SquareSpace Resources & Courses

Squarespace is a private website-development company, based in New York City, that provides software services for everything from personal to corporate businesses. It offers a wide range of website templates, aesthetic features, plugins, extensions, resources, guides, courses and tools. This colossal company assists customers with everything from domain to design.

Squarespace, along with its numerous associated resources, is nothing short of a giant in the world of website development. Given this reality, it is difficult just to find these resources. Fortunately, this article is here to provide a brief and basic breakdown of these different resources and how they can be used. Toward the end of the article are summaries of the top Squarespace plugins and their features. 

These resources and plugins are powerful tools for all types of websites. Not only do they save time but they reduce stress, optimize visibility and pave the way to website success. With creativity, effort and just a splash of smarts, these tools are the catalysts of dreams.

Squarespace Circle

Squarespace Circle is a web-design platform that provides a variety of handy tools and educational features in addition to facilitating a strong, close-knit community. Members of Circle have access to instructional guides and marketing materials that enhance both the aesthetic and selling point of their Squarespace Personal websites. Circle also helps you build your clientele by improving networking strategies and outreach.

Circle provides the following Squarespace resources for growing your website:

Resource Hub - expert advice for setting up your business, finding clients and staying relevant in your industry

Authorized Trainer Program - certifies select members of Circle to present Squarespace workshops, both in person and online, to enhance business growth and networking

Optimized Support - provides personalized support from an esteemed customer-care team

Client Leads - a feature of Squarespace Marketplace, provided to select Circle members, that encourages clients to make the first move

Circle also facilitates a vibrant, growing community. These social features include:

Member Forum - offers the best trade practices and strategies as well as direct access to all the latest news at Squarespace

Circle Events - member-led, Circle-sponsored gatherings that promote learning, networking and inspiration

Creative Collaborations - allows members to collaborate and network with Squarespace professionals and experts

Circle also provides the following exclusive perks:

20% Discount - incentivizes clients by taking 20% off their first year on any Squarespace plan

Beta Tests - allows members to test new features and influence the internal development of the platform

6-Month Trials - provides more creative time with stress-free trial periods

Early Release Notes - informs members of upcoming developments and improvements in addition to weekly product news updates

Organized Calendars - gives Circle members a 20% discount on Squarespace Scheduling, which saves your time by taking care of tedious tasks

Global Recognition - allows you to display the Squarespace Circle logo on your website to legitimize your business and gain the trust and respect of prospective clients

Squarespace Help Files

Squarespace resources provide a variety of help files. Popular guides include the following:

Increasing SEO visibility - how to use Squarespace’s features to make your website stand out

Starting a Squarespace trial - how to benefit from Squarespace’s 14-day free trial

Formatting images on the web - how to size, design, and alter your image for a professional look

Registering domains - simple steps for setting up a paid or free domain on Squarespace

Transferring domains - how to transfer a domain purchased from a third party to Squarespace

Starting with Squarespace FAQ - answers common questions about Squarespace’s services

Commerce FAQ - answers common questions regarding the Squarespace Commerce platform

Switching templates - how to easily change templates on version 7.0

Additional Squarespace resources for technical help include:

Account - managing your website, logging in, protecting your account, etc.

Billing - Squarespace resources for card and credit-related issues 

Analytics - Squarespace resources for tracking your website’s performance

G Suite and Custom Email Addresses - matching a custom domain with your email address

Images and Videos - Squarespace resources for sizing and displaying visual/audio content

Marketing - tools for manipulating web traffic and growing your site/business

Pages and Content - Squarespace resources for building and organizing your site 

Squarespace Scheduling - how to use this feature to help clients book appointments/classes

Integrations and Extensions - Squarespace resources for diversifying and expanding your site

Squarespace on Mobile - how to use Squarespace templates to optimize your site’s 


Privacy and Security - Squarespace resources for protecting your site and your information

Tips and Advice - suggestions for utilizing structure, typography, color and imagery

Technical Issues and Contact Us - Squarespace resources for economizing website 


Squarespace Studio

Squarespace Studio, officially known as SquareStudio, is under the vigilant and devoted oversight of Squarespace designers from across the globe. It is a membership platform for Squarespace users that offers unlimited Squarespace plugins and templates, a vibrant community, top-rated Squarespace resources, discounted development tools, and free assistance from a devoted support team based in Bristol, England.

Here is a breakdown of SquareStudio’s features:

SquareStudio Plugins 

These Squarespace plugins are designed for smooth integration with all Squarespace websites, and they come with lifetime support. Here is a summarized list of the various Squarespace plugins:

  • Add to Cart Emoji
  • Age Verification
  • Alternating Vertical Timeline
  • Animated Design Features
  • Back to Top
  • Banner Mouse Movement
  • Banner Zoom
  • Blair Gallery Style
  • Blog Summaries
  • Boutique Product Block
  • Brand Color Scrollbar
  • Browser Alert Message
  • Bubbles Overlay
  • Classic Accordion
  • Classic Skills Bars
  • Colored Horizontal Line
  • Colored Social Icons
  • Confetti Form Submit
  • Countdown Timer
  • Custom Design Features
  • Detail Vertical Timeline
  • Disable Right Click
  • Drop Letters
  • Facebook Like Prompt
  • Fading Banners
  • Fixed Headers
  • Flat Price Table
  • Frozen Maps
  • Grid Galleries
  • Hubble Product Block
  • Image Special Effects
  • Instagram Slide Out
  • Loading Features
  • Hover Effects
  • Quote Features
  • Red Like Heart
  • Slideshow Features
  • Swipe Animation
  • Tabs
  • Watermarker
  • Zoom Entrance Animation
  • Matrix

SquareStudio Templates

These Squarespace website templates are pre-made and custom coded for quick and easy website creation. They are fully compatible with Squarespace’s layout engine, style editor, and custom CSS, and no coding expertise is required. Here is a summarized list of these nifty templates:

Byron - minimalistic with artsy special effects

Dawson - professional with sophisticated scroll features

Gray - minimalistic and specialized for photography

Jenson - sleek and sophisticated photography template

Kay - pre-designed especially for salons, stylists and beauty businesses

Lincoln - modern and professional template for small businesses

Mansell - professional and aesthetic with portfolio elements for designers and artists

Melrose - photography portfolio template with stunning design features

Powell - business website template with optimal functionality and professional design

Rhodes - photography template with sophisticated gallery features

Segge - magazine-style template built especially for bars, restaurants and cafés

Verry - product exhibition template designed especially for food and drink companies

Wallis - dynamic portfolio template for creative/artistic companies and individuals

Dew - custom cover page template for website announcements, openings and alerts

Kenyon - epic 404 error page with 5-minute, step-by-step installation

Pong - Entertaining 404 error page for extra intrigue and stress diffusion

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Discounted Squarespace Development

This component offers custom projects tackled by a devoted team of developers who have been tweaking and perfecting code for over 11,000 Squarespace sites. This feature allows you to request any project, receive a reply and quote within 24 hours, and have your project completed by the Squarespace team. Satisfied companies who have used Squarespace Development include Pedro, Colin Ross and Candy Black. Head to our Squarespace vs Wix 2020 page to compare Discounts Developments.

Here is a breakdown of recent full-website projects:


This extensive project revamped the design and interface of Seequent, a Canadian software company specializing in visual technology. The results were a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic and optimal functionality for both desktop and mobile interfaces.

Buttery Agency

This project incorporated a bright and dynamic audio-visual design for this American branding company. These elements were integrated for both desktop and mobile.

Chargrill Charlies

This project remodeled the extensive 20-page site for this Australian restaurant chain, implementing a fun and fresh aesthetic for both desktop and mobile.

Other projects include small-scale renditions of website pages such as menus, galleries and product pages. Here is a list of featured mini projects:


Bi-Lingual Menu


Logo Changes on Load


Permanent Hamburger Menu


Full-width Gallery

Video Gallery

Image Hover Animation

Product Pages

Add to Cart Popup

Product Image Changes Color

Accordions in Product Description


Filter Tool

Custom Calculator

Snap Scrolling

In summary, SquareStudio is an extensive membership platform for Squarespace users that offers high-quality Squarespace plugins, sophisticated templates, custom projects, diverse community and expert support. In addition, it provides hundreds of Squarespace resources for anyone who wants to build, design and maintain a successful and attractive website.


Squarespace is known for its vibrant and encouraging community. In addition to providing discussion forums, it is associated with numerous instructional blogs to help you get your business off the ground – and into the online world. There are many blags that go into detail in regards to Squarespace Business websites and an array of different Squarespace commerce stores.

Two popular blogs that provide Squarespace resources are Paige Brunton and My Billie Designs. Here are brief summaries of each platform and their unique characteristics:

Paige Brunton

Paige Brunton is an expert on Squarespace website construction and design, and she is passionate about helping people launch and grow their online platforms to build the dream business. Her blog is devoted to providing Squarespace Resources, tips and strategies for nearly everything related to website economy, design, efficiency and SEO. She gives you a run down on Squarespace Discounts and Squarespace Student discounts. In addition to informative and easy-to-read articles and guides, Paige provides helpful video tutorials and Squarespace courses.

My Billie Designs

My Billie Design Studio (MBD), run and owned by self-taught designer Melanie Lea, is a small creative studio that helps creative entrepreneurs and small businesses realize their dreams. She specializes in developing digital products, online courses, guides, free resources and blog posts. She is an expert on building a business by tapping into its unique value. While she does not have a college degree, her excelling entrepreneurial endeavors with MBD are evidence that you can build a successful business – with just some effort, some street smarts, and a splash of creativity.

On the MBD blog, Melanie provides various Squarespace resources for both designers and creatives. One of these resources is the Squarespace Website Challenge, which leads you through the steps of developing a website game plan, creating a mood board and outlining your site content and display, preparing imagery and graphics, completing a specialized pre-launch checklist, configuring your domain, and purchasing a Squarespace subscription to launch your site.


GoLiveHQ, founded and directed by Promise Tangeman-Wurzell, is a website-development platform that provides Squarespace website templates to help you to launch your online business in a matter of days. In addition, it guides you through the steps of choosing a website template, customizing your site, establishing a strategy and going live. It also provides blog resources, video tutorials and freebies. Based on an all-female designer team, GoLiveHQ is characteristic for its bright creativity and customer devotion.

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Here is a list of the various website templates GoLiveHQ offers:

Blogging Templates (Squarespace 7.0)

Influence - modern and minimal design for leaders, speakers and authors

Handpicked - bright and feminine aesthetic for lifestyle brands

Nite - sleek and modern design for bloggers, online shops and services

Hype - dynamic design for lifestyle brands, influencers, conferences, etc.

Penny - modern and feminine design for bloggers, online shops and services

One Fine Day - earthy and organic design for lifestyle brands and influencers

Vital Force - modern and edgy aesthetic for service-based businesses

Daily Encounter - sleek, content-driven design for blogs and other online content

Market - strategic, stylish and brilliant design featuring digital shops

Salt and Sage - modern and minimal aesthetic for lifestyle blogs and online services

Olivia May - minimal but stylish design for affiliate-based lifestyle bloggers

Kira Reid - modern and vibrant aesthetic for showcasing products and services

Curate - sleek, hip and versatile design for blogs and online shops

Étoile - simple and soft aesthetic for showcasing blog content

Corporate Templates (mostly Squarespace 7.0)

Theory (7.1) - modern and minimal design made especially for service-based businesses

The Studio - sleek, typography-driven design for a bold and professional aesthetic

White Oak - dynamic, collage-style design for real estate and home design companies

Arena - bold and modern aesthetic for athletic brands and fitness professionals

Portfolio Templates (mostly Squarespace 7.0)

Icon - dark and edgy design for showcasing moody photography, developed with Design Aglow

Brooklyn - sleek, sexy and stylish aesthetic for daring creatives and content developers

Squarespace Design Guild

Square Design Guild, founded by Meg Summerfield, is a platform of Squarespace resources devoted to developing creative and inventive websites for all types of businesses. It is unique for providing DIY templates and cutting-edge Squarespace courses. It also provides an informational blog that offers additional support and expert advice for Squarespace users.

Here is a brief rundown of the DIY templates offered by Square Design Guild:

How it Works..

To access these templates, you must purchase either the DIY license or business license (preferred). These licenses also provide access to full tutorials, in both written and video formats, that provide step-by-step assistance for building your site with the DIY templates. However, keep in mind that the personal DIY license only allows you to use a template once, while the business license provides unlimited access.

DIY Squarespace Templates 

The Cecily 7.0 Template 

This is a classic template for bloggers and service-based businesses. It includes the following page options:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Contact
  • Gallery
  • Blog 

However, the DIY templates do not come with a sidebar for the blog. This can be integrated by using the Squarespace Sidebar Plugin, which is easy to install and adjust. 

The Cecily template, as with the other DIY templates, offers the following features:

Video and digital instructions

Custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Instructions for creating pages

The Linden Edit 7.0 Template

This template offers a more complex design with a detailed homepage, mega menu feature, services and about pages, sophisticated blog functionality and various portfolio display options. 

This template includes the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Styling
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Press
  • Contact
  • Archive

Laurel Street 7.0 Template

This classic template is designed especially for photographers who want to showcase their work. It combines a feminine aesthetic with simplicity for a stress-free experience. This template includes the following page options:

Homepage (with about and contact)

Main Galleries Page

Gallery Collection Page

Details (services)

Alder Design 7.0 Template

This template is another great option for photographers and designers who want to create portfolio-driven websites. Its neutral, minimalistic aesthetic makes it easy to use – without compromising style.

This template includes the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • See Our Work
  • Galleries


Oleander 7.1 Template

This template is a great fit for service sites and small businesses who are seeking a simple and minimal design. However, it is compatible with a variety of aesthetics, allowing for ample style customization.

This template provides the following pages:


Team and Bios

List of Services



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Squarespace Website Tools Chrome Extension

The transport tool, one of the more popular Squarespace plugins, facilitates import and export between Squarespace 7 sites and allows you to make some tweaks within your website. In the Chrome web store, it is listed as SquarespaceWebsite Tools. It is an extension that supports the following collections:

  • Page
  • Cover Page
  • Blog
  • Gallery
  • Album
  • Events
  • Products
  • Custom Collections

However, keep in mind that this plugin uses undocumented Squarespace API. This means that all website manipulations it performs – including risks of corrupted content and virus contamination – are under the responsibility of the customer. 

This extension permits the following website and inter-website operations:

  • Page Collection Importing
  • Cover Page Importing
  • Blog Collection Importing
  • Index Collection Importing
  • Content Items Cloning and Transport
  • Injections Cloning
  • Tweak Actions
  • Collection Transport to/from JSON file

While this plugin is risky and still in the developmental stage, it offers invaluable ways to transport content between Squarespace sites and tweak certain parameters. Head to our Squarespace vs Webflow 2020 page to compare Chrome Extensions.

Interactive Map Tool

This innovative tool can be implemented in a variety of ways – by manually creating a map, using one of the Squarespace plugins, downloading an app or using a map builder.

For example, POWr provides an app for embedding a map on your Squarespace website. This app is mobile responsive and easy to customize, and it does not require coding. Installing and using the app involves the following basic steps:

1. Create your map

2. Embed POWr script in Squarespace site

3. Embed POWr map in Squarespace site

4. Edit POWr map directly on your site

Alternatively, you may choose to use a map building service. For example, Mapme facilitates the creation of interactive and dynamic maps for all types of websites. This popular platform works with a diverse assortment of markets including the following:

  • Commercial real estate
  • Residential real estate
  • Government and nonprofit
  • Travel and tourism
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Education

Mapme has created over 100,000 maps, and it is unique for offering intuitive features for map creation. These include the following:

Map Design - customize map markers, select a style and draw shapes or lines

Map Content - add audio-visual components, update map locations and create location filters

Advanced - create and implement 3D buildings, track traffic and adjust map layout 

To create an interactive map on Mapme, follow these steps:

1. Create an account

2. Add or import locations

3. Select a map layout

4. Customize the aesthetic

5. Publish your map

Another option is to download one of the Squarespace plugins. One example is the Advanced Map Block, which can be purchased with either a one site license or a multiple site license. This plugin allows you to create a map with multiple locations and embed it into your site. This process involves the following steps:

1. Open a gallery, blog or events collection on your site

2. Enable the selected collection in settings

3. Associate each item in the collection with a location tab

4. Select the Use Collection Locations checkbox and choose the collection

This plugin also allows you to manipulate the style of the map. However, keep in mind that it requires Sitewide Code Injection, a premium tool offered only by the Business and Squarespace Commerce plans on Squarespace.

You can also implement an interactive map on your site without using Squarespace plugins, associated apps or map creators. This can be done by using sites such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, or Mapbox. These platforms allow you to create a custom map with location points and embed it directly into your Squarespace site. 

Universal Filter

The Universal Filter is one of the Squarespace plugins developed to enhance web data sorting and configuration. It supports both Squarespace 7.0 and Squarespace 7.1, and it is easy to install and customize for your personal purposes. 

Keep in mind that this plugin requires basic Javascript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) fluency. However, the product comes with complimentary basic support, which helps customers install and activate the filter through Basic Configuration. 

Basic Configuration indicates that the filter has the following features:

  • Category and Tag dropdowns
  • Price and Title
  • Search field
  • Paid support for non-coders

The Universal Filter plugin is compatible with all Squarespace list collections:

  • Blog
  • Products
  • Gallery
  • Events
  • Album
  • Custom Posts

It is also compatible with Summary Block, Gallery Block and Index of Galleries. However, the Universal Filter plugin cannot handle additional loading items except Blog List pages, where the filter can load and filter all content. 

Companies that have used the Universal Filter plugin include the following:

  • Adadiamonds
  • WanderlustRealty
  • AllFreeMenu
  • Observation Kit
  • Jean Michel
  • SetCreative
  • Rossdraws
  • Healthyalways
  • Nelson Bays Primary Health
  • Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon
  • Stonecreek Church

Squarespace Websites Plugin Store

The Squarespace Websites Plugin Store provides Squarespace plugins that are powerful, sophisticated and easy to use. In addition, it offers complimentary customer assistance and support. It is also associated with an informational blog that provides descriptions of the different Squarespace plugins and additional Squarespace resources.

This store offers the following Squarespace plugins:

  • Squarespace Custom Cart Drawer - allows you to add Cart Drawer to your Squarespace site
  • Universal Filter - (see above)
  • Sync Collections JSON - enhances the efficiency of other plugins and website functions
  • Squarespace Admin UI Tweaks - offers tiny scrollbars and enhances overall site efficiency
  • Background Videos Utils - allows you to pause/play background videos on inactive windows
  • Advanced Map Block - (see Interactive Map Tool section)
  • Lazy Summaries - provides unlimited summary block items with additional features
  • Custom Table Block - allows you to create and implement Table Blocks with style customization
  • Blocks Classes - allows you to associate Squarespace blocks (text, image, etc.) with custom classes
  • Navigation Filter - allows you to conveniently search collections within your site 
  • Numbered Pagination - allows you to numerically present the breadth of your blog to visitors
  • Animate on Scroll Plugin - allows you to add on-scroll animations and features to your site
  • Social Tabs Plugin - allows you to display social pages on your Squarespace site
  • Squarespace Code Connector - allows you to move JS and CSS code between Squarespace sites
  • Recent Comments Widget - allows you to display recent comments on your Squarespace blog

Squarespace Themes Plugins

There is a diverse variety of Squarespace plugins devoted to enhancing the design and aesthetic of your website. Here are the current Squarespace plugins offered by Squarespace Themes:

Sidebar Plugin - allows you to easily add a sidebar to any Squarespace template

Lightbox Anything Plugin - allows you to create a lightbox pop-up feature

Video Lightbox Button Plugin - allows you to turn a video link into a popup

Accordion-Tabs Plugin - enhances various site functions and aesthetics

Sync Product Variant Images - enhances the built-in Product Variant Images feature

Product Color/Image Swatch Variant Plugin - allows you to present a color/size as a swatch

Show Inventory Plugin - allows you to display a product’s remaining in-stock quantity

RSS Feed Plugin - allows you to display an RSS Feed inside a summary block

Yotpo Integration Plugin - allows you to configure the Reviews Widget for individual products

Product Gallery Video Plugin - allows you to display videos prominently in product galleries

Related Posts and Products Plugin - allows you to customize the configuration of items

Facebook Blog Comments Plugin - allows you to easily add Facebook comments to your blog

Background Video Controls Plugin - facilitates play/pause and mute/unmute buttons on your site

Countdown Timer Plugin - elicits a sense of urgency to promote events and sales

Testimonial Slider Plugin - implements rotating testimonials on your Squarespace site

Product Image Rollover Plugin - allows you to present the second product image on hover

Masonry Style Squarespace Gallery Plugin - converts grid-designed galleries to masonry

Gallery Random Order Plugin - displays the Gallery/Summary Block items randomly

Gallery Dot Navigation Plugin - allows you to add navigation dots to a gallery 

Gallery Image Counter Plugin - allows you to present the number of items in a gallery 

Accordion Tabs Plugin

Is one of the Squarespace plugins that supports both Squarespace 7.0 and 7.1, and it is compatible with all Squarespace templates. It offers two options for adding tabs to a selected webpage:

Local - uses Markdown Blocks

External - uses Index Pages for 7.0 or Portfolio Pages for 7.1

This plugin provides the following features:

  • Style alterations without special knowledge
  • Style alterations on designated tab blocks without affecting other blocks
  • Design Differentiation (Tabs to accordion, tabs only or accordion tabs only)
  • Accordion tab icon alterations
  • Open specific tab
  • Open tab on mouse hover
  • Display index/portfolio thumbnail in tabs

This plugin can be purchased with either a Standard License or a Business License. Keep in mind that the Standard License only allows you to use the plugin on one site, while the Business License permits usage on multiple Squarespace sites.

Lightbox Anything Plugin

Is another one of the Squarespace plugins that is compatible with both Squarespace 7.0 and 7.1. It allows you to create a lightbox pop-up and configure it with any text, button or image link. This is especially helpful for presenting galleries, size charts, newsletter forms, and any webpage additions or gadgets. However, keep in mind that it is not as compatible with video links, which are better implemented with the Video Lightbox Plugin (see the Squarespace Themes Plugins section).

How it Works

First, you will need to make a page specifically for lightbox content. Each time you link to this page on your site, the plugin will display it as a popup. This plugin is easy to install, and if there are technical troubles, Squarespace Themes provides complimentary customer support.


  • Content derived from either a page or a block
  • Compatible with all Squarespace templates
  • Fully and consistently responsive
  • Simple to install, implement and customize
  • Complimentary customer support through email

As with the Accordion Tabs plugin, the Lightbox Anything plugin can be purchased through either a Standard or Business license. The same restrictions apply.

To wrap it up…

It is easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the sea of Squarespace resources, plugins, extensions and tools. There are so many to choose from, and their value depends on your personal needs and preferences. For example, small businesses will need different tools than corporate companies – just as artists and designers will need different tools than tax consultants and cuisine services. While the more basic plugins and extensions are helpful for a wide variety of niches and interests, there is a plethora of specialized Squarespace plugins – and sorting through the piles is no easy task. 

Hopefully, however, this article has eased your mind by providing brief but helpful summaries of the various Squarespace resources and tools. While it may seem daunting, there is something for everyone – and despite the almost formidable mounds of content and options, these tools can turn a headache into a source of inspiration. 

As you sort through these Squarespace plugins and tools, the most important consideration is the level of difficulty for installation and usage. While most of them are user friendly – even for those who are just entering the world of web design and technology savvy – some require at least a beginning-level proficiency in code languages such as JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets. For example, the Squarespace Website Tools Chrome Extension (see above) requires far more coding expertise than the Lightbox Anything Plugin.

However, rest assured that most Squarespace plugins come with complimentary customer service – so, even if you get stuck, you can consult the expert advice of a devoted support team. Also check for Squarespace Discounts 2020, as there are many on offer that constantly that may assist with price of Squarespace resources.

Most importantly, guide your search by first determining your personal niche, design, market and aesthetic. Once you have a clear understanding of how you want your business and website to operate, the search will become simpler be selective. Pick and choose. But don’t be afraid to explore tools that seem unfamiliar – because you never know when you’ll find the key to unlocking your website dreams.

Head to our Squarespace Tips and Tricks page for more information on obtaining a Squarespace Discount.