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Squarespace is one of the top website building platforms in the world. It offers a horde of website building tools to enable you to create online businesses from small content management systems to fully-fledged online stores. I have used Squarespace and applied Squarespace tips and tricks on most of my projects and it has never disappointed. 

We created this guide to share actionable Squarespace Pricing tips and tricks to help you save money no matter the plan you choose. Regardless of how long you have had your website, the tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows will work for you. 

Squarespace comes in handy when you need versatility, functionality, and simplicity. Before we dive into Squarespace tips and tricks, let us first look at what Squarespace is and why you should consider using it. 

Understanding Squarespace

Squarespace is a website building platform that not only offers you the tool to build but also grow your business. When you use Squarespace, you are like someone who leases an apartment, does the décor and everything else that makes the apartment appealing, but leaves the more involving construction and renovation parts to the developer. 

Although Squarespace manages most of your site's major aspects to ensure you are always online, you still have so much control over the look and functionality of your site. You can even use code in some instances to better your online business as you try the pricing tips Squarespace allows as shown below. 

Squarespace competes with Wix, Weebly, BigCommerce, and WordPress. With the pricing tips Squarespace allows, you will get more by paying less. Unlike most competitors, Squarespace gives more access to code and has a large pool of experts, the developer community, to help you customize your online business just the way you want. The platform appeals to both developers and non-developer communities looking to try Squarespace tips and tricks. 

Even if you are a beginner in design, the drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier to design a website and apply the tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows – as long as you can use Microsoft Office, you can create a website on Squarespace. 

Why Use Squarespace?

The tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows will only work if you are able to leverage the many resources that Squarespace provides. Some of the factors that you will find impressive about Squarespace include:

Template Design 

The Squarespace tagline says, “Build It Beautiful.” The platform makes good its promise by offering more than 100 beautiful and intuitive template designs so you can try out Squarespace tips and tricks with ease. These templates sport a design that matches any business theme you may have. Whether you need to start an online photography or food blog, a service or subscription business, or an online store, the templates have you covered. 

While you can upload your own design, in most cases you never have to as there is a professional template for any business.

Most of the Squarespace templates sport a design that allows you to showcase your business through photos and background videos. You can switch the photographs on the templates with custom photos to match your business. The typography, range of fonts, color schemes, and design responsiveness all come together to provide a professional touch. 

The designs require high-resolution, professional-quality images – which is what any business would ask for anyway. Drag and drop elements on all pages to create a totally unique layout for your business even as you try out Squarespace pricing tips and tricks. The control you get, coupled with Squarespace pricing tips and tricks, makes the platform ideal for any business. 

Simple Backend Design 

The ease of use and aesthetic appeal of Squarespace goes beyond the outlook of the website. Squarespace creates a unique experience for their customers to ensure that you find it easy to manage your business. The backend also lets you try out the tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows. 

The admin section has simple controls, giving you an edge in business management. Not only is the dashboard easy to use, but also aesthetically appealing with an ergonomic layout, so you will find everything you are looking for. This way, building the website feels interesting and simple. 

Everything Under One Roof

Squarespace might not be the best platform to integrate with third-party apps and extensions (although you can still connect with some), but it might be the best all-in-one-platform for web designers. Squarespace owns and develops most of the features and functionalities that you will use to run your business and try out Squarespace pricing tips and tricks. 

After applying the Squarespace tips and tricks provided here and getting a good deal on pricing, you can go on and use the Squarespace SEO features, marketing features, metrics and analytics, and so many others without the need for Squarespace Plugins or third-party apps. If you are lost in your design process, look at the Squarespace Knowledge Base and reach out to customer support and you will have the help you need.

When you spend less time looking for third-party services and apps, you spend more time growing your business and applying pricing tips Squarespace. 

Speed, Security, and Ease of Export

Squarespace has , hundreds of them, to help you at every stage of business design and business growth. Speed and security are some of the main features of the platform. Unless you are careless with data sharing online, Squarespace has the following security measures:

• Hashes passwords for user accounts

• Uses SSL to protect shared data 

• Uses Web Application Firewall to protect you when you try out tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows

• Performs regular pen testing to identify weaknesses that may develop over time

• Gives customers the ability to customize their site permissions

• The Squarespace security team is always ready to go whenever a security issue comes up

One advantage you get with Squarespace is that it hosts your website when you pay the monthly or annual subscription. This bundled approach means your web hosting is compatible and you have all the features and support you need when trying out Squarespace pricing tips and tricks. Granted, the platform is in charge of your website’s speed. Again, if anyone tries to hack your website, you still report to them and the platform support will take care of the issue. 

You do not have to buy, install, and configure any security software as Squarespace is a one-in-all platform that also maintains your backups. If their data center ever goes down, your website will come back up because they have it backed up to continue with the Squarespace tips and tricks. 

While Squarespace provides hosting - something that saves you money and falls in our tips and tricks Squarespace pricing – you still have the option to self-host your business. They offer a full developer platform and also let you and solid data export if you want to leave. I do not recommend switching hosts as this will cost you more money and you may have to deal with compatibility issues. 

Award-Winning Customer Support

Whatever troubleshooting issue you may have, Squarespace may already have covered it in its Knowledge Base or the instructional videos on the website. Before you reach out for support, search the , and see whether you get instant help on Squarespace pricing tips and tricks or any other issue you may have. 

If you still do not get help through the Knowledge Base, seek help through Live Chat or ticket system. The site does not offer phone support, but you may never need it when you have live chat. 

To help webmasters, Squarespace has made sure that you never have questions, especially during onboarding (when you are rolling out your business). In 2015, it was a challenge for novice webmasters to create their homepage, publish posts, and set up analytics. In 2016, Squarespace rolled out a new system that made it easier for webmasters to create their websites with less hassle. The walkthroughs in support are well-done so you never have to ask for support. 

A Few Issues to Watch Out with Squarespace

One of the main issues with Squarespace is pricing – that is why I created the pricing tips Squarespace to help you get the best price. 

The Squarespace caps make the website builder relatively expensive compared to other website builders. The plans you get with Squarespace are limited to a single website, so, you can never add a website to the plan in future. Again, their lower tier plans have limitations on the number of pages and the products – this might not be good for the pricing tips Squarespace allows. 

Again, there is no free plan where you can test the platform (although you can use the free trial to test out the platform). Until the Business Plan, you may not experience the full power of the Squarespace platform. 

If you do not want to have most of the limitations and caps on Squarespace, you need to buy the highest-priced Squarespace Commerce Plans (Basic and Advanced Commerce Plans). You can also follow my Squarespace pricing tips and tricks and save a few bucks while at it. 

Squarespace doesn’t have the advanced marketing tools you may need as a webmaster to grow your business. The platform offers you the basic marketing tools such as share buttons and URL redirect options, but some features are either lacking or require you to add extensions. 

For instance, the platform offers so many  but you need a guide to implement the most advanced SEO tactics and grow your business. Squarespace’s support for Facebook Open Graphs and Twitter Cards is not so helpful and you might have to dig deeper. 

If you need to integrate third-party services such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook retargeting, you need to use the Code Injector Tool through Advanced Setting. The extra step in addition to third-party services might feel a cinch for some users, but not others. You need to explore more options for Squarespace marketing. Based on my Squarespace pricing tips and tricks, I advise you to use the built-in marketing features efficiently, so you never have to buy third-party marketing services.

While the all-inclusive nature of Squarespace is advantageous, it is limiting when you need to add third-party apps and extensions. Everything works fine, but when you need more functionality, you realize there is no regulated ecosystem for third-party extensions and apps. Squarespace reserves the right to roll out the features – you cannot get those from services, extensions, or apps. 

But third-party apps are still possible through Squarespace's Code Injection. The platform also offers a developer toolset, giving you a chance to integrate third-party apps and services. The complex integration process is a disadvantage to those who came to the platform for its drag-and-drop functionality. Through third-party apps and extensions, you try out pricing tips Squarespace allows with much ease. 

Choosing the Right Squarespace Plan

The easiest of the tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows is picking the plan that suits your business needs succinctly. Instead of going for the Advanced Commerce plan, you can stick to the business plan until your store grows enough to scale up. By so doing, you will save a lot of money. 

Squarespace offers honest and upfront pricing – no hidden fees and you pay the fees as advertised. The honest and upfront pricing ensures that the Squarespace tips and tricks I provide here will work perfectly any day.

Pick a Plan

Squarespace offers four plans:

• Personal Plan

• Business Plan

• Basic Commerce 

• Advanced Commerce

The first two plans are for simple content management systems while the Commerce plans are for eCommerce websites. You can pay for the plans monthly or annually, but you save a lot of money when you pay annually. 

For the Personal and Business plans, here are the pricing tips Squarespace allows for you to save annually:

The Personal plan costs $12 every month when you pay a one-off annual fee, that is, $12 x 12 = $144. If you pay monthly, you will pay $16 every month, that is, $16 x12 = 212. Here you save up to $68, which is more than 25 percent the cost of monthly payments. 

If you take the Business plan, in terms of Squarespace Business pricing you will pay only $18 per month if you pay a one-off annual fee of $216 ($18 x 12). If you pay monthly, every month costs you $26, a total of $332 ($26 x 12). Here you save $116, at least 30 percent saving from the monthly cost. 

Looking further from the pricing tips Squarespace above, which plan is right for you?

Personal or Business Plan? Which is the Best?

The Personal Plan is the cheapest on Squarespace. It is good enough for most content management systems, but it limits your growth. If you want to grow your business, the Business plan gives you the tools to scale up with ease. 

How is the Business plan different from the Personal plan?

• Sell Products: You can sell a limited number of products on the Business plan and even accept donations. However, you will pay a 3 percent fee for all products sold. If you are just learning the handle of eCommerce, I recommend you try the Business plan. It is one of the Squarespace tips and tricks that help you learn as you save money. 

• Integrations: The Business plan integrates with Opentable, Gmail, Chownow, Mailchimp, and Acuity Scheduling. 

• Access to Conversion Metrics: You have access to Squarespace analytics where you see conversion metrics to gain insight in your business growth. The metrics track how visitors convert on your website. 

• Advanced Marketing Tools: You can use promotional pop-ups, mobile information, and announcement bars to market your business.

If you are looking for a fully-fledged eCommerce website, the Business plan will limit your growth. In such a case, you can choose between Basic and Advanced Commerce plans. 

Pricing Tips Squarespace: Basic vs Advanced Commerce Plan

For a simple eCommerce site, or for business people looking to test out eCommerce on a simple platform before rolling out on a full-blown eCommerce site, the Business plan is the best. 

However, you will pay a 3 percent fee on all products sold and there are a few other limitations. If you need access to all the features that Squarespace has to offer, try the Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce Plans. Both the plans do not charge transaction fees and offer advanced eCommerce metrics, customer accounts, and gift cards, and they integrate with Xero and ShipStation. 

Advanced Commerce is ideal when you need to scale up your business store. It offers you extra features including the ability to sell subscription products, abandoned cart recovery, flexible discounts, real-time shipping rates, gift cards, and orders API so you can customize the site with third-party integrations. 

Advanced Commerce is the most expensive plan and you will need my tips and tricks to save as much money as possible.

If you pay the Basic Commerce plan monthly, you pay $30 every month, a total of $360 every year. If you pay annually, you pay a one-off fee of $312 every year. Here, you save $48. 

The Advanced Commerce costs $552 per year if you pay monthly ($46 per month x 12) and $480 if you pay annually. Here, you save a whopping $72 every year. 

As a rule of pricing tips Squarespace, always go with the annual plan as you will save a lot of money in the long run. 

Are Squarespace Plans Expensive?

Although the caps and limitations on the lower tier plans make Squarespace seem expensive, the plans are not so expensive compared to other website builders. Squarespace’s cheapest plan costs the same as plans offered by Weebly, Format, and Webflow. 

Fortunately, there are more ways to save money through the Squarespace pricing tips and tricks so you can spend less regardless of the plan you choose. 

Other Squarespace Costs and How To Save Money

The costs of operating your Squarespace business do not end when you pay for your plan; there are other features that you may have to pay separately. Here, you still need tips and tricks Squarespace pricing to save money. 

Email and G Suite

Squarespace allows all webmasters to set up business email addresses for domain names using . G Suite is a fast way to get business emails. The service gives you Gmail for your domain name. G Suite is free but you will need to pay for the custom domain name email address.

With Squarespace, you enjoy the standard G Suite pricing where you pay an annual fee of $50 for every email address or $5 per month for every email address. Like the pricing tips Squarespace discussed on choosing the right plan, you need to pay a one-off annual fee to save money. In this case, paying an annual fee saves you $10. 

Note that G Suite is not available on the Squarespace Personal Plan

Domain Names

Another advantage of signing up for an annual plan is getting a domain name free for the first year.

Here, you will save up to $20 per year, which you'd have spent buying a .com . Save a few bucks if you get a .com domain name with Namecheap – domain names here cost about $14.27. However, you will find it a little challenging to connect your Namecheap domain name to your Squarespace hosting. 

You do not have to buy the domain names that Squarespace offers. If you buy one from Namecheap, you save $6 a year. Besides, you can use the Namecheap private email hosting where you get an account for as low as $10 a year. I recommend Namecheap, but there are other services you can try out there as long as you save money and get quality services. 

One advantage of Squarespace domains is that you get free Who is privacy, no need for tips, and tricks Squarespace pricing here. Whois anonymizes your personal information. The free Whois privacy is a great gesture, seeing that other website builders might charge you for Whois privacy. 

Ecommerce Fees

If you are running an eCommerce store, there are extra fees that come with running your store. If you are on the Commerce plans, you will not pay any fee for the sale of products. However, if you are on the Business plan, you will pay 3 percent the cost of every product you sell. It might not feel like much, but as your business scales, the cost increases significantly. When you add the fee to the payment processing fee, you will have a lot of cash to lose. 

The transaction fee is a percentage of the total cost of products, including the shipping fee. You will need tips and tricks Squarespace pricing to avoid losing money to Squarespace. One of the best Squarespace tips and tricks is to know when to upgrade and eliminate the cost altogether. 

The Business plan is only ideal for small online stores. The charges, therefore, cover for the cost of processing transactions. With the Commerce plans, you will pay more every year to keep your business running. This way, Squarespace does not charge you any transaction fee. 

The Basic and Advanced Commerce plans come with so many features including POS and secure checkout. 

Recently, Squarespace partnered with Square, a POS giant, to allow you to make and receive payments in person. With , you can take card payments online and offline with the Square Ecommerce App and the Square card reader, which goes for $49. 

The fees you will pay with Square will depend on the transaction and processing fees the payment processor has set. You can also expect fees to vary based on a number of factors including location. In the US, you will pay:

• 2.6 percent transaction fee plus $0.10 processing fee for swiped transactions

• 3.5 percent transaction fee plus $0.15 processing fee for keyed transactions

You can always check the fees on . Besides the fees from Square, Squarespace does not charge you any other fees. Although there are no Squarespace tips and tricks here, you must understand all the fees involved.

Cancelling Squarespace

There are website builders that make it so challenging for you to cancel your subscription – something that will cost you money for a couple more months. However, that doesn’t happen with Squarespace. You can cancel through the Squarespace web-based cancellation system.

This is also good news because you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription as you desire. For instance, if you are on the Business plan and need to upgrade to the Basic Commerce plan to save money you lose on transaction fees, you can upgrade with ease. The same case applies if you are on the Advanced Commerce Plan and want to save a few bucks on the Basic Commerce plan. The ease of upgrade, downgrade, and cancellation make the Squarespace pricing tips and tricks easy.

Squarespace Promo Codes and Coupons

At any time of the year, Squarespace offers Squarespace Discounts to its customers through Squarespace Promo Codes and coupon codes. You can always check for promo codes on the Squarespace Discounts Page. As at May 2020, there are so many Promo Codes and discounts.

They include:

• Gimme10: 10 percent off any plan you choose. This is a  for all first-time Squarespace users. It is one of the Squarespace pricing tips and tricks that you need to learn before you even start. 

Squarespace Student Discount: 50 percent off the first year in business. You only need to log in using your student email address and you qualify for 50 percent off your first-year subscription. 

• Enjoy free domain for a year with all annual plans

• 14 days free trial. You do not need a credit card or any form of payment and you get to try Squarespace for a whopping two weeks where you have access to all features (more on the free trial below – it is one of the tips and tricks Squarespace pricing that you need to take advantage of). 

• Free SSL and Whois privacy with every domain you register

• Free logo maker. The Sqaurespace logo maker is intuitive and feature-rich. 

Be sure to check out the Squarespace Pricing Discounts page and note the Squarespace Student plan for further information on which discounts apply to you.

The process of making a logo is simple – you enter your business name and business tagline and proceed to choose from so many symbols provided. You can manipulate your logo to look the way you like and have tour business colors. You can review how the logo looks on your business, on a business card, and on a t-shirt before you settle on it. 

The Refund Policy on Squarespace 2082848943

This is one of the pricing tips Squarespace that can get your money back if you make the wrong choice. Squarespace allows you to cancel your subscription any time, which is an advantage that makes your Squarespace tips and tricks work like magic. 

If your cancellation meets the Squarespace refund policy, you will get your money back. If you subscribe to an annual plan, you must cancel within the first 14 days to get your money back. Monthly plans, however, do not qualify for a refund, and so there are other auto-renewal payments on Squarespace.

You can get a refund for mobile start plans subscribed to using the Squarespace app on Apple. 

For a domain name registration fee, you will get a refund only if you cancel within five days after registration. Before you subscribe to any plan, I advise that you look at the pros and cons of each, so you do not lose money. Knowing what you can cancel and when to cancel is one of the Square space Pricing tips and tricks that will save you money. 

The Squarespace Circle

The best Squarespace tips and tricks for Squarespace members with at least three active websites come in through the Squarespace Circle. This is a free membership program for users with at least three active Squarespace websites. As a member of the Circle, the tips and tricks Squarespace pricing work better for you. Some of the privileges you will enjoy include:

• Free six-month trial period on all new websites you create

• Three months of free Acuity scheduling – You get this when you sign up for any Acuity plans.

• Access to Circle forum where you can ask any question – Here, you enjoy peer-to-peer support and feedback. 

• Access to exclusive content where you get Squarespace pricing tips and tricks – You get advanced guides and product release notes to help you with Squarespace tips and tricks. 

• Save up to 20 percent on annual plans and store subscriptions – These discounts only apply to first plan payment and first store subscription payments. 

• Optimized customer support – the Squarespace support recognizes that you are an experienced user and goes on to give you the best care possible. 

• You also get the Squarespace Circle badge on your website. 

The idea behind the circle was to bring together creatives, developers, and designers on Squarespace. These members enjoy optimized customer support to help their business grow more. 

Can You Join Squarespace Circle and how much do you pay?

The program is only available for Squarespace members who have designed or are contributors to three or more active websites. When applying to join the Circle, you must be an active contributor to three or more sites, and the sites need to be on active billing plans. Squarespace does not charge anything for members to join the Circle. When you get here, you only apply a few pricing tips Squarespace and you save a lot while enjoying premium services.

To join, follow the steps below:

1. If you are eligible, open circle.squarespace.com/join-now and click Join Now. 

2. Enter your email address and password as you would when logging in to Squarespace. 

3. Squarespace checks that your email address is linked to at least three sites and then prompts you to the next step. 

4. Confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Circle and then enter the URL of your website (the URL part is optional).

5. Your registration is now complete and you can start seeking the benefits by applying tips and tricks Squarespace pricing. You will receive a welcome email. 

If you are already a contributor to three sites and yet you get a “not yet eligible” message, you need to consolidate your sites under one email address. You can do that by inviting your email address as a contributor to the websites you manage. Contributor invitations will come to your email address. Log out of all the websites you manage and then accept the invitations one by one. After that, you can reapply to join the circle and exercise the pricing tips Squarespace. 

If you are not a contributor to at least three websites, you can still follow the Squarespace tips and tricks by signing up for a free Squarespace tips and tricks guide. The guide will help you work towards becoming a Circle member. If you are eligible and still keep getting the “not yet eligible” message, contact customer support here

Most of the discounts available for Circle members are for first-time subscriptions and scheduling. They do not affect your site operations or how you apply other tips and tricks Squarespace pricing. 

Pricing tips Squarespace: Learn for Free on Squarespace

There is no need to pay for expensive courses when you can learn for free on Squarespace. The platform offers free webinars where you learn the basic and advanced website design skills. A website is not a requirement to attend the webinars. During the webinars, you interact with the Squarespace community team, which answers all your questions.

One of the best Squarespace pricing tips and tricks is to ask for active coupons. At any one time, Squarespace offers more than 20 coupons that can help you save a lot of money. 

Savings on Squarespace are not possible when you sign up. The tips and tricks Squarespace pricing I have provided work at every step of your business to help you save money annually. 

Members within the Squarespace community hold the classes on diverse topics and all you have to do is browse the knowledge base. 

Squarespace Pricing Tips and Tricks - Free Trial

I felt that to learn everything you can about Squarespace as a newbie, you need to use the free trial the platform offers. With the free trial, you can try out Squarespace tips and tricks and see which work the best on your website.

To start the free trial, you do not need a credit card. You can try any plan; personal, business, or commerce plans. You only need to visit squarespace.com and start designing as you would any paid plan. If you already have an existing site, you can still start a free trial to test out tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows. This way, you will keep your sites organized under one account. You can learn how to manage multiple sites from Squarespace support. 

Does a Trial Offer All Features?

A free 14 days trial gives you access to almost all premium features on Squarespace. By giving you access to nearly all features, you learn how the platform works and designs a website as you desire. You also try out the pricing tips Squarespace provides so you can save money once you start on paid plans. 

With the trials offer:

• You can create more than one trial, and when you are ready, you will pay for the websites separately. 

• Your site remains private during the trial, period but you can add a password and invite a few visitors to help you try out the site. 

• After the fourteenth day, you will not have access to your website until you upgrade to a paid plan. If you want, you can cancel a Squarespace trial before the fourteenth day – that is if you have learned all the Squarespace pricing tips and tricks. 

Although you can try out so many tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows, there are still limitations to the pricing tips Squarespace lets you explore.

• Search engines do not index you until you publish your site

• Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools do not verify your site

• You cannot get subscribers to podcasts via iTunes

• You cannot receive payments through Squarespace Commerce – which limits the Squarespace tips and tricks you try on eCommerce sites

• You cannot connect to PayPal business accounts

• You cannot license Getty images to try out Squarespace tips and tricks with images

• You do not have access to advanced commerce features such as customer accounts and abandoned cart recovery – you cannot try out some of the tips and tricks Squarespace pricing allows on eCommerce. 

• If the trial website has more than two contributors, you better try out 

Squarespace pricing tips and tricks on higher-tier plans as you cannot upgrade to a Personal plan. 

Squarespace Pricing Tips and Tricks Summary

There are many pricing tips Squarespace allows. You only need to choose the Squarespace tips and tricks that apply to your website and run away with them. One of the best pricing tips Squarespace allows for all members is subscribing to the annual plans instead of the monthly plans – you can save up to 40 percent by employing such Squarespace pricing tips and tricks. 

Keep an eye on promo codes and discounts that the platform offers. The promo codes change often so you should try them out immediately you get them.