right information, then you should consider contacting the right people at Squarespace. Email a member of the customer care team, technical team, HR team, or marketing team. Also, you can fill a provided form for any career inquiries. To fill in the way, you should ensure that your full names, email address, state the subject of your questions and finally describe your specific question or complaint. Once these details have been submitted, the team will respond as soon as possible.

They have provided our guides for more but if you can't find what you are looking for, contact our team at regular hours;

  • Email - 24/7
  • Live chat – Monday (4 AM to 6 PM EDT), Tuesday- Thursday(8 AM to 6 PM EDT), Friday- Sunday(closed).
  • More 24/7 support- chat with Support Assistant or @squarespaceHelp on Twitter.
  • Contact Squarespace- visit our contact page to start an email or live chat.

How squarespace student discount is benefiting students and faculty members;

1. There is a free domain for the first year of sign up.

2. Personal and business Squarespace pricing student discount plans can be used for website development.

3. Ecommerce plans are used to come up with online stores.

4. With Squarespace, there is a free 14- day trial before signing up for a paid service.

5. You can switch, upgrade or downgrade Squarespace student plans according to your demand.

6. Students and faculty members are given a 50% discount for any Squarespace student plan in annual terms.

7. Squarespace has customizable templates and designs.

8. Squarespace has secure privacy and other security features.

9. For any further information, you can contact customer care support at any time.

10. Squarespace account has a process of ownership verification.

11. Squarespace has secure payment methods.

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