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Squarespace Business Pricing

According to Squarespace, the business plan is with almost half of all its websites subscribing to the plan. There is a reason why the Squarespace business plans are popular; they are a huge upgrade from the personal plan (which is the lowest-cost plan offered by Squarespace), and cheaper than the Squarespace Commerce Plans (the basic and advanced commerce plans). Being the midpoint between all the plans Squarespace offers, so many people looking to set up shop online consider it a great plan. 

Although the Squarespace business pricing is accommodative of small businesses and it is cheaper than the commerce plans, it comes feature-rich, allowing webmasters to manage their businesses with so much ease.

Who is the Squarespace Business Plans Designed For?

Like all other plans from Squarespace, you will have access to stellar template designs that allow you to run a professional business. You can choose from more than a hundred templates to give your business a professional look and feel. You also have so many themes that help you customize your shop as you want. Many of these features are not available on the Squarespace Personal Website.

You can use the business plan, if:

  • You are just starting your ecommerce site and you need to test the water before diving in to the ecommerce space. It gives you so many tools to set up your shop just like you would in any professional website platform. 
  • Squarespace business plans are also great for small businesses making a few thousand dollars every year. Before these businesses can grow to make more money, a Squarespace business website can help them build their customer base. With the Squarespace business plans, you will pay less than you would with the basic and advanced business plan. You can use the savings you get from using the business plan to develop your business more (though the savings are not much). You can use the cash to subscribe to services that help you run your business better. Once your business outgrows the business plan, you can always upgrade. 
  • Lastly, anyone who wants to start a professional business but they are on budget can try the Squarespace business plans. It gives you the ability to sell physical products, gift cards, and digital products. Although the Squarespace business website does not sell subscriptions, it is still a great place to start your business.

How Do You Know Your Business Has Outgrown the Squarespace Business Plans?

One of the advantages of the Squarespace business pricing is that Squarespace charges you 3 percent of all sales you make on the business. The fees might not feel like much when you are starting your business, but as more revenue starts streaming in, you realize that the 3 percent might be more. 

You can use the Squarespace business website for the first few years and when your business starts making at least $3,200 every year, you need to upgrade to the commerce site. To understand when to move, let’s look at the Squarespace business pricing compared to the basic Squarespace Commerce Plan pricing.

Squarespace Business pricing:

Paid monthly – $312 ($26 every month for 12 months)

Paid annually - $216 ($18 every month paid as a one-off fee) 

The Basic Commerce plan:

Paid monthly - $360 ($30 every month for 12 months)

Paid annually - $312 (at $26 every month paid as a one-off yearly fee)

From the payments above, you will save only $48 if you choose the basic commerce plan. That is not much, but it can still pay for a service such as Google email services. If you pay annually, you will save $96 if you take the business plan. The Squarespace business website will save you $96 when you are just starting – enough money to pay a few subscription services to grow your business. 

Although the Squarespace business pricing saves you money, remember you have to give Squarespace 3 percent of all sales. You have to factor the amount you will give out. If your business makes $3,200 every year, you will pay $96 as transaction fees. Here, you will not be making any savings at all, but neither will you be making any losses. Once your business passes the $3,200 mark, you can upgrade to the basic commerce plan. The advantage with the commerce plans is that you will not pay the 3 percent of your sales as you would with the business plan. 

Most growing businesses, especially those selling digital products or just a few products, do not make a lot of money, and that is why the business plan is the most popular on Squarespace. This is why you need to looking into what Squarespace pricing plan fits you best.

Features on the Squarespace Business Website

Although you do not have as many features as with the full-fledged advanced commerce plan, you still have enough features to manage your business. When building your store, Squarespace allows you to add products with ease through the "Product" page. The product pages on Squarespace can accommodate an unlimited number of products with each product having up to 100 variants. 

When you are starting your new business, you may never have so many items, and you may also not have ready customers and the Squarespace business pricing is just right for you. With Squarespace, you can import content and products from other ecommerce sites such as Big Cartel, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many others. 

Three Types of Products to Sell on Squarespace

  • Physical Products: These are products that require shipping to your customers such as jewelry, home décor, flowers, clothes and many more. With physical products, you are required to add at least one shipping option. You will also need to include the weight and dimensions to your store. Basically, Squarespace allows you to create a store that looks like your favorite store.
  • Gift Cards: Your Squarespace business website allows you to sell gift cards. On the business plan, you can only sell gift cards, as physical products. If you need to send them as digital products, you will need to upgrade to the advanced commerce plan. 
  • Digital products: These are products available for download such as eBooks, template files, and audio files. When a customer purchases this, they will receive a link to download the product within 24 hours. 
  • You cannot sell subscriptions and services through the Squarespace business website. If business deals with subscription products, you might have to upgrade to the advanced commerce plan. 

Squarespace Business Website Design

One of the things that set Squarespace apart is the availability of great templates. Other website builders have more than 500 templates, but most of them may not be useful as they do not look professional on any website. Squarespace, on the other hand, invests in slightly over 100 templates, most of which will match your business theme.

Squarespace has a team of designers to create the templates and the team keeps adding world-class templates to the collection. What makes the templates unique is that each is created to work with modern browsers and different devices. You do not need code to make your website mobile or browser responsive, and neither do you have to design two websites for PC and mobile. Squarespace allows you to switch on and off the mobile site from the Website Manager. They employ modern JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to ensure each template is aesthetically-appealing, functional, and professional. 

With Squarespace business website, you can install multiple templates and create multiple designs at once. Better yet, as with other plans, the Squarespace business plans allow you to drag and drop page elements to create your website. Through this method, you can create different types of pages including galleries, blogs, commerce, calendars and many more within your Squarespace business website. 

Once you design your website, you will have access to so many customizable settings to personalize the website. These settings include fonts, colors, configurations, pages, and much more. You can start by using the customizable content layout. The customizable content areas on Squarespace run on the Content Block System and the Squarespace's LayoutEngine. With these systems, you only need to create pages, blog posts, sidebars, and footers, into the available content blocks. 

The Squarespace business pricing gives you access to a wide range of fonts, thanks to the partnership between Squarespace and TypeKit. With TypeKit, you have access to so many fonts without code or paying of additional fees. Additionally, you can use fonts from the Google free fonts library, again, without the need to embed codes. If you need a unique design from your website, you can complete the customization using CSS and JavaScript. Although you won’t have access to the full CSS file, the built-in CSS editor allows you to tweak a few aspects of your website. 

If it is your first time designing a shop on Squarespace, you can use the starter layouts which are pre-designed structures for elements and pages such as Contact, About, and Listing among others. Here, page elements come already created and all you have to do is add or remove blocks to customize the look and feel of your website. Head over to our Squarespace Website Builder Comparisons page for more information on the Top 10 Website Builders 2020.

Adding Products on your Squarespace Business Website

The Squarespace business pricing not only lets you save money, but also gives you a professional website for your products. Once setting up the storefront, it is time to add products. Open the pages panel and select the (+) icon to add a new page. Scroll down to the “Products” option and from there, you can add your products. 

The “Add Page” window has different tabs to help you add your products with much ease. 

The Item Tab

This lets you add a title for your products, add images, description, and tags. From the same time, you are able to set the focal point of each image by hovering over the image and setting the white circle that appears on the position you need to be focal. You can also rearrange the images by dragging and dropping them as you desire. 

Your first image turns to be the thumbnail of your product. Lastly, you can make the product visible or invisible or set it to come alive at specific dates and time. 

Head over to our Squarespace vs Weebly page to compare Commerce features such as adding products.

Pricing Tab

Next you have the pricing tab from where you set prices for products. You can also set a quantity or stock level, set a stock keeping unit (SKU) number, set weight and dimensions, and add variants. You only need to hit the (+) icon to add variants to your products. From here, you can also customize the variant header. Head over to our How to Build a Squarespace Website page to find all the information you need on added products to your page.

Additional Info Tab

From this tab, you can add more details about your product if you need. This helps your customers understand your product even better. This tab gives you additional space to work with and you can add different content blocks such as images, and background videos, as you would on any other page. You can even add an imagery slideshow.

Form Tab

Forms help you collect your customer details for marketing or follow up purposes. The forms collect details from your customers when they add an item to their cart. 

Option Tab

From this tab, you can customize the thumbnail of your product. The thumbnail is important as it is what shows up on the main product’s grid. It might also be what shows up when a customer or you share your product on social media. It is also applied for the product block or summary block. 

After the thumbnail, go on and customize the product URL and the “Add to Cart” button which gives your business a personal touch. 

Social Tab

This is the tab that lets you market your Squarespace business website on social media. Once you switch on the tabs, Squarespace will send your products to your social media accounts immediately the products go live.

Setting Taxes with Squarespace Business Pricing 

Squarespace gives you an easy tax interface where you can set tax rules based on your country, state, or province. All you need to do is open “Settings” from the Website Manager, and navigate to “Taxes.” From this page, you can apply the tax rate on shipping or in the product price. The tax will be based on the shipping address for your physical products and the billing address for digital products. 

If you give a discount, the new price determines the tax. 

This information should not be taken to be legal tax advice, if you need to understand more about taxes in your area, talk to a tax or legal professional. 

Shipping on the Squarespace Business Plans

From the Website Manager, open “Settings” and scroll to “Shipping.” The tab allows you to set automatic shipping options for your products. If you have multiple shipping options, they all appear during checkout. By default, the least expensive option is always selected for the customer. With Squarespace ShipStation integration, it is easy to print shipping labels. 

You will be able to add a tracking number to the shipping notification. The only downside with the shipping rules on Squarespace is that you cannot set product-specific rules.

Processing Payments on Squarespace Business Plans

With your Squarespace business website, you can take payments via Apple Pay, Stripe, or PayPal. Open “Settings” and navigate to “Payments.” 

Apple Pay is only available for physical products and only for customers using Safari. It is easy to use Apple Pay. The system automatically enters the customers billing and shipping information and then asks them to select a shipping method and confirm payment. Payments through Apple Pay are processed through Stripe. If you’d rather have PayPal and Stripe online, you can disable Apple Pay by navigating to Payments >> Stripe. 

When you set PayPal and Stripe as payment options, they will appear on all products on your site – it is not possible to set specific prices for specific products. It is up to your customer to choose the payment method they prefer. 

After you set up payment processing, you can continue and set up more on your accounts, thanks to the Xero accounting integration. Open “Settings” and navigate to “Accounting” for more settings. With Stripe and PayPal on your website, your business will support a wide range of currencies. 

Some of the currencies that your Squarespace business website will accommodate include:

  • US dollars (USD)
  • Canadian dollars (CAD)
  • Australian dollars (AUD
  • Swiss franc (CHF)
  • Danish krone (DKK)
  • Czech Republic koruna (CZK)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
  • British pound (GBP
  • Israeli shekel (ILS)
  • Thai baht (THB)
  • Mexican peso (MXN)
  • Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
  • Norwegian krone (NOK)
  • Philippine peso (PHP)
  • New Zealand dollar (NZD)
  • Polish zloty (PLN)
  • Swedish krona (SEK)
  • Russian ruble (RUB)
  • Singapore dollar (SGD)

Although your business will accept all these currencies with the Squarespace business pricing, the currencies will not appear on your website under the products. The only currency that appears is the USD. Your shoppers, especially international shoppers, might incur other charges from their banks. Again, there are no payment delays until goods are shipped because every payment processes during purchase. 

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Checkout Process on Squarespace Business Plans

Squarespace offers a secure checkout system for your customers. All information your customers enter during the checkout process transmits in an encrypted form, so, hackers and identity thieves cannot access it. 

If you created your website after 2016, it comes already secured and with a green padlock on your store's URL. The padlock is an indication that your website is secure. If your website was operational before 2016, you might have to enable the security manually. Open Settings >> Security and SSL and click on the "Secure" button and save. Once you do that, your website URL will appear as https:// and not http://. The "s" at the end means your website is secure. Most customers who are concerned of their security online will check the security of your website before providing any personal details. Again, Google prefers secure websites and enabling the feature makes you rank higher on Google search engines. There are many Squarespace Courses available if things are a little confusing or overwhelming.

Note that, after you change the security of your website manually, you need to submit the new URL to Google since the web crawler might view https as a new URL from http. This ensures that your website does not experience a dip in search engine traffic. 

You can enable Express Checkout on your Squarespace business website, which takes your customers straight to the checkout page after they add a product into the shopping cart. Open Settings >> Checkout to activate this option. It is a great feature to reduce the rate of cart abandonment as customers have less time to change their mind. However, this feature only works perfectly if you have only one product on your website. If you have multiple listings and customers would like to continue shopping, the feature can be a distraction. 

You can collect customer details during checkout for marketing and follow-up. To do that, open Settings >> Checkout >> MailChimp. Follow the prompts to log into your MailChimp account and choose the list to add your customers. This feature makes your email campaigns easier. The only challenge is that the feature is limited to MailChimp and you cannot use any other service. 

To make it easier for you to collect customer information, Squarespace automatically adds your customers to your list during checkout. However, you can always disable that by unchecking the option box under the MailChimp button. This way, your customers have a chance to choose if they want to be in your mailing list. 

During checkout, a customer has to enter the billing and the shipping address. However, it is important to set these two as the same to save your customer a few minutes during checkout. The customer can always change the shipping address if it is different from the billing address. To make these two the same, open Settings >> Commerce >> Checkout and check the box that says use the shipping as he billing address by default. Unfortunately, the Squarespace business plans do not have the abandoned cart recovery feature – that only comes with the advanced commerce plan. 

Before your shop goes live, it is always important to ensure that everything is set and ready to go. You can check each product by giving yourself 100 percent discount, which you can use during checkout. Open the Main Dashboard >> Discounts and then click on Plus sign. This way, you are sure that your customers will have an easy time using every aspect of your store. I like to ask my friends and family members to shop a few items and tell me how the process goes. This way, I can rectify any challenges they face during the shopping process. Note that the discount options on the Squarespace business plans are limited. You need an advanced commerce plan for more discount options. 

Although the Squarespace business pricing is low, it offers you all these great features to make a professional online store. As such, you always have a way to tweak your store to make it customer friendly. 

Managing Orders on Squarespace Business Website

Squarespace sends you a notification whenever someone orders a product from your store or when an item sells out or gets low in stock. You have the option to customize when you get a notification from Settings >> Notifications.

You can view all orders on your shop through the orders panel on the main panel of your template (for some templates) or visiting Commerce >> Orders on other templates. Squarespace gives you information on the order invoice, purchase date, the customer, order amount and fulfillment status. You can click on the order to view more details including order management options. 

From the expanded order details, you can:

  • View the customer’s shipping and billing addresses
  • Add notes that only you can see
  • Mark fulfilled orders
  • Resend email notifications with shipping details and shipping tracking number

You can undo an order fulfillment by opening order details and marking the order as pending. Because you cannot undo the shipping notification you sent the customer, you will have to send them another notification using your email platform, not Squarespace, notifying them of any changes. 

With the Squarespace business pricing (and even higher plans), you cannot see a record of purchases by product. However, you can download a report of purchases to view on a spreadsheet. To download the report, open the ‘orders page’ and click “export CSV” from the top right corner of the page. The first two pages allow you to set your filters. On the third page, click the dropdown and choose “specific product.” Search for the product whose report you need to see and then click save. From there, you can open the product report on your spreadsheet program. 

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Cancellation of Orders and Refunds on Squarespace Business Plans

If for any reason you need to cancel an order, open the order summary and click “cancel.” Follow the prompts and your order will be canceled. After cancellation, Squarespace issues a full refund, sends your customer an email notifying them of the order cancellation, and restocks the item in your store. Once you cancel the order, you cannot reprocess it until the customer adds the product in their shopping cart and goes through the checkout process all over again. 

You can refund the customer without canceling the order. Open the order summary and click “refund.” The customer will get a full refund, but the product will not be restocked to your website. You can also offer a partial refund by opening order summary and entering the amount of refund you need to give. If you want to refund the shipping or tax costs, you need to include that.

Here her to see if how Squarespace vs Wordpress compares in terms of order cancellations.

Customizing Your Squarespace Business Website 

Besides customizing the look of your website, you can customize your shop to make it more functional and enhance how you interact with customers. This is where you style your shop to change a few elements and make it more functional. You can customize the pages by opening Design >> Site Styles. Some of the elements you can tweak include:

  • Changing the shopping cart icon’s color and styling to make it look more appealing
  • Change the main products page to make it easier to navigate. The main product page is the grid that appears before a customer clicks on a specific product. By customizing that page, you can choose to offer category navigation, choose how many items appear on each row, alter the product image dimensions (what Squarespace calls the image aspect ratio), change the styling of the product title and pricing, and change status badges. Status badges show whether a product is on sale or is already sold out. You can also set quick view, product thumbnail effects, and many more. 
  • You can also tweak the individual product pages by adding Next and Prev controls, font styling, style the “Add to Cart” button, tweak the image Zoom/Lightbox and choose the positioning of the price and details excerpt. 
  • Other shop customizations involve making the store mobile ready. Here, you can tweak cart position and style and the font and style of the buttons. 

When choosing templates, you must go for those that allow advanced product styling. Some templates only allow a few customizations and they may not be of much help with Squarespace business pricing. Don't forget that if you are a student or facualty member you may be eligable for Squarespace students prices for the Business plan as well.

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Customize the Checkout Page

You can alter the design of your checkout page by opening Design >> Checkout Page Style Editor. There are many aspects of the page you can tweak including:

  • Background color
  • Header alignment
  • Font styles
  • Button styles

Customized Forms

Forms will help you market your Squarespace business website. If you run a service-based business, collecting customer information using forms is the best way to fulfill customer orders. 

However, service-based businesses and subscriptions work best with the advanced commerce plan. 

Nevertheless, you can still customize the form to aid your marketing efforts. 

Customize Email Notifications 

Squarespace allows you to set up a ton of notifications to your customers. It is important to work through all the notifications and even send out sample emails to your personal email to see how it goes. Sending test emails to your personal email helps you understand the experience your customers go through when they shop on your website. 

Some of the notifications that you have to send include:

  • Order Confirmation Email – You can create this default email by type of product (physical or digital)
  • Order Fulfillment Email – This comes in handy for physical products
  • Order Refunded and Order Canceled 

Once you upgrade to the advanced commerce plan, you will send other notifications related to the customer accounts and abandoned carts. You can access all these settings via Settings >> Notifications. At the bottom of the panel is the button “send test email” with which you can test out the notifications you have already set. Jump over to our Squarespace Tips and Tricks page for detailed inforamation on Customizing your email notifications.

What You Cannot Do With the Squarespace Business Plans

The Squarespace business website allows you to create a professional website where you can sell an unlimited number of products. As seen above, there are so many customizations you can make to your website to give it a personal look and feel. 

Compared to other business plans on Squarespace, however, it has limitations. The main one is that you will pay 3 percent of all sales you make on Squarespace. This should not be an issue if your business is making $3,200 or less a year. 

Besides the fees, some features are also lacking including point of sale and customer accounts. Customer accounts are ideal for customers to leave reviews on your business website and also for your marketing efforts. You also miss out on the point of sale feature, which means you cannot link your online and offline sales for a d merged inventory. If you are just starting out in online business, this might not be an issue for you. 

You also miss out on: 

  • Point of Sale, POS
  • Customer Accounts
  • Checkout on Your Shop’s Domain
  • Advanced E-Commerce Analytics
  • Advanced Merchandising Tools
  • Sell Products on Instagram
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Sell Subscriptions Services
  • Advanced Shipping
  • Advanced Customer Discounts
  • Commerce APIs for development
  • Limited Availability Labels

Do you need all these missing features for your Squarespace business website? Your business can run without these features, but they are needed to run your business swiftly and offer a better customer experience. Features such as the Advanced E-commerce analytics and merchandising tools help you with your website marketing. Luckily, Squarespace offers simple analytics for all plans so you can see where your customers come from and how to target them best. 

Commerce APIs are for developers who would like to tweak the look of their website using codes. Squarespace allows partial access to CSS and JavaScript files for anyone who would like to perform advanced website changes. With an advanced commerce plan, you have more access to these files. Again, the Squarespace business plans offer enough templates and customizations that you may never need to add any code. 

Although you will miss out on some of the features, your business will still run without any hitches. 

How to get the Best Squarespace Business Pricing

As with all the other plans, paying annually instead of monthly saves you money. You obtain a Squarespace Discount when signing up for the annual plan. Below are the payments you make with the Squarespace business pricing today:

Business plan pricing:

  • Paid monthly – $312 ($26 every month for 12 months)
  • Paid annually - $216 ($18 every month paid as a one-off fee) 

This shows that paying annually will save you up to $96. You can take advantage of other offers that Squarespace might have to ensure you save as much as possible to help you grow your business. Also check to see if there are any Squaraespace Promo Codes 2020 available before you purchase.

Extensions For Squarespace Business Plans

There are some features and services that you may not find on Squarespace business plans. These features are available via extensions. Because Squarespace does not integrate with plugins, it allows extensions and services to offer features which may not be available on Squarespace. 

Some of the extensions you can add to your website include:

  • Finance Extensions – These are third party services and tools that help you with sales, taxes, accounting, bookkeeping, and inventory management.
  • Marketing and Sales: Because online businesses thrive from marketing, you need these tools to promote your products across different platforms and attract customers to your business. 
  • Inventory and Product Extensions – These tools help you manage inventory including SKUs, stock levels, and add new products to your list of products. 
  • Shipping Extensions – The extensions help you manage and fulfill orders, ship products, and inform customers of every stage in the shipping process. 

These extensions are like plugins, some are free, but most you will pay for. You can also enlist services such as email services, and many more. 

Squarespace Business Pricing and SEO 

At all times, your website is indexed on search engines and crawlable. All the pages on Squarespace feature clean HTML markup, which makes your website easy to index. You have full control of the page titles on your website. This way, you can create different title schemes to enhance the crawlability of your site further.

Squarespace creates an automatic Sitemap.xml to match every URL on your site, giving priority to site indexing even on a JavaScript-heavy template. Further, the platform generates robots.txt and links to your Sitemap excluding all the Squarespace services and search endpoints. You also get clean URL, anti-spam, and website analytics. 

Although the website analytics are not as advanced as on the advanced commerce plan, you still get where your customers come from (geographical location and channel), the bounce rate, and a few other metrics to help you tweak your SEO and marketing efforts. You can also link with services that offer deeper analytics to get more insights on your shop. 

Squarespace business plans are the most common among fans of Squarespace. The plan allows you to set up shop and run it like you would a full-fledged online business. Although you might need to upgrade as your business expands, you have enough features to run your business for the first few years.

The Squarespace business pricing is accommodative of starting business or business people on budget. With the Squarespace business pricing, you still get the offers from Squarespace, including a free domain, support from a team of professionals, and access to the knowledge base. Look out for other offers such as the Squarespace student discount and first-time user discount.