SquareSpace eCommerce Plans,

Pricing & Discounts

Squarespace is available to anyone who wants to create an online business from simple blogs to simple service stores and full-fledged product stores. However, Squarespace commerce plans are only available for webmasters looking to create an online selling platform. The large user base and the vast array of designs, coupled with affordable Squarespace commerce pricing make Squarespace one of the most affable e-commerce site-building platform.

Squarespace commerce plans compete with e-commerce website builders such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, Volusion, and WordPress.

If you are just starting as a webmaster, Squarespace gives you a simple to use interface so you can create your ecommerce site hassle-free. You can try out the business plan, but this does not offer the premium features needed to run a serious business. The aesthetics you get from the complete e-commerce site from the more than a hundred templates leave your site with a professional look. Better yet, unless you need more advanced features, you never have to deal with a single code.

The Squarespace ecommerce plans are priced relatively affordable. Compared to the competitors, such as Shopify, you will pay less with the Squarespace Ccommerce pricing and get more with the Commerce plans. Head over to our Squarespace Discount page to findout more about obtaining a Squarspace discount for you Commerce plan.

A Little Background on Squarespace

Squarespace has been in operation since 2004. Over the years, the Squarespace ecommerce plans have only added more features. The biggest update came in July 2012 when the platform launched Squarespace 6. With this update came portfolio templates, more responsive designs, and developers now have more control. 

It is a platform that focuses on helping creatives build a perfect website to display their products or services. Although webmasters on Squarespace have always been able to sell on their platforms by integrating PayPal or Ecwid, it was the introduction of the Ecommerce plans that made Squarespace the ideal website building platform for ecommerce.

Who Benefits from Squarespace Commerce?

The Squarespace Commerce plans are ideal for businesses in every industry or niche. Today, more than 100,000 ecommerce businesses are running on Squarespace. With so many features, Squarespace is an excellent platform for selling:

• Products

• Services

• Subscriptions

Irrespective of the nature of your business, you can scale and flex as you grow. There is no limit to the number of products or services you can add to your business. This way, the site allows you to grow as your customer base grows. Better yet, the platform artistically showcases your products, and you can add as many product options and variants as a hundred – that is enough to meet the needs of every business. 

An Overview of Squarespace Commerce Plans

There are two Squarespace ecommerce plans; 

• Basic Commerce Plan

• Advanced Commerce Plan

Whichever plan you choose, the platform has a lot of templates and themes to choose from, you never have to pay transaction fees, and you get a myriad of store marketing channels. The two commerce plans are for webmasters with little to no technical knowledge as everything is purely drag-and-drop. Today, the interface is not only intuitive, but also very responsive to fit the contents of your website on any screen size. 

So many renowned brands use Squarespace Commerce to run their websites. Some of the notable brands include:

• Pixar

• Halo Top Ice Cream

• Lyft

• Tony Hawk

Squarespace Commerce Pricing

Although you can choose any of the two commerce plans to use for your business, the Advanced Commerce plan has more features and better scalability. Squarespace prices its policies as follows:

• Basic Commerce at $26/month billed yearly or $30/month billed monthly.

• Advanced Commerce Plan at $40/month billed annually or $46/month billed monthly. 

Features of the Basic Commerce

Core Features of the Basic Commerce

• Free Custom Domain

• SSL Site Security

• Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

• SEO Features to Rank high

• More than 100 Templates to Fit your needs

• Unlimited Contributors

• Mobile Responsive Websites

• 24/7 Customer Support

• Basic Business Website Metrics

• Squarespace Extensions

• Business Email from Google

• Premium App Integrations and Blocks

• Complete Customization with CSS and JavaScript

Marketing Features for the Basic Commerce Plan

• Advanced Business Website Analytics

• $100 Free Google Adwords Credits

• Get Promotional Pop-ups and Banners

Commerce Features

• Fully-Integrated E-Commerce

• No Transaction Fees on Sales

• Sell Unlimited Number of Products

• Accept Donations

• Accept Gift Cards

• Point of Sale

• Create Customer Accounts

• Checkout on Your Domain

• Insightful E-Commerce Analytics

• Intuitive Merchandising Tools

• Add Products on Instagram

I will explain the commerce features and a few other features in detail later on this Squarespace commerce pricing guide. 

Features on the Advanced Commerce Plan 

The Advanced Commerce Plan is the best and most expensive plan on Squarespace. It delivers all the Basic Commerce plan features and even has more to give customers a great experience. On top of the features offered on the Basic Commerce, you will get:

• Abandoned Cart Recovery

• Sell Subscriptions (recurring payment items)

• Advanced Shipping Features

• Advanced Discounts features 

• Commerce APIs (Application Programming Interface) to give developers more control

• Limited Availability Labels

With the advanced featured on this plan, Squarespace can compete with ecommerce sites such as Shopify. The plan takes Squarespace from a basic content management system to a fully-fledged ecommerce site. Anyone who needs scalability and better customer experience should choose the advanced option, thanks to the advanced features.

Whichever platform you choose, integrating apps and service and creating pages will be simple for you. The easy drag-and-drop functionality and the fact that you do not have to optimize your site for mobile make the plans worth the cost.

Start Selling Online with Squarespace

You can place an unlimited number of products on your ecommerce site including product options and their variants. If you are currently using another platform, say Shopify or BigCartel, Squarespace allows you to import your products with ease. Better yet, once you launch your commerce site, you can market your products with ease. This is possible through integrating services such as MailChimp, Google AdWords, and Social Media share buttons. You will find it easy to add customers and to keep in touch with them at all times. If you need more information on this head to our How to Build a Squarespace Site page where you can find all the information your looking for.

Both Commerce plans integrate with:

• Alibaba

• Drop Shipping Integration

• Facebook Sync

• eBay 2-Way Sync

• Amazon 2 Way Sync

• Amazon Checkout

• Amazon FBA Integration

• Google Ecommerce Business Analytics

• Google Product Data Feed

• Google Customer Reviews

• USPS Integration

• WordPress Integration

• Business Email Marketing Automation

• Paypal Checkout

• Printing On Demand 

• User-Generated Content Automation

These integrations are essential when you need to market your business on so many channels, when you need to do dropshipping, and when you need to track your business progress. There are so many other services and apps that integrate with Squarespace commerce plans to offer you even better features and more functionality. Even as you observe the Squarespace eCommerce pricing, check out any upcoming updates, new integrations, and new apps that would make the commerce plans better. You also need to watch out Squarespace eCommerce reviews to know what is new and what feature is not working as it should. 

In the next section, we will look at the features in the commerce plans and how these features make the plans worth considering. Keep reading on. 

Features on Squarespace Commerce Plans

Whichever commerce plan you buy, you will have all the features from the Squarespace Personal plan plus additional features to make it easier to manage your business. 

Inventory Management

One of the main features of Squarespace Commerce is inventory management. This is a built-in feature that makes it easy to manage your products or services. With Squarespace, you can organize your inventory, browse, change prices, keep track of goods sold and goods remaining, monitor how your customers buy, and manage much more. 

Squarespace Commerce plans give you three selling options:

• Physical product

• Digital download 

• Booking service

Automated Order Mailing

Squarespace Commerce ranks high in Squarespace ecommerce reviews, thanks to its features that allow you to connect to your customers. The platform realizes that managing your communications with your customers helps you sell better. Granted, you can set up automatic emails. You can start by automating order confirming emails to go to the buyer immediately. Automate tracking numbers and send shipping updates to your customers. The automated order mailing is one of the things that make the Commerce plans worth their price. Communicating with your customers let you create a connection that makes them want to come back. 

Automated Sales Tax

Sales tax is one of the challenging aspects to set up. The tax varies from one state to the next, and trying to wrap your head around it might take time. Squarespace commerce automatically sets up sales tax and all you need to do is enter your country, state, and ZIP code and you are already compliant with the tax rules of different regions. 

Offline Store Integration

You can integrate your Squarespace commerce store with Square, which allows you to monitor the progress in your brick and mortar store. When you make offline sales, the information syncs with your online inventory through Square for easy store management. 

Social Media Integration

Although Squarespace still doesn't allow you to sell products or services on social media, you can integrate your store with social media accounts for cross-promotion. It is easy to add products to your Instagram account where your customers can click on the buy button to shop. If most of your customers are on Instagram, you can directly sell to them.

Ecommerce SEO

Squarespace comes with built-in SEO features to increase your search visibility. The platform provides you with a handy SEO checklist. Unlike other Website Builders, Squarespace does not require plugins to help you rank high on search engine results – this is one reason why it ranks high on Squarespace eCommerce reviews. Head to our Website Builder Comparisons page for furtther information.

Some of the SEO features include:

• Indexed and searchable HTML markup

• Full control on how you order your page titles, including the creation of title schemes for your item pages, homepage, and collection pages

• Squarespace generates sitemap.xml automatically, which ensures that every URL on your site gets priority on search engines indexing

• The platform also generates the Robot.txt for better indexing

• Clean URLs that are easy to index

• Automatic redirects

• Offers Facebook OpenGraph support – the FB OpenGraphs are ideal when you share links on social sites

• You will also get Google AuthorRank support – this is an integration that improves search listings for articles you add on Squarespace

• Squarespace fights spam especially on the commerce plans to ensure that your site is not ranked together with other spam sites

Unless you engage in black hat SEO and search engines de-index your store, Squarespace provides all the features you need to get your site on the first page of search engine results. 

Templates and Design 

With Squarespace, you get more than 100 templates. The website builder pays the same attention to the templates as it does to the other aspects of the platform. Once you have chosen your plan, whether Basic Commerce or Advanced Commerce, go on and choose your template - both plans offer the same templates. You can choose templates based on your industry – there are templates for fashion shops, tech reseller templates, florist, physical products, art, photography, and much more. There is a template for every industry. Most of the templates offer professional--looking layouts, so, consumers will take your business seriously.

I love the way the templates and the themes create a sharp--looking website. Because you are creating an online store, perception matters a lot. If the storefront looks secure, consumers feel more comfortable and spend more time browsing. The templates on Squarespace come loaded with product pages, so, all you have to do is load your store inventory.

Although all the templates are predesigned and professional, you can still customize your store to reflect your business further. Some of the things that you can change on the site include colors, fonts, logo, margins, and buttons. With a little creativity, your commerce site will not only look professional, but also appealing to your customers.

Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to compare Templates and Designs.

In the commerce plans, you will enjoy the following design features:

• Modern templates crafted with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind. The creative team uses modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create responsive websites. 

• Squarespace allows template switching where you can install different templates onto one website and work on multiple designs simultaneously.

• There are hundreds of customizable settings, including colors, page configurations, and fonts to make your website look unique and match your business theme.

• The built-in mobile site matches the overall design of your PC website. This way, your content looks great on any device. If you want to have the same look on all devices, you can disable the mobile view from the Website Manager.

• You can customize content layout on your store using the Layout Engine and the Content Block Engine on Squarespace. The systems allow you to manage the layout of pages, blog posts, footers, and sidebars. The systems accommodate unique layout for video, text, audio, and markdown. 

• Squarespace has free TypeKit fonts, so, your customers have a wide range of high-quality fonts for added product detail visibility. The fonts are great when you have a store blog to market your products or services further. 

• Free Google fonts from Google’s font library so you can use the fonts without the need to insert embed codes. 

• Custom CSS – although Squarespace still doesn’t give you full access to the CSS file, it still allows you to access the file and tweak a few aspects of your site’s outlook. You can change the colors and fonts through the built-in CSS editor. 

• Restore the example content that was on the original template any time you want

• Chart blocks are interactive graphs (line, bar, and pie graphs), for easy presentation of statistics

• Video backgrounds allow you to create a great visual experience and even market more products with short videos running in the background

Head over to our Squarespace vs Wix 2020 page to compare Design features.

Email Marketing

Besides automated order mails, you can set up non-order emails by integrating MailChimp with your eCommerce store. By so doing, you can send alerts and newsletters to your subscribers. This way, you connect with your customers and market your brand more. 

Some of the features that make Squarespace commerce plans stand out are as shown below. Although some of these features are available on the Squarespace Business Plan, they come in handy on the Commerce plans.

• Email campaigns on Squarespace help you stand out in an inbox that is full of ads and other unnecessary emails. 

• You can integrate content on your blogs to your emails and your social media accounts. This makes it easy for you to create emails in a few minutes. The content from your blogs comes with brand icons and logo, so, sending emails to your subscribers is straightforward.

• You can access powerful editing tools where you can add images and videos from YouTube or Vimeo. You can add links to your emails and use different colors to capture the attention of your subscribers.

• Emails can be customized into more than 30 layouts. With so many designs, you can send emails from product launch emails, updates, invitation emails, and marketing emails. Customizing your emails only takes the drag and drop functionality on Squarespace.

• If you are on the road, you can still manage your eCommerce site through a mobile device. The mobile device allows you to create an email campaign, reuse layouts, save drafts, review campaign metrics, and many more on any device. 

• All designs are optimized for mobile, so, your emails will look great on any device they are viewing.

• With Squarespace integrated analytics, you can refine your email strategy and structure your campaigns to run in real-time from a single device. From the analytics, you learn the content that your customers engage with the most so you can optimize all content for better engagement.

• You can collect email addresses through forms to send your commerce marketing emails to the right people.

• You can customize your emails with a "From" field that shows your sender profile. When you get a free domain or buy a domain from Squarespace, it is verified, and you can start sending emails with a sender profile the first day you launch your business.

With all these email campaign features coming standard on your Squarespace commerce, it is easy to understand the Squarespace ecommerce pricing. Both commerce plans have these email campaign features. Head over to our Squarespace vs GoDaddy page to compare Email marketing features.

Squarespace eCommerce Plans Analytics

Squarespace commerce plans offer you analytics to help you curate your business model to reach customers better. Some of the analytics you get from these plans include:

• Traffic Overview – This shows you the number of store visits, unique visitors, and pageviews over time. This gives you insight into your store’s major traffic sources, devices, product pages most visited, browsers, and operating systems. 

• Popular blog content – A blog comes in handy in every ecommerce business as it helps you find more customers. Squarespace offers a variety of content management features to help you run a blog successfully. The analytics on Squarespace show you the most popular content on your blog, so, you can tweak other content to be as engaging. 

• Search Keywords – From the Squarespace, you can see which keywords on your site bring in the most customers. To see these insights, you need to verify your store with Google Search Console. By seeing the best performing keywords, you refine your SEO strategy and optimize your ranking.

• See traffic sources – From the provided metrics, you can see which channels bring in the most visitors – is it search or social? You can also dig into the referral links and see which press articles are the most effective. 

• Overview of store sales – You can see performance metrics such as revenue, units sold, visits, conversion rate, revenue per visit, change over time, average order volume, and orders. With this information, you can segment your sales based on traffic sources, device type, top-selling products, or any other way you prefer.

• Visits that lead to purchases – Also referred to as purchase funnel, this report shows you total visits and the visits that lead to purchases. You can observe how your website converts over time.

• Search queries on your store – This metric shows you what visitors search on your store. With the metrics, you will know which products most of the visitors are interested in. 

• RSS Stats – You can view RSS subscriber figures and breakdown of the location of your RSS subscribers. 

• Site Navigation/Activity Log – You also get insights on what your visitors do when they get to your site, including the pages they navigate to, how much time they spend on your site, and where they come from (geographically).

• Unique Visitors – The Squarespace ecommerce plans offer metrics to track your page views, number of visits, and unique and robot hits. These stats update every few minutes so you get a real-time update on the progress of your site. 

• Visitor Insights – This is a feature on Squarespace commerce plans that gives you insights on your visitors' geographical location and the keywords they search for to get to your store.

• OS/Browser preferences – Here, you get insights on the browsers and the OS that your visitors use. This way, you can optimize your ads to reach these customers better.

Head over to our Squarespace vs Webflow page to compare Analytic features.

Extensions on the Squarespace Commerce

Some of the extensions you can use to better the functionality of your eCommerce site include:

• Finance Extensions – These are tools that help you streamline your bookkeeping. They help you file taxes and manage accounts among others finance related tasks. 

• Inventory and Product/Service extensions – You can use these tools to manage inventory and introduce new products to your store. 

• Marketing/Sales Extensions – These are ideal for cross-selling and to offer incentives to shoppers. They may include email marketing services. 

• Shipping extensions – These help you manage customer orders, manage shipping and inform customers of the location of good, manage returned good, and do much more. 

Note that the above extensions are third-party and you need to vet them before integrating them on your eCommerce site. 

Head over to our Squarespace vs Wordpress page to compare Extension features.

Why Squarespace Commerce Pricing is Just Right

With Squarespace ecommerce pricing, you get all the above features and more. The Advanced Commerce plan has more features that I will explain below. 

The website www.squarespace.com runs on the Squarespace platform and the same quality and professional look on the site can be replicated to your site. The reliable architecture is also seen on so many other websites. 

Squarespace uses a grid of servers to accommodate millions of hits every day, and also accommodate caching, partial rendering, load balancing, and scaling among others. You do not need plugins to get the site up and running. If you are a student you may be eligable Squarespace education pricing program which will give you 50% off a chosen eCommerce plan.

Extra Features on the Advanced Commerce Plan

The advanced Squarespace commerce plan has all the features on all the other plans, especially all features on the Basic commerce plan, and many more to keep your business running with much ease. 

These additional features include: 

• Abandoned Cart Recovery – With this feature, you can send reminders to customers who exited the website with items in their cart. This helps you find what challenges customers are facing and also sell more. Better yet, you get metrics and insights on how many people abandon their carts. 

• Sell Subscriptions – You can sell products with recurring payments or subscriptions billed monthly or yearly. The Squarespace website makes use of this feature to bill you monthly or annually. 

• Advanced Shipping – With the Advanced Commerce plan, you can set free or discounted shipping to work on checkout. 

• Advanced Discounts – You can set discount redemption with ease, especially setting the limit to how many times a customer can redeem discounts and coupons. 

• Commerce APIs - This is a feature for developers and is one of the functionalities that give this platform a high rating on Squarespace ecommerce reviews. It allows the developer to create custom integrations to add more features to the Squarespace ecommerce store. You can develop integrations to help you with order fulfillment and inventory management, among other functions. 

• Limited Availability Labels – These are tags that show your customers the number of products remaining in stock. It helps you create a sense of urgency, especially when only a few units are in stock. As a webmaster, you get the chance to customize where the label appears on your website.

For the six features above, you get to pay a higher Squarespace ecommerce pricing. However, the full added control you get makes the Squarespace commerce pricing worth it. According to Squarespace ecommerce reviews, the additional features make all the difference between a site that offers excellent customer experience and one that does not convert as expected. 

Features Not Available on the Business Plan

The Squarespace ecommerce pricing is higher compared to the business plan. If you choose the business plan, you only need to pay $18 every month billed annually or $26 billed monthly. Squarespace notes that this is the most popular plan for webmasters, with millions of sites running on this plan. Even though the business has a lower pricing than the Squarespace commerce pricing, it is still not ideal when you need to set up an online store that you need to scale. 

For starters, you will pay three percent of all sales you make. This is in addition to the payment gateway charges that you will incur. Although the plan is relatively cheap, the transaction fees make it expensive in the long run. The two commerce plans do not charge any transaction fees. You will only pay payment processing charges. 

With the business plan, you lack some features on the Squarespace commerce plans, including: 

• Create Customer Accounts

• Checkout on Your Domain

• Insightful E-Commerce Analytics

• Intuitive Merchandising Tools

• Add Products on Instagram

• Abandoned Cart Recovery

• Sell Subscriptions (recurring payment items)

• Advanced Shipping Features

• Advanced Discounts features 

• Commerce APIs (Application Programming Interface) to give developers more control

• Limited Availability Labels

If you choose the business plan instead of the basic commerce plan, you miss out on the first five features on the list above. If you pick the business plan in place of the advanced commerce plan, you miss out on all the features above. These additional features enhance customer experience, something that is so crucial to your business as Squarespace eCommerce reviews online will show you. Head over to our for a deeper insight on Commerce features and how to use them.

Squarespace Ecommerce Reviews: How Easy is It to Use the Squarespace Ecommerce Plans

It would not make sense if the Squarespace ecommerce pricing was low and the sites were complex to design. I find the platform easy to use because it is a fully drag-and-drop system. Of course, you can use codes to better your store, but everything can be done through the drag-and-drop functionality.

The toolbar and the instructions appear sequentially, making them easier to use. For the most part, you will only need to click, type, drag, and enter details or upload. 

Do You Get Support with the High Price You Pay?

Squarespace ecommerce reviews show that webmasters get the best help possible from Squarespace. There are multiple avenues to access support including live chat, and Twitter with the Squarespace commerce pricing. Support is available from Monday to Friday between 4 a.m. and 8 p.m. EST. The few times I have reached out to the support team through live chat, they have responded fast. 

The platform does not offer phone support, but that does not make them less available. Before you reach out to the support team, check out the site for video guides, tutorials, and articles on how to customize your store. 

If you need more support, try out the Squarespace Select, which is a premium plan that gives you access to special support. Select gives you access to the most advanced features on Squarespace plus dedicated support. With this premium plan, you get:

• Personalized Squarespace ecommerce plans support

• Dedicated account manager

• Prioritized technical support

• Tailored design assistance

• SEO consultation

• Optimized business performance

Although the Select and Custom plans are still under development, these plans can help those in the Squarespace eCommerce plans manage their businesses better. With these features, you never have to struggle reaching out for support. To register, visit the premium plans page and enter the details on the form at the bottom of the page. The Squarespace team will evaluate your business to see if you qualify and afterward offer you the premium support. With this, the Squarespace commerce pricing goes up, but you enjoy better website functionality. 

Squarespace Ecommerce Pricing Compared to Other Ecommerce Website Builders

Squarespace ecommerce plans are the same as competitors, or even cheaper. The Squarespace ecommerce pricing is the same as what Webflow, Weebly, and Format offer. Better yet, the Squarespace commerce pricing is cheaper than what Wix and Shopify offer. Shopify is the most expensive ecommerce platforms. However, Shopify only offers ecommerce plans.

According to user Squarespace ecommerce reviews, the Squarespace ecommerce pricing is affordable, considering the features and the support you get. While it is not the cheapest there is, it is not among the most expensive plans. With a premium price, you get full control of your ecommerce store. 

Honest Pricing

There are many website builders with dishonest pricing models, but that does not happen with Squarespace Commerce pricing. For instance, 1&1 website builder promises $0.99 per month rate. However, what the builder doesn’t say is that this is a welcome rate and will go up after the first year. 

There are no hidden charges with the Squarespace eCommerce plans. You can read Squarespace eCommerce reviews everywhere and no one talks of any hidden charges – what you see is what they deliver. Again, we haven’t seen any misleading adverts for the years we have used Squarespace eCommerce plans. Head over to our Sparespace Tips and Tricks page for further information on Squarespace Pricing.

Squarespace eCommerce Reviews: The Good and the Bad

The Squarespace ecommerce plans have a lot of benefits. We scoured the internet looking for Squarespace eCommerce reviews and webmasters only have good things to say.

The Squarespace platform is a great place for webmasters who need simplicity and versatility. Both the Squarespace commerce plans have so many features, so, you can start selling immediately. One of the main advantages is that Squarespace does offer you a free trial or a free plan. If you want to test out the Squarespace eCommerce plans before committing, you can only do so through the Business plan; however, it will be limiting. 

Some of the pros of the Squarespace eCommerce plans include:

• Create stunning product or service pages with the premium templates and themes

• Squarespace commerce plans have strong up time to ensure your site is always available

• You get a free domain name with the purchase of any of the plans. As long as you keep paying the subscription fees, a new domain name will be free. 

• Squarespace offers high security with a free WHOIS privacy certificate and an SSL certificate with the purchase of any of the Squarespace commerce plans. The advanced security means that your customers are always safe. From the Squarespace ecommerce reviews I read online, there are no security complaints. 

• Squarespace has so many ecommerce features to get you started and selling within no time. The platform does not limit the number of items you sell, making the Squarespace commerce pricing worth the cost. 

• Get help whenever you need it. If you need dedicated customer support, you can pay a little more, and you will have it through Squarespace Select or Squarespace Enterprise. 

Below are a few reasons why the Squarespace eCommerce pricing may not be worth it:

• Limited payment options – If you want to get a variety of payment options, which will be challenging as you get two – PayPal and Stripe. This is in comparison to sites such as Wix which give 28 payment options. 

• The Squarespace commerce pricing might feel high for you if you need to integrate third party apps such as Salesforce and GSuite – the platform does not accommodate most of these. 

• The templates can feel a little restrictive with the content blocks provided. If you need to change the look of your website completely, you do not have the chance. This might make you feel like the Squarespace ecommerce pricing is too much. 

• You cannot sell products with any other currency except the dollar. Although you can display other currencies by adding a few codes, checkout will still be in dollars. 


We feel Squarespace Commerce pricing is worth it, thanks to the many features that you get. With the advanced Squarespace ecommerce pricing, you get access to developer insights, and you can add more functionality to your website.