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Squarespace is a recognized website builder that helps you create a personal website with a professional appearance without coding or technical skills. I’m sure you have come across Squarespace and its discounts in several television ads. But even so, many people are still concerned whether Squarespace matches its publicity. As such, we have done our study to discover if Squarespace performance is as outstanding. This web builder consists of four pricing plans, which all come discounts on either billing options, including monthly and annually. 

At Squarespace, you will choose among these Squarespace pricing plans: Personal Plan, Business Plan, Basic Plan, and the Advanced Plan. They provide their users with a promo code that you will not get any better deals on third-party sites. But it is worth noting that these discounts are valid for initial purchases. Squarespace is widely recognized for its exceptional features, user-friendliness, compatibility, and other crucial features therein.

Why Do Companies Offer Discounts to Clients?

When you offer discounts on purchases, this acts as a technique of drawing customers into your products and services. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money when buying? The ultimate advantage of offering discounts is that it benefits both the client and the business.

We shall cover more on these benefits towards the end of our article.

Squarespace is aware that customers play the most critical role in business operations. Also, the client is the business's real boss in business deals and is responsible for its profits. Therefore, customer retention and making new ones are essential to a business's success. And this is why they offer discounts to customers every time they make their first purchase.

Since each customer is regarded as valuable and profitable to the existence of any business, companies manage their clients via segmentations. The five major categories of customers, including loyal, discount, impulsive, need-based, and wandering customers. But since we are not talking about the segmentation, shall we narrow our focus as per the topic?

When you complete your free trial with Squarespace, you pick your Squarespace price plan and choose the best billing for you. That means you can either choose the monthly, annual, or two-year plan. It is only when you have completed this that you can have access to the discount codes that Squarespace offers.  Be sure to head over to the Squarespace Pricing Discounts page and note the Squarespace Student plan for further information on which discounts apply to you. 

How to Obtain Squarespace Discounts

If you don’t want to settle on the usual 10% off discount, there are four other creative ways of obtaining Squarespace discounts. With these methods, you can get a discount of 20% or 50% off in Squarespace subscriptions.

Some clients have been asking if it is likely for you to obtain a discount or if Squarespace offers coupon codes for their subscription plans. The answer to that question is yes. Below are four options that you can use to obtain Squarespace discounts.

1) 10% off Any Annual Plan via Coupon Code PAIGE10

Squarespace discounts are available during the initial year subscription on any plan. That means that you will not have to pay the full price, as you are offered a 10% off option. For this discount to be functional, you must pay per annum, other than monthly.

All the available partners who promote Squarespace offer the same discount percent for their clients. Partners receive a 10% off code from Squarespace to ensure you acquire these Squarespace discounts without a hassle.

2) 20% off When Working with a Squarespace Circle Partner

The Squarespace Circle refers to the community for creative specialists that create websites with Squarespace. Therefore, if you forego the Do It Yourself tactic and decide to hire a web designer, you will get a discount for that.

While there exists no public list of these Circle partners, most of the designers that build Squarespace sites are members. To spot these members, you will find one of the two of the Circle logos somewhere on their website (either on the footer or the About page).

With this discount, it is unnecessary to key in the promo code as it is automatically applied to your Squarespace plan once you purchase. This billing must be annually, as well.

3) 20% After Studying with an Authorized Instructor

Squarespace Authorized Trainers can be viewed as the next level from the Circle members. Each Authorized Trainer offer their own offerings, including in-person workshops, online courses, and webinar training, among others.

It is an ideal choice for an individual looking to create a personal website without involving a web designer. These Authorized Trainers offer a unique discount when you learn with them. The discount is available for all clients, including students.

4) 50% off Faculty or Student Discount

If you are looking for the best deal on Squarespace, well, this is the one for you. However, you will need to have access to your university or college email account or know somebody who does. As the name suggests, these Squarespace discounts are obtainable for colleges and universities.

Before joining for the student or faculty Squarespace Discount 2020, visit this page to make sure that your institution is registered in the education program. All you need is to create your Squarespace account using your college or university email address. Then, the Squarespace pricing student discount will automatically apply to your purchase plan.

In case you don’t find your school, click “Where’s my school” and fill the form, you might be lucky If no option, among the last three, that works, dive to the discount code PAIGE10 and obtain the 10% off your initial year of Squarespace experience. Squarespace is ideal for creatives for it has high-quality features, and the top template designs on the web builder market. We have been talking about a website builder, but I don't know if everyone is acquainted with it. Head to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to compare Discounts.

Squarespace Billing Options

In simple terms, a website builder refers to a platform that lets you build a website without having coding skills. Unlike much downloadable software, web builders are web-based, meaning you just need a browser like Safari or Google Chrome and internet connection. These platforms come fully-packed with a variety of features, including high-quality templates, in-built hosting services, and drag-and-drop editors. Squarespace is ideally suitable for small business operators in search of profitable solutions to running their businesses.

When opting to purchase a Squarespace plan, you have the choice to pay monthly or annually, each with different terms. Squarespace consists of four Squarespace Pricing plans: the Personal Plan, Business Plan, Basic Squarespace Commerce Plan, and the Advanced Commerce Plan. 

In this section, we will delve into the actual Squarespace costs you can think likely when adopting Squarespace. It is a comprehensive review of the payments for each plan offered by this website builder for both the general sites and eCommerce stores.

Squarespace's paid-for plans start at $12 per month and scale up to $40 a month (billed annually). On the one hand, the two discounted packages are suitable for creating and launching a website. The costly packages, on the other hand, are ideal for online selling.

Features become more advanced as you continue to upgrade your plan. But there always is ample time to try (14-day free trial) before you buy the plan that suits you best and gets discounts.

We shall review the four pricing plans into monthly and annually billing options for more clarity and ease of tracing keywords.

The cheapest plan in Squarespace options is the Personal Plan at $12 a month when you pay annually. The plan becomes $48 more economical compared to the monthly billing after the initial year. It comes with many benefits, such as a free domain name (valid for one year), SEO features, and Squarespace extensions.

The Business Plan is the most common pricing plan and offers the best Squarespace discounts 2020. Billed at $18 a month when you choose annual billing, it gives you a discount of $96 weighed against its monthly contract.

While the Personal plan is suitable for photographers and bloggers, the Business plan allows you to sell online, making it appropriate for selling online.

Squarespace’s Basic Commerce Plan is priced $26 a month, billed annually. That means that you get a $48 discount compared to the monthly billing. The advanced and sophisticated features of the plan are ideal for an eCommerce website (both startups and existing).

The most expensive program for Squarespace is the Advanced Commerce Plan, billed at $40 per month on the annual subscription. With that, you get a $72 discount on the monthly plan. The features in this plan make it ideal for entrepreneurs seeking to scale and expand.

While having the best discount, the Advanced Business Plan is focused on increasing your business's sales. The package is also ranked as the complete package from Squarespace.

Below is a breakdown of the monthly and annual pricing plans for Squarespace.

Squarespace Pricing: Monthly vs. Annual Plans

Squarespace Pricing Plan Monthly Pricing Annual Pricing

Personal Plan $16 $12

Business Plan $26 $18

Basic Commerce Plan $36 $26

Advanced Commerce Plan $46 $40

As we have seen above, when you choose to pay on an annual basis, you will automatically receive 30% off. If you are a faculty member or a student, you take a Squarespace Student plan and will get, you will get a 50% discount for your initial year's option.

Squarespace plans are paid either monthly or annually. As such, you are the one to choose the contract that works best for you and your needs. Squarespace discounts are available for all their plans, and the contracts can be stopped at any time, no questions asked.

Squarespace discounts 2020 are obtainable in all of the plans offered by this website builder. With Squarespace, you can sign up for either monthly or annual plans. The monthly plans have a lot of flexibility, which makes them more alluring. While that 's the case, there are more savings when you sign up for the annual plan.

As you upgrade your subscription plan, you unlock more advanced features that possess the design to power your business growth. The Advanced Plan, for instance, includes Squarespace discounts and gift cards, which are terrific rewards for loyal clients. Head to our Squarespace vs Wix page to compare Discounts.

How Do You Find the Best Deals on Squarespace?

There are several fruitful methods of finding the best deals on Squarespace discounts 2020. You can manually copy and test all the twenty-six available coupons to find the one with the choicest Squarespace discounts.

Alternatively, you can use one from those that offer genuine coupon codes or browser extensions to try all the available coupons automatically. You can then pick the one that works for you and apply the prime savings at points of sale.

Different Squarespace Discount Codes

Currently, Squarespace has twenty-five functional coupon or discount codes available. Discount codes refer to custom-made or publicly-issued codes offered to clients as a procurement incentive that cuts the price of an order. They are eCommerce effective means for enticing shoppers and buoying up repeat customers.

Discount codes are offered in three primary methods: fixed dollar discounts, percent discounts, and free shipping. Let's have a brief understanding of one approach. 

A fixed dollar discount is more applicable in our case. This code offers a flat amount off a procurement. A minimum buy threshold can be set, or it can fix to any order value. For instance, Squarespace offer of 10% off on any purchase plan or 50% off on faculty or student web builder purchase. This method applies even for specific purchases or certain purchased items.

Knowing how to create an effective discount program is paramount. To achieve this, you can place a link at the point of checkout for the client to click and get a discount code to apply to a buy. You can also use a link that takes the customer to the discounted section when clicked.

There can also be a printable coupon where a customer clicks on a link that offers extra savings. For the maximum results from the discount program, vendors can use the company's social media accounts and websites to spread the word. They also should make sure to mention discount code availability in any SEM campaigns they run. Head to our Squarespace vs GoDaddy page to compare Discounts.

Squarespace Discounts 2020 Promo Codes

1) PARTNER10 - Squarespace Promo Code: 10% off any pricing plan - with this plan, you enjoy 10% off your initial purchase of any plan Squarespace offers. You just need to copy the promo code and paste it at the checkout when you visit Squarespace.

2) Student or Faculty 50% off your initial full year of Squarespace using the Squarespace Student plan, you sign up with your academic email address.

3) Up to 30% off annual plans - this one does not require a coupon code and helps you save up to 30% on Squarespace Personal Plan and Business Plan via paying annually rather than monthly.

4) $96 off a yearly Business Plan and does not require a coupon code.

5) $48 off a twelve-monthly Personal Plan without a coupon code.

6) Free custom domain name with all Squarespace annual plans

7) $72 off in yearly savings with Squarespace advanced Commerce Plan, and no coupon needed.

8) Free WHOIS and SSL privacy when you sign up a domain.

9) Free 14-day trial when you create a website with Squarespace.

10) GIMME10 - at least 10% off on Squarespace promo codes and deals on any plan for the first purchase.

11) Launch a small business website for as low as $26 a month with no coupon needed.

12) Free logo maker - use the Squarespace Logo Maker for free to make your own logo. Squarespace Logo relies on bleeding edge browser features and makes heavy use of SVG.

If you are searching for Squarespace discounts 2020 promo codes, Squarespace discount codes, or Squarespace coupon codes, there are not many featured on the website. Currently, they do have the Squarespace promo that offers you 10% off any Squarespace pricing plan. The web builder asserts it is the best deal you will ever get compared to other Squarespace coupons provided in other sites.

These online sorts after Squarespace discount codes are only valid for a small period of time before they expire and fade away. Head to our Squarespace vs Wordpress page to compare Discounts.

Exclusive Squarespace Offer Code

When you complete your 14-day free trial, you can either choose to exit Squarespace or upgrade to a subscription plan to continue using its services. Then, you can go ahead and issue your personal website. If this is your first time signing up for Squarespace, then you can use exclusive offers from the Circle Members and Authorized Trainers.

This offer codes will give you a discount of up to 10% on any Squarespace pricing plan. As such, you could salt away up to $48 annually. When you perceive it in that manner, it is a hard deal to refrain from. Just sign up for a free trial, then key in the given offer code when it is time to upgrade. What are you waiting for?

Managing Squarespace Discounts 2020

Squarespace is generous enough to offer guidance to business owners on how to create and manage discounts. This guide also includes the rules of combining discounts as well as the exemptions. If your business offers multiple discounts, the Squarespace guidebook will make sure your promotions brace your Squarespace Business plan. Click here for more information.

Redeeming Squarespace Discounts and Offer Codes

In this section, we will be showing you how to redeem an offer code when subscribing to Squarespace discounts 2020. 

First things, first! Here is the vital information that you should know about redeeming an offer on Squarespace:

  • This discount only applies to the current purchase, not to the future recurring subscriptions.
  • One valid offer code is only applicable to a single site. It will be the first invoice for your website, whether it is a website or domain purchase.
  • The Squarespace Education Program cannot be used with other offer codes. You also aren’t allowed to combine offer codes.
  • If other Squarespace discounts 2020 have been automatically used, the Promo Code field might not show at the point of sale.

Squarespace Website and Commerce Plans

If you are upgrading to a Squarespace’s paid service and want to include an offer code on an online store or site:

1. At the bottom of the screen, click Upgrade Now.

2. Choose your plan and billing cycle.

3. Key in your payment info and click Continue to Review.

4. On the Promo Code field, Review Order page, enter the offer code, and you will see the discount applied plus the total (on the right). 

5. Make sure you have the right plan and payment details, then click Confirm and Purchase to finish the upgrade.

Squarespace Domains

If you are starting with a parking page and new Squarespace domain and want to apply an offer code:

1. Choose your domain, complete the registration fields by following the prompts, and click Continue.

2. Key in your payment details and click Continue.

3. In the Enter offer code field on the Order Summary page, enter the offer code, and click apply. The discount will be applied automatically and the new total displayed on the right.

4. Make sure the domain, payment details, and amount are accurate and click Place Order to finish the procurement.

Squarespace Education Program - 50% Discount

If you a current faculty member or student of an eligible school, you can get a Squarespace discounts 2020 of 50% for your first year's subscription. Before you commence, make sure you meet Squarespace discounts 2020 requirements for the education program:

50% Discount Eligibility

• The student or faculty MUST be a member of an accredited university or college. The discount doesn't apply to non-accredited institutions or alumni.

• The student or faculty member MUST own a valid school email address.

• The 50% Squarespace discounts 2020 is redeemable for new Commercial websites or new websites. Domains and reactivated websites are ineligible.

• The discounts are applicable for up to three websites under a single school email address.

• The 50% of Squarespace discounts are not valid in combination with other offer codes.

Discount Cost

• 50% Squarespace discounts 2020 off the cost of any twelve-monthly plan.

• For instance, when you follow the given procedure and choose the Personal Plan, the cost will be $72 (50% off the $144 cost).

• The discount is only applicable to the initial payment. Website plan auto-renewals, downgrades, or upgrades will be charged the full amount on the next payment.

Here are the steps to follow to sign up to the Squarespace Education Program:

1. Find your institution and sign up.

  • Visit www.squarespace.com/students
  • Look for your institution and select it.
  • On Create a Site, choose a template, and join the 14-day free trial.
  • When creating your account, make sure you use the school email address.
  • Go to the verification phase.

2. Verification of your school email address

Verifying your email address is the only way to receive the 50% Squarespace discount. Make sure you confirm the details of your school email address are correctly entered. If you don’t receive a verification email, ensure you resend the confirmation to your success.

To resend the confirmation email:

  • Open Home Menu, scroll down, and click your initials or profile pic.
  • Float over your initials in your Account Dashboard.
  • Click on Account & Security and click Re-send verification.

If the resend verification option isn't on the page, double-check your school email address and refresh the page. The button should appear. When the verification email is received, click Verify Your Email.

3. Choose your plan

When you have verified your school email address, you will be asked to choose your Squarespace pricing plan. Squarespace discounts 2020 for education is only obtainable on annual plans.

Retroactive Squarespace Discounts

If you make the payment without redeeming the discount, Squarespace can refund you the difference within seven days of activation. 

Here are the steps to follow in order to open a ticket:

  • Sign in to your website
  • Make sure your account’s email address associates with an accredited school and is confirmed
  • Click Settings in the Home Button and click Permissions. Make sure that your email includes Website Owner, Administrator, or Billing authorizations
  • Contact Squarespace with Retroactive EDU Refund in the subject line.

When paying for a subscription, Squarespace accepts several payment options, excluding PayPal. However, Squarespace accepts the following debit or credit cards:

  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Diner’s Club
  • MasterCard

Head to our Squarespace vs Webflow page to compare Discounts.

How is Squarespace Discounts 2020 Codes Beneficial to Users?

Customers are always looking for ways to save money, and that explains why they opt to purchase from stores with the best deals. Similarly, when choosing the best website builder, they look at those that offer great deals in their pricing plans, such as Squarespace.

Offering discounts to users of your web builder is one crucial way of attracting more customers. These discounts are not only beneficial to clients, but they also add value to users or businesses. 

Below are some of the benefits of offering discounts to your clients

 Quick Sales

When you give discounts, coupons, or specials, many people will be drawn to your website or online store. This will, in turn, result in increased traffic, which will lead to a boost in sales. Subscribers can buy a coupon once they read about your offer, and might visit your business soon after that. 

Sales can also be boosted by requiring speedy reclamation of coupons. If, for instance, you want to clear excess and superseded stock from your store, you can offer vouchers that must be cashed within a fortnight.

 Targeted Local Ads

Coupon websites include client databases that can be organized according to consumer location. The offer you give will reach out to subscribers within your location, promoting your business to a larger local audience.

Local clients are more likely to visit your local business than others. They also have a high prospect of being repeat customers.

 Mass Publicity

Discount and coupon offers are sent to a multitude of subscribers and are noticeable to everyone who visits a coupon site. There are some websites that even blend this with TV ads. But few small businesses can afford to accomplish this mass publicity in some other methods.

 Word-of-Mouth References

Sometimes, coupon websites are referred to as social coupon sites due to the customer’s role in sharing out info about good deals. Lots of deals trend as clients post niceties and links on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Bargain websites have cropped up that are entirely steered by clients finding coupon deals from other sources and posting them.

 Boosted Brand Awareness

A coupon promotion can, with its ads reach and word-of-mouth references, dramatically upturn brand awareness, both locally and far away. This enhanced brand awareness can be especially useful to startups or businesses without substantial street presence.

 New Clients

Offering discounts is beneficial and practical in enticing new clients, leading to an increase in sales volume (but not virtually your returns). When a new client visits your business, you have a chance to convert them into return customers. Their reappearance custom is significant far more to you than their initial visit.

 Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

On the one hand, up-sell refers to offering a higher-priced product in a similar category. On the other hand, cross-selling refers to offering a related product or service. A thoroughly designed discount should include up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

For instance, let's think about the 10% Squarespace discount on the first subscription at the lowest price. You can urge the coupon clients to use the discount on costly, better-quality web services. This way, the customer gets the same discount but spends more money, which increases your returns. 

 Quick Advertising

In comparison to traditional marketing techniques and channels, coupon websites work fast. You can send an offer instantly to the inboxes of many subscribers.

 Zero Up-Front Ads Expenses

Many forms of advertising require you to pay to carry on your offer and get rank higher than your competitors. Coupon websites don't need such! However, you must have the capacity to honor all the sold coupons.

 Returns

Coupon offers have been said to operate at a financial loss for the related business. Yet, according to marketing pros, these offers have the prospective of becoming profitable with the right business.

If you are operating on a fixed-cost structure, you can boost client numbers without substantially swelling your expenses.

 Quantifiable Results

Coupon offers are simple to track, meaning you can count the number of individuals who redeem a specific offer. Using your financial systems, you can then calculate the amount of money spent by each coupon client, plus the coupon value and additional buys. A useful customer database should allow you to track the number of coupon customers that revisit your business in the long run. Discounts are enticing and appealing, mainly because they enable us to save money. For businesses, we have seen they are crucial in maximizing sales and can even boost income. But how do you get to know the Best Website Builder for you?

Choosing the Suitable Website Builder

When choosing a suitable web builder for your website needs, you need to put some factors into consideration. The aspects to look for include customization features, portability, ease of use, and price, among others.

• When we talk about customization features, we refer to the personalization level that you can include in your site, with features, buttons., plus multimedia functionality.

• Portability denotes the ease with which you can employ web developers to make particular changes to your website. This also applies when you want to migrate your site to a different platform when the business expands. Ensure you check this factor as well.

• Ease of use or user-friendliness refers to the technical know-how needed to sustain and run your website, the less complex, the better.

• Price factor and consideration are critical, depending on the type of industry your business is in. While factoring Squarespace discounts, your ROI (Return on Investment) must always be considered in the equation with regard to the costs of the package.

You can access all Squarespace discounts 2020 that are available in their premium plans. Currently, there are 26 available discounts from Squarespace, as well as coupon codes. You can choose either to pay monthly or annually for all the four plans, with the annual billing option giving you 30% off on the first year's subscription.

There are four ways in which you can obtain these Squarespace discounts, including 50% off student discount for eligible schools. Others include a 20% offer and a 10% off on Coupon code PAIGE10. Squarespace has many (12) different discounts and promo codes on their website, and they can be found on other sites as well. Remember, these discounts have short-term validity. See our Squarespace Tips and Tricks page for more information on Squarespace discounts.

Whether you choose the Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, or Advanced Commerce plans, you can be sure of receiving a discount after signing up. Squarespace discounts 2020 are easy to trace, and the website builder guides you on how to redeem them on your site.

It is also worth noting that, at the beginning of 2020, Squarespace publicly introduced the Squarespace 7.1 version. 

Like the 7.0 earlier version, the .1 upgrade includes all the discounts you could access on the previous version. The most prominent feature changes in this new version are the sections addons and a considerable refurbishment of the template system. The interface has also been made more explicit, plus a visible mobile preview button.

Tip: save 10% on your initial Squarespace discounts 2020 subscription plan of either monthly or annual, using PARTNER10 as the voucher code. The annual plan includes a domain name. While the Personal plan might seem costly at $12 a month, it consists of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited pages.

While Squarespace isn’t more user-friendly like others in its category and rivals, it is an excellent website builder with decent discounts for smaller sites, blogs, and online stores.

Squarespace discounts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Squarespace discounts 2020 really exist?

Yes, Squarespace has different discounts and offer codes that are available for annual subscriptions. You get a 10% Squarespace discount 2020 for any of the four plans they offer. Other discounts include the 20% off after learning with an Authorized Trainer, and 20% off when working with a Squarespace discounts 2020 Circle Member.

Is Squarespace free?

Squarespace doesn't include a free plan, so you must sign up to one of the website builder's four premium plans. However, Squarespace discounts gives its clients a 14-day free trial, which you can try on your website and its features before picking a plan. 

Is Squarespace Expensive?

Squarespace discounts have four premium plans, including the Personal, Business, Basic, and Advanced Plans. The Squarespace Personal Plan starts at $12 per month (paid annually), while the Business Plan starts at $18 per month, with upgraded features. The Squarespace Personal Website is a brilliant place to start given the price point especially ifyour just being your Squarespace journey.

The eCommerce plans include the Basic Plan and Advanced Plan, starting at $26 and $40 per month. All these premium plans include a 10% discount for the first year’s subscription.

Does Squarespace Include a Student Discount?

Squarespace understands that you can be on a tight budget, especially when in school. As such, they have partnered with learning institutions in launching the Squarespace discounts Education Program. Students receive a 50% discount on their first year of Squarespace discounts 2020subscription. This Squarespace Student Plan comes highly recommended to any student or faculty member.

Are there any Hidden Costs in Square space Pricing Plans?

Yes, there are. They are often referred to as “hidden costs” since it is easy to forget about their existence. Squarespace also does not point at them until it is time for payment. The two Squarespace costs include email and custom domains. Head over to our Top 10 Website Builder Comparison page where you will find all the information you need for choosing yourWebsite Builder.