SquareSpace Pricing Overview

Squarespace is a website builder for webmasters looking for personal blogs, online stores, or any other professional website. The website builder offers you an easy-to-use platform where you can create your website without any coding skills or technical knowledge. 

Squarespace pricing makes it an impressive choice for most webmasters, but that is not all you get. The platform presents a horde of features including more than a hundred templates to match the needs of your business. Whether you need a photography blog, a service business, a subscription business, or any other business, there is a template to match your needs. These templates are advanced with impressive layouts and all you have to do is drag and drop. 

Besides all the features, the Squarespace cost is one of the advantages that users get when they choose Squarespace. There are four Squarespace plans for webmasters to choose from. As a webmaster, understanding these plans will enable you to choose a plan that meets your needs succinctly. 

The plans are:

• Personal plan
• Business plan
• Basic Commerce Plan
• Advanced Commerce Plan

Each of these plans meets the needs of various levels and types of businesses and they come at varied prices. As a website builder, Squarespace allows you to drag and drop elements wherever you want on the templates. This way, you can design your website to be as unique as you want. It also has in-built web hosting services so you never have to pay for third-party hosting. This is advantageous as you get all the support you need from one place. 

It is easy to create a professional website with Squarespace. All you need is internet connection and a browser such as Chrome, and you are good to go. Choose a template, add your widgets and any other elements unique to your website, and publish the website. 

In summary, Squarespace gives you customization, portability, advanced features, and user-friendliness. The Squarespace cost is also a plus when you are starting your business on a budget. 

This guide is an overview of the Squarespace plans and Squarespace pricing to help you get started on Squarespace by choosing the right plan. Besides the Squarespace plans, we will also look at an overview of the discounts and promo codes the builder offers. 

Squarespace Personal Plan

The Squarespace Personal plan is the most economicplan on Squarespace. It is the right plan for you if you need a simple content management system where you do not sell any products. As a content management system, the personal plan offers you all the features you need to grow your business. Most of the SEO features offered on advanced plans are available on the personal plan to help you get started. 

You can choose the monthly or annual package. If you choose to pay annually, you will only pay $12 every month, which is $48 less that if you had paid monthly. The monthly Squarespace pricing is $16. The monthly pricing is only great if you are testing the waters before committing to another advanced plan. 

With this plan, you get premium services which include:

• Customer care support whenever you need it
• More than 100 templates to choose from
• Mobile optimized pages
• Unlimited storage and bandwidth 
• Free domain for one year – after that you have to pay for the domain
• Advanced SSL security
• Access to extensions from Squarespace
• Advanced SEO features 
• Website metrics to help you grow your business
• Two contributors

These, among many other features, will help you grow your business from a simple blog to an advanced site that brings in the money. 

If you are a small business owner, the Squarespace pricing and the features will get you started. So many businesses can benefit from the plan including blogs, students who want to sell their skills, businesses that sell services (without the need for booking appointments or selling subscriptions), and affiliate marketing businesses among others. 

With a Squarespace personal plan, you have the creative freedom to create your business just the way you need. You can also use the plan to create a blog for stories – a place where you put your thoughts and opinions and document your escapades. 

What Features Do You Get with the Squarespace Personal Plan?

Although it is the cheapest plan, the personal plan still gives you enough features to run a professional business and start making money. Some of the features include:

• SEO Features – Each Squarespace plan comes with advanced SEO plans to help you grow your business. For starters, the platform offers you guides in videos and content to help you position your business for high traffic. If you need to increase your website ranking, some of the SEO features you get include control over your page titles, automatic Google sitemaps, automatic tagging, robots.txt, clean URLS, automatic redirects, canonical tagging, Google AuthorRank Support and much more. These features help you get your page on the first page of search engines. However, you can also seek external help with your SEO. 

• Metrics – Because you need to measure the progress of your business, Squarespace plans give you metrics. One of the unique metrics is pinpoint engagement button analytics. These help you discover who visits your website and which page they open.
• Intuitive Interface – There are minimal features on the personal plan which makes site design easy. However, you need to take your time and choose the right template, keeping in mind that your business will grow in the future. It is not possible to switch templates once you are in unless you reorganize the layout of the template you have to create a completely different looking site.

• Impressive Templates – You can choose from a selection of 110 templates on Squarespace. The builder takes its time in developing the templates to make them ideal for all types of businesses. You can get some that look professional, some fashionable, others glossy, and many more. All of them look impressive. You might need to get quality photos to make the templates more outstanding than they are. 

• Mobile Responsive Design – All the templates you might choose on Squarespace are fully mobile responsive. Whether you open your website on PC, tablet, laptop, or computer, the site adjusts to the size of your screen. With the Squarespace personal, you can enable AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which is a Google-sponsored project that speeds up the speed of pages on mobile devices. 
• Grow Your Business – You are offered unlimited storage and bandwidth with this Squarespace plan to help you scale your business up. If you want to upgrade to an advanced Squarespace plan, the process is easy. 

• Navigation – It is easy to navigate through your website. The plan provides a set of links that shows your users where to go on your website. On some templates, the links are at the top of your website, and on others, the links are at the bottom. You can choose the site styles including navigation links, fonts, and color among others. You can create as many pages as you want, but there are limitations in that you cannot arrange the pages the way you want. 

• Content Management – The layout engine lets you drag and drop contents of your content for easy publishing. Content formatting from your word document remains when you drag and drop content. You also get a flexible and impressive appearance. The CMS on Squarespace is impressive and it makes Squarespace a personal ideal for blogs. 
Besides the above features, you will get many more including 24/7 support with Squarespace pricing to help you grow your business to the next level. 

Squarespace Business Plan

Squarespace notes that the Business plan is the most popular with nearly half of all the websites running on the plan. The reason this plan is popular is because of its advanced features from the Squarespace personal plans and the fact that you can start selling products on your site. 

It is also cheaper than the commerce plans, which makes it ideal for most startups. The Squarespace Business plan is the best of both worlds – advanced than the personal plan and cheaper than the commerce. Although the plan is feature-rich, you might have to upgrade to the commerce plan if you sell lots of products or if you want to sell subscriptions. 

You need this Squarespace plan if you have a small business selling products. Note that Squarespace takes 3 percent of all sales from your business. The charges are not exorbitant for small businesses as most of them might make less than $3,000 the first few years. If your business makes more than $3,200, the amount of money that Squarespace takes as an ecommerce charge is enough to pay for you the annual subscription for the basic ecommerce plan. Again, paying for the business plan monthly will cost you the same as the yearly basic commerce plan. When you look at the Squarespace pricing for the business and commerce plans and the revenue from your business, you will know which plan to choose or when to upgrade from the business plan to the commerce plans. 

If you want to start an online store on a budget, the Squarespace plans give you good deals, but the business plan is the best for you. 

What Features Does the Business Plan Offer? 

The business plan gives you enough features to upload products, sell the products, market, receive payments, and secure your business. It has all the features on the personal plan, but also comes with additional features that make it easy for you to upload and market your products. Just like the advanced plans, you get to upload an unlimited number of products with each product having at least 100 variants. Thanks to the affordable Squarespace costs for starting ecommerce businesses, users can move here even when they do not have an established business and build it from there. 

With a Squarespace business plan, you can sell:

• Physical products that require shipping
• Digital products such as eBooks and music

If you need gift cards, you can only sell them as physical products as the plan does not offer digital cards. If you need that, you have to upgrade to an advanced plan. Again, you cannot sell subscriptions – those are only available on the advanced commerce plan. 

Some of the other features you get include:

• Templates – Like the personal plan, you can choose from 110 templates for your business. You can, therefore, customize your business to represent the products you offer. The engineers at Squarespace ensure that every template is advanced and ready to use. You do not need to add any lines of code to make your business impressive. The templates allow you to create different pages including galleries, commerce, blogs, and calendar and many more. 

• Customizable Settings – You can customize your store the way you like for the product pages and other pages. Squarespace allows you to tweak fonts, colors, pages, configurations and many more. Squarespace uses the Content Block System and the LayoutEngine, two features that allow you to customize your blog posts, pages, footers, and sidebars into impressive blocks. You will have so many fonts to choose from the Squarespace and TypeKit databases. 

• Starter Layouts for Online Stores – If you have never used a website builder before, you can use the Squarespace starter layouts, which are basic pre-designed pages. In these pages, all you have to do is move elements around and add your content. 

• Add Unlimited Products – You can add as many products as you want to your store. All you have to do is open the pages panel and scroll down until you see “Products.” From the page, you can add products, product descriptions, pricing, and any other additional details you may have for your products. From the same product page, you can set up forms to collect customer details for marketing reasons. These forms collect customer details when they add items to their cart. You can also add the thumbnail of your products to make the products more accessible. Further from that, you can customize the product page to market your products on social media immediately the products go live. You can do that through the social tab. 

• Set Taxes – There is an easy-to-use tax interface on the Squarespace plans for business and commerce. From here, you can set the tax rules based on your country or states. From the settings page, select taxes and follow prompts to set up taxes. You can set taxes even when you give discounts to customers, thanks to the advanced features offered by Squarespace. 

• Set Up Shipping – You can also set up shipping options for your products from the shipping page available on the settings tab. You can also print shipping labels and add a tracking number. The only challenge is that there are no product specific shipping rules. 

• Processing Payment and Checkout – Squarespace has made the processing of payments and the checkout processes easy. The only challenge is that you can only receive payment in US dollars. The site can convert the prices of your products to different currencies for the customer, but they can only pay in US dollars as the system does not accept any other currency. The checkout process is also a cinch and with no complications. Your customers do not have to subscribe to check out. 

There are a lot more features that you get with Squarespace business plan to get your business to the next level. If you need to avoid the three percent charge, or you need advanced features, you can upgrade to the Squarespace commerce plan. Some of the features that you miss from the commerce Squarespace pricing plans include advanced analytics, abandoned cart recovery, sell subscriptions, customer accounts, POS, and advanced merchandising tools.

Squarespace Commerce Plans

The Squarespace Commerce plans are the most advanced plans offered by Squarespace. They are for businesses that want to sell unlimited products (either digital or physical), sell services (including appointments), subscriptions, and gift cards.
The commerce plans are for businesses that have scaled in growth with so many customers. One of the features of the commerce plans is customer accounts, which allow your customers to create accounts for easy repeated shopping. However, there are many more additional features you get on top of the features available on the business plan.

Like the business plan, the platform lays out your products in an impressive format, making it easy for customers to shop. 
There are two commerce plans:

• Basic commerce plan
• Advanced commerce plan 

For these two plans you get all the features on the business plan. These features include 110 templates, unlimited numbers of products, the products have variants, and you can customize your store. Unlike the business plan, you never have to pay transaction fees with any of the commerce plans. 

Squarespace cost for Commerce Plans

The basic commerce plan will cost you $26 every month if you pay annually. If you pay monthly, you will pay $30 every month. The advanced commerce plan costs $40 every month if you pay annually and $46 per month if you pay monthly. 

If you choose to go with the basic commerce plan, you will get all the features and the following additional features. The added features include:

• Point of sale, POS
• Customer accounts
• Powerful store analytics
• Checkout on your domain
• Ecommerce merchandising tools
• Sell on Instagram
• Limited liability labels

The advanced commerce plan is the most expensive on Squarespace, but it is also loaded with features to compete with other ecommerce sites such as Shopify. The richness of features allows you to easily manage your business while also giving your customers a great experience. On top of the features offered on the basic commerce plan, you will get the following added features:

• Abandoned cart recovery
• Sell subscriptions
• Advanced discounts and shipping features
• Commerce Application Programming Interface (APIs)
• Limited Availability Labels

Whichever of the Squarespace plans for commerce you settle on, it is easy to add products, integrate apps, create pages, set up taxes and shipping, manage checkout, and receive payment. You can integrate your store with established stores if you need to dropship products. It integrates with Alibaba, eBay 2-Way Sync, Facebook Sync, Amazon 2-Way Sync, Amazon Checkout, and many others, allowing you to sell the easy way and market the business on a variety of channels. 

Squarespace plans keep improving, and you have to be on the lookout for new features and integrations to ensure your business performs as expected. Some of the main commerce features you get from the Squarespace plans include:

• Inventory management – With this feature, you are able to manage your products and services. From this, you can tweak details of your products and services and track goods in the warehouse and sell goods. You also get a notification when products are running low. 

• Automated Order Mailing – All the features you get with commerce Squarespace cost are worth it. The automated order mailing feature is a unique feature where your customers get an email when the order processing starts. You can also send updates on the progress of the shipment at every stage to keep customers updated. 

• Automated Sales Tax – The commerce Squarespace plans automatically set up taxes when you enter your country, state and zip code. This allows you to stay compliant without the hassle of setting up taxes. 

• Social Media Integration – You can market or sell your products on social media. The accounts allow you to add products on Instagram where buyers only need to click the “Buy” button. 

• Offline Store Integration – Squarespace works with Square which allows you to keep track of an offline store. 

• Ecommerce SEO – Here, you get the features to help you appear on the first page of search engine rankings. You do not require any SEO plugin to get your site ranking high on search engine results pages. Automatically, you get clean URLs, indexed HTML markup, automatically generated robots.txt, full control of your titles, automatic redirects, and much more. 

• Email marketing – With the commerce Squarespace pricing, you also get non-order mails. These are possible, thanks to integration with MailChimp. With this, you can continue marketing to your customers or educating them. 

• Commerce Analytics – The commerce Squarespace plans offer advanced store analytics. This feature allows you to keep track of the growth of your business. From the analytics, you can see traffic overview including where customers come from, devices, and traffic sources. You can also see popular blog content, keywords that bring in the most customers, traffic sources, store sales, visits that end up in purchases, RSS subscriber figures, activity log, number of unique visitors, and visitor insights. The analytics help you tweak your business to make the best of the customers who come in and the sources that bring in the most customers. 

• Commerce Extensions – You can make your store better by integrating extensions that help streamline your businesses processes. Some of the extensions you can integrate include finance extensions, inventory and product extensions, marketing and sales extensions, and shipping extensions. You might have to pay for these extensions as they are third party products. They are like plugins in WordPress. 

The advanced commerce plan has all the features you need to grow your business from a few products to unlimited products. 

Squarespace Promo Codes and Discounts

Squarespace gives you discounts, making your plans cheaper than the standard price. Some of the basic Squarespace promo codes give you 10 percent off on all plans. These include:


All these promo codes and many others are applied to new customers who will get 10 percent off any annual plan. After the first year, you cannot use these codes.

Squarespace Plans Free Trial

You can test out Squarespace before committing to any plans through the free plan. You can only use a free trial if you are a new Squarespace user. However, the free trial has limited features and you are only given 14 days – not enough to establish any business. It is for users who need to learn the ropes before they can start their business.

Student Squarespace Plans

The student plan reduces the Squarespace pricing student cost on all plans, making it easier for students to start their online businesses. To qualify for the student plan, you need a valid student email address. Whether you are starting an online business as a student or you need a website to help you with coursework, the student plan reduces Squarespace cost for you. 

For a student, you will get 50 percent off your first year payment on Squarespace. This is better than most of the other promo codes that you will get with the website builder. Even better, you can apply the promo code on three websites that you build. This makes it easier for you when you are on a budget as a student. You can check out if your school qualifies by checking out the student plans. 

After the first year, students need to subscribe to the normal plans. However, you can still use other promo codes to help you find a fair price. 

Discounts on Annual Squarespace Plans

You can save money with Squarespace pricing by paying annually instead of monthly. The annual plans are discounted to make it easier for you to save money.

If you pay monthly, you will pay as follows:

• Personal plan - $16
• Business Plan - $26
• Basic Commerce Plan - $30
• Advanced Commerce Plan - $46

If you decide to pay an annual fee, your monthly payments will reduce significantly, allowing you to save money. For the annual plans, you will save as follows:

• Personal plan - $12, paid annually as $144
• Business Plan - $18, annually as $216
• Basic Commerce Plan - $26, annually as $312
• Advanced Commerce Plan - $40, annually as $480

When you find the plan that suits you the best, it is better to pay annually to save money. For the personal plan, instead of paying $216 annually when you pay every month, you can pay $144 when you pay as a single annual fee. Here, you save $72 every year. In fact, the monthly cumulative fee for the personal plan is the same as the annual fee annual. 

When you choose the Squarespace plan you need, and the features they offer are impressive enough to meet your business needs, you can then pay annually to ensure that you get the best deal. 

Getting the Discounts
The usual discount on all Squarespace plans is 10 percent off your first annual fee. However, Squarespace updates its discounts to offer better deals for customers. You must keep an eye on all the different Squarespace discounts tha may be available to you at different times.

If you want more than the 10 percent that Squarespace offers, you can do so through any of the following routes:

Work with Squarespace Circle Partners - Squarespace Circle Partners are developers and designers who work with Squarespace. If you decide to hire a designer and not work on your website, you will get a discount on your annual fee. There is no single platform where you can find these partners. However, when choosing a designer, you can check if they display the Circle logo at the bottom of their website. You can also ask the designers if they are partners and how that can help you reduce the cost of subscriptions. The designers have special promo codes they apply when registering your website to apply the discount. 

Study with a Squarespace Authorized Instructor – Authorized trainers are like Circle members, each has a special promo code that can help you reduce the cost of subscription. These trainers are also not found on the Squarespace website, and you have to search for them on the web. You can get up to 20 percent off when you work with a trainer. The trainer shows you how to set up your website to get the best results. Let's not forget the Squarespace student prices available for students and faculty members.

Additional Squarespace Cost

Some of the other features and services you will have to pay for include: 

Transaction Fees

You will pay a three percent transaction fee when you are on the business plan. The fee is for every sale you make on the website. If your business makes more than $3,200, the payment already becomes exorbitant and you might have to upgrade. The business plan is, therefore, for small businesses only – those whose yearly revenue is low. 

Other transaction costs include the purchase of the Square card reader, which might cost you $49. When your business integrates with Square, you start receiving card payments. 

From there, you will only need to pay payment processing fees including a 2.6 percent payment processing fee (plus $0.10) for swiped transactions and a 3.5 percent processing fee (plus $0.15) for keyed transactions. 

Domain Registration After the First Year

On all Squarespace plans, you get a free domain the first year. After that, you will have to pay for the domain. A new domain name costs you about $20 on Squarespace. This is relatively expensive as you can register the same domain on Hostgator at $13. However, Squarespace does not charge any extra fees when you renew your domain. As long as your domain stays active on Squarespace, you will pay $20 every year to keep your domain active. 

Pay for Extensions
Squarespace pricing does not include extensions. are third-party apps that help you streamline some aspects of your website such as finances and shipping. The extensions allow you to integrate your business with other services such as eBay, Etsy and many more. A few of the extensions are free, but most of them will cost you $40 or more. 

Email Marketing
The service offered by Squarespace will cost you between $5 and $48 depending on the marketing needs of your business. With the basic plan, you can launch up to three email campaigns and send up to 500 individual emails. The $48 plan allows you unlimited emails while the two plans in between have a couple of limitations. 

G Suite Account 
Other than the personal plan, all other plans come with a free G Suite account for the first year. After a year, you will have to part with $72 to renew your G Suite subscription. You can also pay a monthly fee or $6. 

How to Build a Squarespace Website

Your business cannot survive without a website. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get a website for your business as you can use Squarespace, a drag-and-drop web builder, to start a business online. 

The website design process is simple and follows the steps below:

• Choose a Template – Open Squarespace.com and navigate to “Get Started.” From there, you can choose one among the 110 templates. These templates are designed for different businesses. Reduce the choices by choosing Squarespace recommendations. The templates fall in different categories including businesses, stores, photography, and restaurants among others. Once you choose the template, you can preview it before you start adding elements. 

• Try the website for free – Once you pick a template you like, click on “start with this design.” From there, you will need to create an account by providing your name, email address, and password. On creating an account, Squarespace introduces you to design basics through a short video. 

• Add Site Elements – The general layout of your website will depend on the template you choose and the theme. However, all you have to do is drag and drop elements around the website pages. On the left side of the panel, you can choose to add a page. From the upper right corner, you can add site elements. You can modify the content of each element by clicking on them. You can preview what you have created by clicking the eye icon on the upper left. 

• Get a Domain – Once you have added site elements, click Upgrade Now and you will be directed to a page where you get a free domain.

Choose a plan: There are different service plans based on the nature of your business.

Plans include:

• Personal plan for the basic website that needs less than 20 pages, 500 GB bandwidth, and 2 GB storage. This gives you only two contributors and starts at $12 a month. 

• Business plan, which is the most common plan, gives you unlimited bandwidth and storage. You will also get unlimited contributors and it starts at $18 a month. 

• Commerce – This is for businesses that need a full-fledged store to grow their business. This starts at $26 a month. It offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, and allows unlimited products and services without transaction fees. Other features include inventory tracking, tax controls, shipping and coupon controls, and developer platforms. 

• Customize the website – You might need to add pages and edit others to get the website up and running. The website also needs marketing tools and activation of ecommerce features. There are so many elements to set including fonts and colors to personalize your website. 

• Once you have everything set, you can publish your website and you are good to start.

You can invite people to your new business and see how it goes as you try out different features. You need to be fast to test Squarespace as you only have 14 days to do so. After that, you will need to pay to get access to your website. There are many reasons why Squarespace is a great website builder as seen in the overview of the plans. The Squarespace cost and the range of features make it easy for you to run your business seamlessly. Although Squarespace pricing is not the best there is, the features on each of the Squarespace plans make it a worthy choice for any business. Once you have chosen one among the Squarespace plans, there are ways you can save money especially on your first year. 

Besides Squarespace pricing, the website builder has so many other advantages including a wide range of impressive templates, great customizability, user-friendliness, versatility, and much more. With the amount of Squarespace resources available you can launch and run your business within an hour. 

You will get hosting with Squarespace so you never have to take your website anywhere after publishing. This is great as you can access professional support from people who understand your website. Customer support is available any time of the day.

Head over to our Squarespace FAQ's page to find all the answers to your questions