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Pricing & Discount

Squarespace is a website builder that allows you to create your personal, professional-looking website without the need for technical or coding skills. Squarespace has featured in many television ads, but I know you must ask yourself whether it lives up to its publicity.

So, we decided to take a close look and conduct research to find out whether it performs as excellent. Squarespace offers four Square space pricing plans, including the Personal Plan, Business Plan, Basic Plan, and the Advanced Plan.

For a website builder to be ranked as exceptional, there are two significant characteristics that people will look for: quality features and template designs. Of course, the website's cost is also a factor to consider, but very few people will forego quality over price.

Before we dive deep into the Squarespace website builder, let's briefly examine what a website builder is for beginners' sake.

What’s a Website Builder?

A website builder refers to a platform that lets you make a website without having to code. They are web-based; therefore, no software downloads or installation is required. What you need is a stable internet connection and a browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, and you start creating your website. We have have more information on the Best Website builders 2020 on our site.

Website builders comprise of a variety of features, including exclusively designed templates, drag-and-drop editors for adding elements, and in-built web hosting services. These features are meant to enable you to customize the appearance and ambiance of your website.

The process of creating your website with these professional website builders is easy. When you choose your web template, you add widgets and individual elements, such as blogs, and publish your website. Website publishing is available in both free and premium plans, where the difference can be spotted in features and ads.

Now, that’s all (in brief) about the definition. Let’s get back to our topic on Squarespace.

Are you looking for a website that looks like a professional web developer built it? If so, then Squarespace is the best choice. When picking the best website builder, you need to consider the factors that include customization, portability, user-friendliness, and cost.

In most cases, the common question revolves around the price or cost of creating a site using the Squarespace website builder. We are going to that question and more, so you can have a clear picture of what’s entailed before making that decision.

Squarespace personal plan Pricing

Selecting the right plan makes sure that you have the necessary features for your website. The Personal Plan (together with the Business Plan) is categorized under general sites. Squarespace Personal Pricing is the cheapest in all Squarespace’s pricing plans, and you can consider it good enough for most websites.

Squarespace is known for its honest upfront pricing and has no hidden fees and costs. At this point, you have already chosen the Personal Plan as the best choice for you. Plans are available as monthly and annual, but the yearly plan saves money. It also includes a free domain name for the initial year.

Billed at $12 per month for the annual package, Squarespace Personal pricing ranks as the low-priced among the four plans. The cost is $48 less costly than the monthly billing after the initial year. Therefore, if you want to create a simple but elegant website, the Squarespace Personal pricing package offers all the basics you need to attain your objective.

Squarespace personal plans also includes $16 monthly pricing. Most web hosting plans or website builder saves you substantial amounts of money on the annual option. Be sure to also be sure to check before purchasing  if there are any Squarespace Promo Codes available. The Personal Plan. for instance, gives you three free months of service.

With this plan, you gain access to:

• 24/7 customer care support - the lack of responsive customer support is the primary complaint you will hear from people. With Squarespace, you are guaranteed of a reliable around the clock customer support through live chats during business hours.

• Mobile-optimized website pages - for a website to be considered responsive, it should adjust to any screen size a person uses and still retain the striking appearance. Squarespace personal plans are optimized for tablet and mobile displays.

• Unlimited storage and bandwidth - Squarespace ensures zero constraints on the amount of traffic your website can cope with for this plan’s provision.

• A one-year free domain name – when you subscribe for the annual plan option, you save 25% and receive a one-year free domain name.

• Striking templates fit for each kind of information page 

• SSL Security

• Two contributors

• Access to Squarespace extensions

• Fundamental website metrics

• SEO features

Who is Squarespace Personal Plan Designed for?

Ideally, Squarespace Personal Pricing from is suitable for small business owners who seek a lucrative solution to operate and market their online business presence. It is also perfect for simple sites or portfolio brochure websites.

If you are a candidate searching for a job or want to sell your skills, the Personal Plan is an ideal choice for you. You can have your resume, client testimonials, and you will gain a competitive advantage over other people in your line of profession. 

A personal website will give you the freedom of creativity and help you acquire new skills. If you are looking to enhance your own brand, then you can consider the Squarespace Personal website. With it, you will test many new methods of conveying your message, and learn how to create content that talks more about you.

Are you a digital or media professional? Then the Squarespace personal plan is an excellent option for you. It is suitable for an individual who needs to establish himself as an expert in a particular field and don't have a blog.

Squarespace Personal pricing is fair for someone active in the online community and has a hobby to showcase or a side hassle. A personal website can be useful in helping you develop an online influence as well. In a nutshell, with a Squarespace personal pricing plan , you can control your branding as it allows you to customize everything. Head to our How to Build a Squarespace site page for more information on building a Personal page.

Which Features are Available in Squarespace personal plans?

People have become more sensitive and selective about the amount of time they spend online. When they browse a website, they expect user-friendly navigation, relevant content, striking design, among other features.

As such, a website owner must leverage the most valued website features to catch their user’s attention. But even so, they must be integrated without sacrificing the website’s functionality. Our research found that many people focus on access to content more than trendy features and designs. However, this doesn’t mean that you should have a dull website when Squarespace Personal pricing offers striking features.

1. SEO features

Squarespace has a reputation for being an excellent website builder for designs and templates. However, its SEO capabilities have often been undervalued. Squarespace has a reliable range of SEO tools that can increase your website’s position in search engine rankings.

Squarespace offers internal resources to help you get started with SEO by creating a top-level list and a detailed guide to boost your website SEO visibility. You get useful information in videos and scripts on how to choose keywords and structuring content.

However, Squarespace personal pricing recommends clients to seek assistance on SEO from external sources. It is worth noting that Squarespace personal plans SEO does not have any SEO Squarespace Plugins. They argue the in-built SEO tools are strong enough on their own.

2. Metrics

Squarespace Analytics’ New Conversion Metrics allows the user to measure the performance of buttons. The pinpoint engagement button determines the frequently visited places and clicks on buttons. The track button discovers the trends over time and identifies the devices used by these visitors. This allows you to optimize your website content accordingly.

3. Plugins

Squarespace personal plans includes the purchase code snippets option for enhancing the functionality of your site. These Squarespace plugins allow the user to extend the website functionality significantly.

The plugins are available for a range of apps, including creating bespoke lightboxes, enriching video backgrounds, and much more.

Connecting Squarespace personal website to social media platforms and accounts is straightforward. You just need to add your accounts in your website settings, and Squarespace will include the appropriate icons and feeds. This website builder includes all the popular social networks, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Head over to our Squarespace Tips and Tricks page formore information on Plugins.

4. User Interface and User-Friendliness

Squarespace personal plan is unquestionably user-friendly. The layout options are all-embracing and can provide you with a striking appearance of content. The website builder's hosted web creating a platform is easy to use and has a great feel.

The main challenge is in the introduction of Squarespace’s modern version. Unfortunately, you are unable to switch templates, and you must reorganize all the design settings to recreate a new template appearance. While this is attainable, it certainly is time-consuming. Sometimes, uploading images can be problematic.

5. Templates

There are approximately 110 Squarespace templates to choose from. The templates are gorgeous and have a glossy, fashionable appearance. Squarespace is more generous than its competitors in terms of how this selection measures up against the free template.

However, Squarespace personal plan templates are that most of them work best if expert, eye-catching cinematography is employed. Before selecting Squarespace, invest time, and thought in fetching outstanding pictures for your site.

Configuring a Squarespace Personal website template to your preference is easy. You can edit the template design using the styling options menu to adjust features such as colors, fonts, and site width.

Squarespace's latest version (7.1) doesn't permit switching of templates when you select one. But this is no big deal as all the templates work similarly.

6. Mobile Optimization

All the templates in Squarespace are entirely responsive. This means that a mobile or tablet-optimized version of your website is automatically created to match these devices. While making the website accessible to many users, it can offer some SEO benefits, as well.

Furthermore, you can enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on Squarespace Personal websites. AMP refers to a Google-sponsored project aiming to speed up the delivery of content on mobile devices via the AMP HTML code. Through this, mobile users have swift access to pages by reducing loading time.

7. Scalability

This is what some people refer to as storage. The last thing you want is for your website to run out of space, making you switch the platforms. Instead, be excited about the growth.

Squarespace Personal website offers unlimited bandwidth and storage to cut the disappointments caused by inadequate space. And to ensure you don’t have to upgrade frequently, they provide ample features. Overall, Squarespace offers features that ensure the growth of your website, particularly for small business sites using the Squarespace Personal Pricing plan.

8. Navigation

Navigation on your site refers to a set of links that direct users or visitors to the content on your site. Typically, custom navigation displays at the top of your website, although some templates have it on the sidebar or footer.

Every template comprises Site Styles selections for changing the color, size of the navigation links, and fonts, among other templates support extra options. This feature works well in Squarespace Personal pricing plan.

However, while many plans, including Squarespace personal plans, let you build an unlimited number of pages, there are limitations. You cannot use the website builder to make a navigation system to arrange them correctly.

9. Website Content

In terms of content management, there is a whole heap to enjoy regarding Squarespace personal pricing approach. The user-friendly layout engine allows you to drag-and-drop content sections anywhere on your website.

Consequently, you get a very flexible and striking appearance of content. Tweaking the position of your content sections is very straightforward as it involves the drag-and-drop mechanism. This also applies when adding elements in the content sections by simply adding content blocks.

Generally, CMS is excellent, and it is one of the main reasons you should choose Squarespace personal plan over a competing web building tool.

10. Speed

Since Squarespace personal pricing operates on a modern interface, it’s easy to navigate. These features make it fast when using and editing.

Differences Between the Personal Plan and the Business Plan

The Business plan ranks as the most popular pricing plan from Squarespace. When you choose the annual billing, you will save $18 every month. That is a $96 saving when you compare it to their monthly contract.

With this pricing plan, you are allowed to sell online. Therefore, it is the most suitable option for smaller businesses and startups with a few products to market. If you are new to the marketing world and have a few sales to make, the Business plan is an excellent option, to begin with. The Squarespace Business Plan includes a basic eCommerce functionality.

However, you will have to pay a transaction charge of 3% for each sale made, which makes it a less lucrative option for an entrepreneur who handles large volumes of sales. What makes it a worthy consideration is that you can receive donations and sell a limitless number of products.

In general, the features are quite attractive, and there is an option to sell through an existing and operational website. The Business Plan is a perfect choice for showcasing your work and retailing products on a small shop page. The checkout flow and store design used in the Business Plan are similar to those in Squarespace Commerce Plans.

Plus, all the features in Squarespace personal plans, the Business Plan includes the following:

• Google ads credit ($100)

• Commerce analytics

• Mailchimp integration

• Limitless web contributors

• Other premium features

• Fully integrated commerce store

• You can receive donations

• Promotional ads and banners

• 3% transaction fees

• A pro Google email address

• Access to premium additions and blocks

• Advanced web analytics

• Ability to sell an unrestricted number of products

• Full customization of website pages via JavaScript and CSS code

Having covered both the Personal and Business Plans, let's now check the critical differences between them.

  • Integrations - includes Mailchimp content blocks, Gmail, Acuity Scheduling, Opentable, and Chownow.
  •  Basic eCommerce - Business Plan allows you to sell and receive donations, but includes a transaction charge of 3%. If you are trying out eCommerce, I suggest you use this plan. But if you are aiming for higher, upgrade to the other Squarespace Commerce plans from Squarespace without a transaction fee.
  • Many marketing tools - the Business Plan includes promotional pop-ups, announcement bars, and mobile info bars.
  • Advanced metrics - the Business Plan comprises of conversion metrics that help track your website visitor's trends.

The Business Plan from Squarespace is also ideal if you are planning on procuring any integrations and plugins. The twelve-monthly option will cost you $26, $20 for the domain, totaling to $332. With the annual option $216, a free domain, saving you 53%.

Alternative Squarespace Plans and Pricing

While Squarespace ranks among the best website builders in the market, it can't be the right solution for each individual. Its primary limitation is not offering plugins, which can be important for some people. 

Whether you are searching for increased flexibility or cost-effectiveness, there are many alternative Squarespace plans in the market. We shall divide these web builders and content management systems (CMS) into payable and free alternatives.

1) CMS Hub

This website builder is perfect for businesses of any size. It is a fully-integrated CMS that provides customized features for IT pros, designers, and marketers. Compared to Squarespace, CMS Hub allows you to create multifaceted sites.

Marketers can use the drag-and-drop feature, in-built SEO tools, editor, and contact credit reporting features to build and improve content. Developers can use features such as flexible theme options and command-line tools to customize the site for speeds. CMS Hub also has a Web Application Firewall, customer support, and global CDN.

CMS Hub Pro starts at $240 per month.

2) Webflow

Perfect for web designers, Webflow is more user-friendly as you can begin with a template and modify it to your satisfaction. Yet, you can also begin from scratch.

This website builder combines CMS with a visual designing tool to make an adjustable tool that attracts advanced clients with coding skills. You can create fully custom interactions and simulations without coding, as well as an issue unique content types, and put content together. The pricing starts from $12 per month. Head over to our Squarespace vs Webflow page for further information.

3) WordPress

WordPress.org is an ideal website builder that was initially established for bloggers. As such, it can be used to build feature-rich online mags and blogs. All the features available in Squarespace are present in WordPress and much more.

WordPress consists of more than 3k blogging themes, user permissions and roles, original content visibility elements, and user management features. It also lets you edit the source code or install a plugin to build a blog that resembles your perception.

The price can range from $100 to $500 to $3,000. Head over to our Squarespace vs Wordpress page for further information.

4) Weebly

This is a Squarespace alternative for first-time shop owners working on a budget. The website builder's free plan includes unlimited bandwidth. It also comes with basic eCommerce features such as coupons, shopping carts, auto tax calculators, and inventory management.

It’s ad-supported and requires you to employ the website builder subdomain but has upgrade options. As such, there is an initial free trial which can later be advanced to a premium plan to unlock more upgraded eCommerce features.

The prices for Weebly Personal plan start at $6 monthly (billed annually), Pro costs $12 per month plus video and association features, one-year free domain name, and zero Weebly ads. Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page for more information.

5) Wix

A perfect choice for entrepreneurs, Wix offers a free plan, unlike the Squarespace's free 14-day trial. This option is available for small businesses and persons to build websites. Like Weebly free plan from Wix includes more than 500 templates, web hosting, and a drag-and-drop editor. You also have access to an unlimited number of pages for your website.

For you to use the free plan, you must use an allocated Wix subdomain and show ads on the front-end of your website. Once you try with the free version, you can switch to any upgraded version of choice.

The prices for Wix range from #13 to $500 monthly, billed annually. Combo plan is the cheapest at $13 per month plus an ad-free website. Head over to our Squarespace vs Wix page for further information.

Squarespace Switching or Upgrading Options

Squarespace allows you to switch between website plans and cycle any time you want to. In this section, we will cover the switching plans and the number of times you are charged for services.

Before you begin, first make sure you switch or change the plan. When it's done, go back to the Billing panel and make the change on your billing. Note that, when you are changing the payment card to switch between plans, you have to enter the details of the new card.

To change your plan, follow the following steps:

1. Click here to launch your Account Dashboard, select the site you wish to make the changes, or edit.

2. Click the Settings button in the Home Button, then select Billing & Account, then select Billing.

3. Click the Store or Website on Subscription.

4. Select Change Plan.

5. Click on the new plan.

6. Select Confirm Plan Change.

Switch your Billing Cycle

There are two billing cycle options in the Squarespace website subscription, including the monthly and annual options. It is impossible to pay for many years at a time. To switch between the two options, follow the above process and click on the Change Billing Cycle after step three. Then, from the Billing Option, select Monthly or Annual, and click on Change Cycle.

What Becomes of your New Website if you Downgrade your Plan?

When you downgrade your plan from a Business Plan to the Personal Plan, for instance, you will lose all the premium features. As such, we recommend that you review the features that will be stripped from your previous plan before downgrading.

When you choose the new plan, you will get a reminder. However, you can switch back to your previous plan to access the features in full.

If you are in a Business or a Commerce plan and want to switch to the Squarespace personal plan, make sure you delete website contributors. Squarespace Personal websites are limited to two contributors only, plus the site owner.

Fees or Refunds

When you switch to monthly billing from the annual one, you will start a new payment cycle. You will receive an invoice based on the monthly plan cost subtracted from the annual plan's available cost. Mostly, it will be a refund that is processed between three to ten business days.

But if your annual plan had a month less left on the annual billing cycle, there will be a prorated amount charged.

When you switch to annual billing from the monthly billing, you will begin a new payment cycle. You will receive an invoice based on the unused time from the monthly billing, subtracted from the annual plan cost.

When you downgrade your plan, you will receive a refund prorated difference between the two plans. This refund depends on the unused time in your billing cycle. There will be no changes in the renewal and billing dates.

But if the plan was upgraded, there will be a prorated charge on the unused time between the plans. Again, the renewal and billing dates won’t change.

Reviewing the Renewal Status

When you switch your cycle or billing plan, the subscription will be set to auto-renew. But if you want subscription renewal, uncheck Auto-renew whenever you change your plan. If you want to review the renewal status on your website, follow the following steps:

1. Open Home Button > Settings > Billing & Account > Billing

2. Click Website under Subscriptions

3. Click Next Payment for the next billing or renewal dates

4. Uncheck Auto-Renewal at the panel’s footer to disable or enable it.

Cancelling a Squarespace Website Subscription

Your active website subscription can be cancelled at any time. To end your subscription, use one of these two methods:

1. Cancel the subscription and take your website account offline instantly, or

2. Disable Auto-Renewal and watch your website expire.

Your account may have some active subscriptions such as Squarespace’s purchased or transferred domains, G Suite, Email Campaigns, or Scheduling. Before cancelling, Squarespace will display your active subscriptions. Other still active subscriptions after cancelling will be displayed on your Account Dashboard.

Since these subscriptions are different from your site, they can't cancel automatically, and you must cancel them separately. Squarespace only refunds clients who cancel a twelve-monthly subscription within the initial fourteen days. The process takes three to ten business days.

Remember, the content on your website is marked for removal 30 days after cancelling. But there's an option to export your content before cancelling. Rather than cancelling your subscription, Squarespace offers an option to hide or unpublish your website. All you do is set a site-wide password.

While Squarespace honors its refund policy, no refunds are given after 14 days following the initial billing.

Squarespace Annual Discounts

You will get offers of up to 30% off on annual plans on Squarespace Personal websites and Squarespace Business plans, other than paying the monthly plan. Unlike in others, there is no coupon need. You will also get one year off of a new domain sign up with the annual purchase.

You can also use offer code options to receive Squarespace Discounts on your site. Our best option is the 10% off any annual plan with the PAIGE10 coupon code. For this discount to function, however, it must be your Squarespace's first subscription.

Squarespace pricing students offers 50% off faculty or student discount also uses the first year’s subscription method. However, this discount is available for students in Colleges and Universities, not High Schoolers. Since there is no mention of annual billing, we assume that the student discount is available even for monthly billing.

It is worth noting that, to access the discount, students must check whether their institution is registered in the education program, overall this is a great Squarespace Student Plan.

To Sum it up…

There are many benefits associated with using Squarespace Personal website plan. As we have seen above in the review, the Personal plan includes a lot of features that make it a valuable option. It’s ideally launched for personal use by small businesses, photojournalists, social media interactions, among other things.

Here are the benefits we compiled:

a) Affordable Pricing

Among all the pricing plans in Squarespace pricing options, the Personal Plan is the cheapest of all. It is the most inexpensive plan of its kind, billed at $12 per month on the annual plan and $16 per month for the monthly plan.

However, it isn’t the lowest in the market as some alternatives offer subscriptions at a much lower price than Squarespace personal plans.

b) Quality Features

Squarespace is known for being a drag-and-drop web builder and in-built features. As such, it makes sure that it pays attention to the sophisticated design functionalities of your website. This, on the other hand, gives you ample time and focus on more artistic aspects of creating the website. In a nutshell, Squarespace personal plans lets users become more creative with ideas to build a professional website without coding skills.

c) Targets

Squarespace personal plan is a comprehensive platform that is easy to manage, which gives the user maximum time to pay attention to their objectives. You don’t need to think about web hosting or security as everything is at your fingertips. This makes it suitable for individuals who run small businesses, photographers, musicians, and students, without the need for technical skills.

d) Ease of Use

While Squarespace Personal website is not the easiest website builder to use in the market, it more favorable. Being a drag-and-drop web builder, you can select, change, and personalize your templates.

You just need to select an element, such as a text box, drag it to its destination, and drop it. The website will look precisely as you have arranged it when published. That is why the website builder is named What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Since you can see everything staring at you, making changes becomes easy and straightforward.

e) Beginner-Friendly

Sometimes beginners do not have time for the steep learning curve with other website builders in the market that require coding skills. The features mentioned above make Squarespace Personal website beginner-friendly.

While there is minimal freedom in terms of customization, this web builder offers stylish and super flexible designs. More importantly, Squarespace gives you maximum creative control.

f) Quality Design

Squarespace Personal pricing and plan offers excellent design features. If you need a web builder without compromising on design, it gives you top quality designs. It has more than sixty sparkling, modern, and professional design templates. These templates cover a range of categories, including blogs.

Squarespace personal plans gives you high-level customization, where you can choose a theme and personalize it. That means you can add galleries, videos, and modify fonts and backgrounds.

g) Mobile Responsive

One of the critical factors to consider is a template that works well on all devices. All the templates from Squarespace personal plans are mobile fully mobile-optimized. Each mobile template design includes an auto in-built mobile view to ensure your website retains its gorgeous appearance on all devices, including emails.

All the pages on your Squarespace Personal pricing plan pages are automatically ready to enable AMP.

h) Design Flexibility

With so many designs to select from in your Squarespace personal pricing, you will be tempted to pick more than one and use it forever. The best thing is that you can change your templates as much as you want. It also supports best practices in branding and user experience.

i) In-built SEO Tools

Squarespace Personal website SEO tools are all integrated to boost your site. From indexed and searchable pages to auto-tagging, among others, this is all available in this website builder without the need to download. Compared to its top competitors, like WordPress, this Squarespace plan is suitable for beginners.

j) Free Blogger Templates

This is one of Squarespace's top blog-friendly features. Users can select from a range of modern user interfaces that show blog posts on the homepage. The display can either be in a single reverse linear feed or a more compact mag-style grid of blog posts.

The Personal plan allows the contribution of multiple users, including the owner. This makes it easier for networks with friends. Squarespace also allows editing of blogs, excerption, and an auto-sharing of links to Twitter and Facebook. 

k) Mobile Editors

Squarespace personal plans includes some apps for managing your website wherever you are. You can update content, post on your blog, and track your website’s performance on your phone. These available apps include; Analytics and Blog for both Android and iOS and Squarespace App for iOS only. 

Other benefits include Squarespace Security, where the website builder ensures that your site is protected from hackers and the smooth running of a website. Users also receive an SSL certificate for Squarespace personal pricing and all other plans.

While the certificate builds a good rapport with your visitors, it improves your Google SEO ranking. Another benefit lies within the ownership of web content. Squarespace Personal website ensures that you retain content ownership, and Squarespace personal pricing licenses the website.

Customer support has been featured in many complaints by visitors to a website. Squarespace personal pricing includes a centralized support crew dedicated to its web builder. The team has created a library of community forums, help guides and workshop videos for customer support.

They also offer live chat support and one-hour email support. It's worth noting that Squarespace offers a 14-day trial for building a website in all its plans, including Squarespace Personal website plan.

If you want a low-priced, stunning site without hassle or trouble, easy and fast set up, simple to manage, and without coding, Squarespace personal plans are the choice for you. And because we know you want to focus on goals more than other things, we recommend this plan satisfactorily.

You also enjoy the privilege of flexible portfolios which customizes your galleries and include password-locked pages to share personal work with customers.