SquareSpace FAQ's


Q. What is Squarespace?

A. Squarespace is a website building software, for an annual or monthly subscription you have access to tools you are able to use to design your own website. This is user friendly, no coding or website development experience required.

Q. What does a Squarespace subscription include

A. Squarespace is an all-in-one extensive content management system, or CMS. After signing up to a subscription you can create your own website, sell products, manage and host content, register domains and much, much more. 

All subscription include:

  • Website building tools - for adding content, text and images, commerce tools. Start by choosing a template and then customize to match your needs and style.
  • SEO - Squarespace with automatically generate sitemaps for your website.
  • Content hosting - All Squarespace content is stored on our robust infrastructure. This ensures your site will load quickly and reliably from anywhere in the world.
  • Mobile optimization - Squarespace allows you to optimize your site for mobiles ensuring that your content looks great on every device. 
  • Analytics - You are able to explore your site’s analytics to understand traffic patterns, referral sources, and many more key metrics. You can connect with Google Analytics through their built-in integration to learn more about your analytics.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

    You can add these other features:

  • Custom domain names - You can register domains through Squarespace and get a free domain for a year with any annual website subscription, you can even transfer a domain you already own.
  • Email by G SuiteEmail Campaigns 
  • Advanced Commerce features - Abandoned Checkout Recovery and further Commerce Analytics, which are exclusive to the Commerce Advanced plan.
  • Stock images - Add free and premium stock images.

Q. How much does Squarespace cost?

A. Squarespace offers several different billing plans, these being monthly or annual. There are many discount codes available which you can find on their website or by doing a simple search. If you're a student or faculty member of a partnering school, you may be eligible for the Squarespace Education program.

Q. How should I get started?

A. You can begin your Squarespace journey with a 14-day trial. Simply head to www.squarespace.com and sign up. Websites do take some time to build so 14 days may not be enough to complete your site plus you will want to continue to update your website along the way. You can do this by subscribing to a paid service at any time, keep your site private until you are ready to publish and go live.

Q. Which template should I use?

A. Start by exploring the template and finding what template best suits your needs. Pay attention to structure and style instead of the example content. If you are not happy with how it looks don’t forget that you can always rebuild using pages, page sections, blocks and style settings.

Q. Can I move to Squarespace if initially I was using a different platform?

A. Yes you can, if you have your own domain or your site is hosted by a different provider you can swap over to Squarespace.

  • You can transfer your domain to Squarespace.
  • If you have a website - If you have a site with, you can import your blog content to Squarespace. Otherwise, Squarespace is its own distinct platform, you will have to rebuild your site using their templates and tools.
  • If you have an online store - You can import your products to Squarespace, then build your site by using their templates and tools.
Q. Can someone else build my site for me?

A. Yes. Squarespace is great for a DIY approach,  there are many web designers who specialize in building Squarespace sites for clients.

Q. Can I use Squarespace in my country?

A. Yes Squarespace is based in the United States yet is available internationally. There are  some limits at this time such asCommerce features require connecting a supported payment processor, Stripe or PayPal. For more on international support you can visit, Supported countries and currencies for Squarespace Commerce. For more information.

Q. When is my site live?

A. Your site is live whenever you set it as Public in your Site Availability settings. Until you’re ready to launch, you can keep your site private or add a site-wide password to only allow certain visitors. You can make a site public after upgrading to paid service.

Q. How do I get .squarespace.com out of my URL?

A. Every Squarespace site has a built-in domain URL that ends in .squarespace.com. To use a custom domain instead, you can:

For security purposes, you'll always see your built-in domain in your browser address bar when you're logged in, even if you have a custom domain.

Q. If something on my site looks strange or is behaving oddly, can users on the forum solve the issue?

Sometimes, however for such cases, we advise contacting Squarespace Customer Care directly. Customer Care will have the most up-to-date information on bugs and outages, and can log into your site to thoroughly troubleshoot the issue at hand.


Q. Is Commerce a feature on my plan?

A. Payment processors and Commerce are Premium features only available in Business plan and higher, and the legacy Personal plan. These are premium features.

Q. Can customers around the world are able to purchase my products?

A. Yes most definitely. You can accept payment methods from anywhere around the world where they're supported. Squarespace does not impose additional location restrictions for shoppers buying products from your store. You are able to  limit your business to specific countries, create shipping zones, to ensure only specific customers purchase your products.

Q. What shipping methods can I offer?

A. You are able to create shipping options that will automatically apply to physical products at checkout. These shipping options include:

  • Flat rate
  • Rates by weight
  • Free shipping
  • Carrier calculated (only available on the Advanced plan, and certain legacy billing plans)
Q. What am I able to sell on my Squarespace site?

A. Squarespace approves the sale of most products, yet they do have  payment processors such as  Stripe and PayPal, that do prohibit certain types of businesses. Visit PayPal and Strips User Guidelines for more information.

Q. Are there rules on what subscription or recurring payment options can I offer on my Squarespace Website?

A. You are allowed to charge customers on a recurring basis by selling physical or service products as subscriptions. Subscriptions can renew indefinitely or a set number of times.

Q. What payment processors are available for me to use?

A. Stripe and PayPal, are both available you are also able to you both at a time if you wish.

Q. How do I know if the Commerce function is available in my country?

A. To use Squarespace Commerce, all you need to do is connect a payment processor that supports your country.

Q. Are customers purchase items that are out of stock?

A. If you have a product that is sold out, the product displays in your store with a SOLD OUT. You need to change your product quantity for customers to be able to add it back to their cart.

Q. Does Commerce work on all Squarespace templates?

A. Commerce is compatible with all Squarespace templates. You need to keep in mind which template fits well with Commerce stores.

Q. Why are some of my order numbers missing?

A. This does happen from time to time and is often a mistake on a shoppers end due to out of date information or bad internet connection. If an order fails, the order number may be skipped.

Q. How and when are products removed from inventory?

A. A product's stock level reduces everytime a customer checks out. If you have one of a product left in stock and two customers added it to their carts at the same time, the product will always be sold to whoever completes checkout first.

Q. Will a customer's cart always save if they leave my site and then return later?

A. When customers add products to their shopping carts will remain in the cart indefinitely. If a customer does leave your site and comes back later, the cart will appear as they left it.

Q. Am I able to accept donations

A. Yes. Use the Donation Block to collect donations for your organization or cause. However, donations are a Premium feature only available in the current Website Business plan and higher.

Q. Am I able to sell gift cards or gift certificates on my Squarespace Site?

A. Yes. You are able to sell gift cards as a unique digital code that customers can receive as a printable .pdf or email directly.

Q. When are customers charged?

A. Customers are charged as soon as they check out. It is not a possibility to delay payment until an item is shipped.

Q. Is SSL offered with Squarespace Commerce?

A. Yes they are. Checkout and payment pages are served over SSL in your Commerce site.

Q. Are you able to delete the cents off the advertised price and only display dollars?

A. Not possible. All prices must show cents, you are able to round the amount to whole dollars yet they must show cents.

Q. Are you able to charge tax?

A. Yes. Head to Squarespacers - How to create tax rules, visit their Setting up taxes in Squarespace Commerce page for more information.

Q. Are you able to add tracking numbers to shipping notifications?

A. Yes. You are able to add tracking numbers in Order Shipped emails, enter the tracking number when marking the order as complete. If there is a  tracking number which is associated to a standard carrier like (Australia Post, Canada Post, DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS), it will be a link. Clicking the number opens the carrier's tracking page.

Q. Are there limits to the amount of products you can add to a Squarespace Commerce site?

A. Luckily there are no set limits to the number of products you can add to your site. You are able to add up to 200 products to each Products Page, you can also have up to 100 variants on each product.

Q. Can I hide the quantity drop-down?

A. If you are using one of the following templates: Brine, Farro, Skye, Tremont, or York families, you are able to do so, these templates have an Advanced Products Page. In these templates, to hide the quantity drop-down menu on item pages:

  1. Log into your site and go to your Products Page.
  2. Open the individual item.
  3. From the Home Menu, click Design, then Site Styles.
  4. Scroll to the Products: Select Options section.
  5. Uncheck the Show Quantity box.

Q. What is the best way to handle fraudulent charges or disputes?

A. The payment processor that you chose handles all payment disputes related to your store, not Squarespace. If one of your customers is suspected of fraudulent activity or reports you of a fraudulent charge or if your payment processor flagged a charge as fraud, contact Stripe or PayPal directly.

If a customer requests a refund for a charge they recognize, you are able to refund their order through squarespace. If this purchase was for a subscription product, you can advise them on how to cancel their subscription.

Common Questions

Q. If something on my site looks strange or is behaving oddly, how can I go about resolving the issue?

A. Contact Squarespace Customer Care directly. Customer Care will be able to advise you on all information regarding bugs and outages.

Q. There is a font I’d like to use that isn’t available in the Style Editor, I’ve found the font files online. How can I use this font on my site?

A. You can upload and use your own custom font on your site, you can do this by - Custom CSS. See Pareto-Design‘s blog post for a walkthrough on adding custom fonts.

Q. Is there a way to keep text on my site from hyphenating automatically at line breaks?

A. You are able to disable the automatic hyphenation on your site using the CSS on the Squarespace Forum title - Turn on and off automatic hyphenation.  First read Squarespace’s guide to how automatic hyphenation works on your site.

Q. Is there a way I can redirect to another page when a visitor submits their form?

A. You are able to do this by adding a snippet of HTML to the Form Block’s “Post-Submit HTML” field. Check out geekgirlweb’s answer to find a working code snippet.

Squarespace Circle FAQ’s

Q. Why should I incorporate Squarespace into my creative business or web design?

  • Squarespace's website builder is a simple way to expand services to technical and non-technical creative professionals.
  • Creating a website with Squarespace means that your creative toolkit will continue to grow automatically with each new product release and update.
  • Leaving back-end website work to Squarespace means that you'll have more time to spend creating websites that focus on  your clients' brands and achieve success.
  • When finished up your build you will hand projects over to your clients with confidence knowing that they will be able to  manage their websites on their own or with the support of the Customer Care team. 

Squarespace Circle Membership

Q. Who’s permitted to join Squarespace Circle?

A. Squarespace circle is open to members of the Squarespace community who have built three or more active sites.

Q. Is the Squarespace Circle membership free?

A. Yes.

Q. I tried to join yet I received a “Not yet eligible” message. What does this mean?

A. You must have three or more active sites, if this is the case and you are not able to join,  speak to customer service.

Q. How do  I become a Squarespace Authorized Trainer?

A. Authorized Trainers must be a Squarespace Circle member. If you are a Circle member, you can apply online to be an Authorized trainer, you are not a Squarespace Circle member apply to be one first and then move forward to becoming an Authorized Trainer.

Squarespace Circle benefits

Q. Do Squarespace Circle members get any discounts, referral fees, or any other rewards when they build website sites for clients?

A. Squarespace Circle members receive  20% off all annual Subscriptions. The discount only applies to the first payment and is not able to be used with any other discounts. If your client’s site auto-renews, or if they  choose to upgrade or downgrade their plan, they’ll be charged the full price for the next payment. 

Q. Are Squarespace Circle members accredited or endorsed by Squarespace?

A. Squarespace Circle members are entitled to exclusive benefits, though they are not accredited or endorsed by Squarespace. It is perfectly fine to mention Squarespace Circle membership in marketing and client communications, however, members are not able to misrepresent themselves as being  endorsed by Squarespace.

Q. Are Squarespace Circle members able to use the Squarespace logo or other trademarks in their marketing?

A. Squarespace Circle members do have a license to use the Circle badge please read the Brand Guidelines, Squarespace Circle Terms of Participation, the Circle Logo Guidelines for more information on guidelines.

Q. How long do trials started by Circle members prior to their joining the Circle last?

A. Trials started prior to joining the Circle receive a two-week trial period. The six-month trial period is applied only to trials started by members after they have joined.

Working with Circle members

Q. Am I able to get a Circle member to teach me how to build my own website?

A. Yes you definitely can, some of the Squarespace Circle members are also Squarespace Authorized Trainers and provide you all the training and still you will require to build your own site. There is a full directory for Authorized trainers that you find on the Squarespace website.